50 Breakup Messages and Quotes for Him

Heart Touching Breakup Quotes for Him (Boyfriend Breakup Messages)

50 Breakup Messages and Quotes for Him
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Your boyfriend had brokenup with you and now you are looking for a way to express your feelings. Here are the most heart touching break up messages and quotes to send to your boyfriend to let him realize your importance.

50 Breakup Quotes for Him (Breakup Messages for Boyfriend)

Nothing is more painful than a break-up. Every couple thinks of their love relationship to last till eternity. But when such relationship comes to an end, it breaks both your heart and soul. No matter how long you both were in relationship but when things stop working out, breakup is the only option left.

Here in this article I have prepared 50 breakup quotes for him. Try these quotes if you are also a victim of heart break.

  1. I had given you my heart and you returned it to me in pieces.
  2. I never thought of breaking your heart and you never bothered about mine.
  3. Breaking up and making our paths separate is the only option for us. Goodbye!
  4. You think you made me hurt in my life but I must thank you for making me stronger in my life.
  5. I thought you have changed.

    But now I have realized that it’s the actual you.
  6. Before asking me ask your heart why I am breaking this relationship.
  7. I don’t blame you only for our ending relationship. I am equally involved in it for believing more in you.
  8. Breaking up with you is the only option left with me.
  9. I don’t know whether you deserve someone else love nor not but you deserve mine at all..
  10. Breaking up is the only thing that we have to do in this relationship.
  11. Heartbreak at a single time is much better than tolerating your lies everyday.
  12. All I want is to end my relationship with you. May be I would regret my decision in future or may be not. Good bye!
  13. I had loved you! But I don’t love you anymore. Parting is the only option left with us. Good bye!
  14. Our memories of the moments spent together are enough to spend my whole life.
  15. I am breaking up with you because I cant tolerate a person like you anymore in my life.
  16. Being in relationship with a guy like you is the biggest mistake I made in my life.
  17. I have not thought of a breakup with you. But sorry I cant even pretend being in love with you.
  18. Its worthless to still be in relationship because things have not remained the same. Goodbye!
  19. Ending this relationship will hurt me even more than you but sorry you cant even continue with a fake relationship at all.
  20. I had never thought that our relationship will eventually end and that too in such a awful manner.
  21. You can never be the guy that my heart dreams of. Goodbye!
  22. Its been long since I was thinking of to end this relationship. But yes today I am sure and firm with my decision. I am leaving you.. bye!
  23. I don’t have anything to comment about our relationship. You already know everything. But I have decided to end this relationship.
  24. I have decided to break up with you because I want to be your number one priority not second.
  25. You have always tried to find faults in me. You have never seen the love that my heart carries for you. So its much better to end this relationship.
  26. I don’t have any other option rather than breaking up with you
  27. I am the same girl who has always loved you, but you are not the same guy whom I have always loved.
  28. Thank you for sharing those beautiful memories with ne. But it has stopped working out. May be god has planned something else for us. So its better so say goodbye to each other.
  29. Its easy to say break up. How could you forget the love my heart holds for you?
  30. Its not easy to live without you. But this cannot be carried out further. Break up is the only option left with us.
  31. Break up is to be done so why not today?
  32. How can you break my heart? What about all the promises that we both had made.
  33. Breaking up with you us all that I can do. Its better to move on in our lives.
  34. Rather than fighting every day over small issues, its better to part away.
  35. I had loved you with all my heart. Whenever you needed me I was always there with you. Was that not enough for you?
  36. Nothing lasts forever. Neither our relationship! Goodbye forever..
  37. We broke because our relationship lacked trust, love and communication.
  38. Every say that I broke this relationship. I am very much okay with this word. Its better to be a heart breaker than being a cheater and cheating on your partner.
  39. How stupid I was to choose you as my boyfriend. Lucky me!
  40. I am tired of you and your lies. So its better to break up.
  41. Ending this relationship is much better than hurting each other again and again.
  42. Thank you god for saving me from such relationship. You were simply not perfect for me.
  43. Someday you will realize that loving a girl like me was one of the best decisions of your life.
  44. I still love you even if you break my heart.

Are you in search of words to end your relationship with your boyfriend? You can have some idea from our above written article. Let him know the reason why you are ending this relationship before moving on. Don’t feel guilty about breakup. If you are right then there is no better option than breakup. 

Love our breakup quotes and messages for him. Let others also know about these quotes. Help us spread the word.
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