39 Funny Breakup Quotes

These Funny Breakup Quotes Will Get You Out of Those Moments

39 Funny Breakup Quotes
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Are you suffering from a broken heart? Do you know any person who is suffering from it? You can read our article and use these funny breakup quotes and messages to encourage yourself or any other person to get out of pain.

Funny Breakup Quotes That Help Relieve Pain

Funny heart breakup messages and quotes will surely help you to get out of the pain of suffering from a heart break. If you were in a relationship and have suffered from heart break, you know really well about which pain I am talking.

A person suffering from a heart break usually feels himself/herself very lonely. Its not at all easy to face the bitter hard truth. But you cant even spend your whole life regretting for that only.

For that you require some funny breakup messages that helps in encouraging the people who have suffered from it. Here I have a list of best funny heart break quotes that will surely help you in your case.

  1. You say you love me, so what? Even my dog loves me a lot. Shall I include you in his category?
  2. Thank you for this break up.

    You have actually woken me up......
  3. My life means much more than you mean to me.....
  4. A relationship is between two people only. But sometimes bitches don’t know how to count.
  5. First love is always perfect until you find second.......
  6. Love is a mental disease......stay away
  7. I wish I could spend my whole life in your narrow streets of mind......
  8. You were a sand paper in this relationship. You scratched to hurt me. But in the end I got polished and you are useless.
  9. Sometimes break up is a better pill to get rid off a toxic relationship.
  10. Yes love is a fire. It can burn your hurt and sometimes even your house.
  11. Even my dog is much better than you.....
  12. The person who cheats you should be given a second chance, but with someone else.
  13. I think of myself… therefore I an single!
  14. You break my heart, and get ready for breaking your bones.
  15. Ahh! We have parted our ways. Yeah it was a good experience with you.
  16. I have brain… therefore I am single!
  17. A world without men would be free of crime and lots of hapiness.
  18. Yeah I know time will heal my broken heart, in the same way time will even heal your legs and arms.
  19. Even if we were of the same age then also why didn’t it worked?
  20. Am I younger to you or you are older than me? Lol.. Actually our relationship didn’t worked so I was thinking may be this could be the reason behind it.
  21. Yeah I love my dogs more than you.
  22. I love my dogs more because they are faithful towards me. And that’s the bitter truth.
  23. You said I will never find a guy like you. Yes! You were right. I cant such a cheap and intolerable guy like you.
  24. I am feeling so happy after parting our ways.
  25. I am feeling myself lucky to know about this hard truth. Its better to move on.
  26. Thanks for getting myself free from this fake relationship.
  27. Finally free from this boredom relationship. I am free to look at other guys now.. lol..
  28. Yippee I got free from a stupid relationship today.
  29. I want to throw your memories just like the garbage is thrown on the road.
  30. You asked me whether I miss you or not? Yes I miss you! Whenever I see street dogs, they immediately remind me of you.
  31. I am smiling today. Why? Because you are someone else problem today not mine.....
  32. I wonder how could a girl be able to tolerate such a intoxicated person like you......
  33. I wanted to say something to you from many days. And its GOODBYE..
  34. Babes you are like ice cream to my pizza, sauce to my shake and knife to my soup. Confused you are? I mean you are worthless.
  35. I won. Because you are dating an ugly person after our breakup.
  36. You don’t deserve to have your footprints on my heart but yes you deserve to have footprints on your face.
  37. I am breaking up with you because I never loved you.
  38. I never mess with things. Neither I messed up with you. Because you were already so messy.
  39. I am setting you free, you can go anywhere you like. So don’t dare to come back because I will set you on fire.

These funny heart break up quotes will act as magical mantras for you. So here i have gathered a collection of messages and quotes on break up that you will find witty and funny. You can choose an appropriate message and send to a person you know suffering from a broken heart. This will surely help in encouraging him and get away.

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