90 Best Break Up Quotes to Mend Broken Heart

Best Break Up Quotes to Move On in Life

90 Best Break Up Quotes to Mend Broken Heart
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Have you ever faced the pain of heart break in your life? If yes, you might be familiar with the pain that I am talking about! The underlying article consists of unique and hand picked collection of heart break messages. Read them...

90 Best Break Up Quotes

Nothing is worse than having a broken heart. Its not at all easy to bear the pain of heart break. After a breakup the heart feels as if it is squeezed enough. If you have also suffered from a heartbreak you can actually understand about what pain I am talking about. Heart break doesn’t mean about ending your life. We all have to face many ups and downs in life, so broken heart or facing a break up is also a part of it.

If you are deeply connected to someone in a relationship so be prepared in advance only to bear the consequences. If your heart has been shattered into thousands of pieces, read our below given article on broken heart quotes. I am sure that this will surely ease your pain of suffering through this worst part of your life..

  • Its not at all easy to mend a broken heart. Even God can't heal it. So stop playing with hearts.
  • Expectation is the main root of heartbreak. So stop expecting from anyone in this world.
  • I had never thought of leaving you in this relationship. But the way you treat me feels like I can't tolerate you even for a single second.
  • The major reason behind our breakup is that I was trying to find happiness in your world whereas you never imagined a world with me.
  • If you would have ever loved me you would not have left me alone in this world.
  • I don’t know when my love for you transformed into hate.
  • You never let me feel comfortable with you. I always felt scared of you. So I don’t see any fun of being in relationship with you anymore.
  • You were my last hope in this relationship. But when you also left my side I felt extremely hopeless.
  • I have always loved you. No matter whether you love me or not but still I will never be able to forget your face.
  • You meant too much to me but I didn’t meant anything for you.
  • I never knew that love would hurt so much.
  • I have got everything in my life. But I never got a single thing that I expected from you.
  • Only those people matter to me who love me and stay by my side no matter whether I am wrong or right. But you never cared of me in this relationship. So I don’t wanna see you anymore..
  • We are a kind of person that I was not able to see in you. I had thought of you as a loving, caring boy but you cheated me.
  • Thanks for dumping me and breaking my heart. That is all that I can expect from you.
  • I was madly in love with you. You said you were also madly in love with me. But I never knew that you were such a big liar..
  • I never knew that distance will become a reason behind this breakup.
  • I have always tried my best to keep you happy in this relationship. But you have always tried to break my heart in the best possible manner.
  • I never knew that heart was made to be broken.
  • We once loved each other fiercely.
  • Was it that much easy to break my heart? Letting go doesn’t mean anything for you?
  • I never knew that you are this much good in lying..
  • I had waited whole my life to be with you. But when we both got together, you broke my heart..
  • You killed all my expectations and broke my heart with your dangerous mind.
  • I was a free spirit. And you wanted to keep this free spirit into a cage. Sorry this cant be done at any cost.. its better to part away than to be together.
  • No matter how many times you have broken my heart, but still you don’t know that I will keep on beating.
  • I loved him and sometimes he also loved me. Yes sometimes…
  • I never knew that life would give us so much and suddenly take everything back from us.
  • I was always hungry for love. But you were greedy for something else only..
  • You never told any lie to me. Actually I lied to myself that you love me.
  • I don’t want to wakeup. Because someone dreams are much better than reality.
  • Nothing can cure the pain that you have given to my heart.
  • There are two types of people in this world, one who try to keep others happy and others who themselves remain sad and keep others the same too.
  • Being with you feels even breathing hard.
  • The dreams are stupid. The one that we see in our dreams is far away from the reality. Reality sucks!
  • I know its not easy to follow. But breaking up is the only option we are left with.
  • You were the best part in me. Its not at all easy to stay without you.
  • Its better to stay away from me. I am full of broken pieces of heart. You will get hurt if you will try to come close to it.
  • No body in this world can replace the feelings that my heart holds for you.
  • The best thing we both can do is to erase each others numbers and move on..
  • Its not easy to say goodbye to a person whom you have loved in your life.
  • All I did is loving you in this relationship and all that you have done in this relationship is hurting me.
  • Whenever I think that we wont be able to see each other for the rest of our lives, a deep lain outgrows in my heart.
  • No matter how much you hate me, but I cant hate you..
  • I cant hate you for not loving me..
  • From being the reason behind my smile to the reason behind my tears you have changed a lot.
  • One day you will look back into the past and realize how bad you have towards me.
  • You will regret in future about what you have lost but I will never be there for you.
  • I know you are not mine anymore, but still it hurts deep.
  • I am not able to move away from you.
  • I am alive with a broken heart..
  • Someday you will realize how happy you were when you were with me.
  • My heart is taken by a person who is no longer mine..
  • Its hard to know that you cant spend your whole life with a person whom you love.
  • I had real feelings for you. You can stay away from  me. But you cant steal the memories of the time we both spent together.
  • I didn’t knew that I would hurt myself only by loving you.
  • My heart gets hurt when I remember that you are gone!
  • I had many reasons to leave you but still I preferred to be with you…
  • I had many reasons to leave you but still I decided to stay. You had many chances to stay but still you decided to leave..
  • I am not a good player as you are!
  • Hearts are not meant to play with.
  • It takes years to build trust but seconds to break..
  • My thought that you also love me was wrong.
  • Relationship is all about forgiveness. You cant move on without it.
  • None of us left each other, it was love that disappeared between us.
  • Now I realize that you were not meant for me.
  • Sometimes it better to letting go the person you love..
  • If your heart likes someone, it doesn’t mean that someone’s heart should also like you.
  • You and your lies made me cry. So its time to say goodbye.
  • When if we cant end up together, still I am happy that you were once a part of my life.
  • You broke my heart. It was OK. But suddenly you broke my life too..
  • I don’t love you anymore. You are so selfish. Goodbye!
  • I thought you are good at heart. But actually you are good in mind games only.
  • Break my heart. Break my heart into thousands of pieces as you like. It was yours only so you can do anything to it.
  • Break my heart. If breaking my heart gives you pleasure you can do it.
  • Everything was beautiful until and unless you broke my heart.
  • I know you are a good player but I will never let you play with my heart.
  • I have got hurt by you many times that I have forgotten how much it hurts..
  • Even if I put back all the broken pieces of my heart together I will never be the same girl that I was before.
  • Thanks for hurting ne so much. You have actually made me strong in my life.
  • Don’t try to be close to me. I am a girl full of broken pieces of heart. Don’t hurt yourself.
  • My heart is never going to be the same but still I assure myself everyday that everything will be okay.
  • Just because we cant we together doesn’t mean I can see you with someone else..
  • Broken heart is a good sign these days. It means you are strong enough to handle things.
  • Hearts break! Yes its normal that heart breaks. But sometimes such situation arises that a heart break becomes more worse than death.
  • Just because we cant be together in our life doesn’t mean I will stop loving you.
  • My heart is no longer mine. You can break it into as many pieces you want. Its completely yours.
  • Never think that by breaking my heart you will provide damage to me. In short you will damaging yourself only because my heart is no longer mine. It completely belongs to you.
  • Saying I will forget you doesn’t mean that I will forget you easily. I cant erase the thoughts and memories of the time spent together.

Once you give yourself fully to a person whom you love and that person breaks your heart, nothing is more worse than that. A person with whom you have established a strong affectionate bond of love throughout the years, when he hurts you all your expectations from that person and that relationship come to an end. At that time the pain of heartbreak resembles the heartbreak.

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