42 Positive Break Up Quotes and Sayings

42 Quotes to Stay Positive After Breakup and Move On from Someone

42 Positive Break Up Quotes and Sayings
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Break up is not an easy thing. If you or some of your friend is going through this difficult phase of life of break up, encourage them to face this phase by using these positive break up quotes.

All we all must have gone through the pain of break up. And the pain of breakup is the worst feeling of this world. I have seen many people ruining their life after the breakup. But its not correct! Why to ruin your life just for the person who didn’t loved you, who was not loyal to you, the one who cheated you or the one who never showed some respect for you.

At some time we need to feel positive after the breakup. But finding accurate words to feel positive after a breakup is not at all easy.

So in order to make it easy for you I have gathered a beautiful collection of positive breakup quotes. Just have a look at them..

42 Positive Break Up Quotes

  1. Worry less! Every end in a relationship comes with a new beginning.
  2. Why feel sad after breaking up a relationship? You are set free now.

    So just chill and enjoy your life.
  3. Don’t cry about your past. Always live in the present moments and try your best in making your future better.
  4. I am strong, I will always smile. No matter how much the pain is killing me deep inside.
  5. I could have chosen to sit in sadness after my breakup, but I believe in rising from pain and dealing with things with strength.
  6. Just smile always! I am damm sure this will make your ex partner feel jealous of you.
  7. There is no strong force that can stop you from doing things of your choice.
  8. There are good and bad days. And I have accepted that I am going through bad days of mine. And its OK.
  9. I feel like this breakup has given me a chance to do well in another one.
  10. Remember you will never be able to reach next chapter until and unless you will keep reading previous one.
  11. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it go!
  12. Never consider any person a diamond, who considers you like a stone.
  13. Thanks for making me realize my inner strength. Because without facing this breakup I wouldn’t have known how strong I am.
  14. Get up! Dress well! Be strong!
  15. I don’t know whether breaking up with you was my right decision or not but yes I know that I am on the right path of my life.
  16. The time that you waste in loving others, spend that time in loving yourself and your life.
  17. Its healthy to be alone. Sometimes you just need time for yourself.
  18. Moving on is the best option after breakup.
  19. I don’t want any reason from you that why you broke up with me. Its your life and yes you have the right to take decision.
  20. If I am letting you go that doesn’t mean that I am accepting my faults. The only thing is that I don’t want to face you anymore!
  21. Be single and ready to mingle!
  22. Keep yourself happy in being single. Don’t let your partner be heavy on you, after all its your life.
  23. I know you cant be mine forever. But still I am happy that you were a part of my life.
  24. There is no need to cry for this relationship. Self respect is the above all the love and relationship.
  25. Breaking this relationship is a profit, not a loss for me. (Sad Relationship Quotes)
  26. I am glad that you were once mine!
  27. Its time to be happy. Don’t waste your time in taking revenge from each other.
  28. If you really love him, respect his decisions even if the decision is to move away from you.
  29. If the wrong person gave you happiness, just imagine how happy you would be by being with a right person.
  30. Don’t you get bored by being sad always. Lets be awesome now.
  31. Get up! Assemble all the broken parts of your heart, glue them up and keep ready. You never know when you get an opportunity to share it with someone.
  32. If you will forget your past, you will probably have a bright future.
  33. Letting go is not at all easy but holding on with a person who don’t deserve you is worthless.
  34. One makes many mistakes. And this is life. And it was my mistake to love a guy like you.
  35. Don’t dwell in the past. Just think of the next action that you have to take.
  36. Spend your energies in loving yourselves not others.
  37. People will always throw dirt on you. So its better to close your eyes and ears and keep moving on!
  38. Life is like a bicycle. You need to balance to keep it moving.
  39. When you left, it was like my life was ruined. But time is the best healer. Everything goes well with time.
  40. Just because our relationship ended doesn’t mean I am not worth it.
  41. I try to be stronger even on my weakest days.
  42. You cant compromise your self respect just for somebody’s love.

These positive quotes will surely help you in making positive to bear the pain. These positive breakup quotes will assure that this painful pain will also pass with time. These messages will make you feel as if whatever happened has to be happened and was for your betterment only. Hope these messages will definitely inspire you.

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