40 Quotes For Motivation In Life

Motivational Quotes In Life

40 Quotes For Motivation In Life
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Start living a life full of motivation from today by making use of below given 40 quotes on motivation in life. These motivational quotes will definitely help you in taking that important step of your life.

40 Quotes For Motivation In Life

What motivates you? I am sure there would be many things that may provide you motivation like your self esteem, watching others achieving their dreams, a positive pull from your family and friends, motivational quotes by famous people and many more…If you will always be afraid of things going wrong then that would definitely reflect in your life too but in the same way if you stay motivated enough, then life will bring you joy and provide you with inspiration when you least expect it.

Life can not always be pretty awesome. You have to face many difficulties too. In such a situation these underlying quotes for motivation in life will surely help you a lot.


  1. You are strong enough to live in this world, that is why god gifted this life to you.
  2. It is you who runs the day not the day that makes you run.
  3. One day your past is going to  be reflected in front of your eyes. Make sure it is worth.
  4. Don’t ever give up in your life because when you give up there is one who is still trying.
  5. Only one person can change your life and that is YOU.
  6. Don’t get afraid of your pain and tears because pain makes you as a strong person and tears make you brave.
  7. The journey of several miles towards your goal starts with your first step taken towards it.
  8. Its just your own life. So why are you gambling with your future?
  9. Great things are achieved only when you move out of your comfort zone.
  10. Be crazy behind the thing that you want in your life because until and unless you won’t do it you will not get that thing.
  11. Don’t let other people to leave a bad impression on you. Its your life and you have to rule it in your own way.
  12. Stay focused in our own journey and sooner you will  be successful in your life.
  13.  Just thinking and dreaming of success will not make you successful in your life, you will have to get up, pull up your socks and work hard to achieve it.
  14. Make your thoughts so powerful that a negative thought never strikes your mind.
  15. Whenever you feel like giving up in your life, close your eyes and think of your dreams and goal for which you had worked hard till date.
  16. Set your goals high and don’t stop until you reach there.
  17. Don’t get de motivated by your mistakes.

    These mistakes are for learning and not repeating.
  18. You will fail only when you will stop trying.
  19. Your life is a message to the world. So make sure that it is interesting.
  20. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  21. The pain you feel today will become your greatest strength someday.
  22. Make sure that the fire in your heart burns  brighter than the fire around you.
  23. If you can dream it, you can achieve it too!
  24. Quit talking and begin doing !!!
  25. Make yourself optimistic and see opportunity in every difficulty. Never see difficulty in every opportunity.
  26. Why you are so afraid of failure? Failure is a key to success. And you learn more from your failure than success.
  27. Failure doesn’t have the courage to overtake you if you are determined with your goals.
  28. Only wishing for the things will not make you in possession of those things, hard work and dedication are required to be on the top.
  29. Be optimistic and have faith in god and you will surely be successful in your life.
  30. Don’t worry about what people say and how they are going to react, because its your life… You are the king here and you have to rule it in your way.
  31. Whatever you will plant you, later you will harvest that.
  32. You can’t cross the sea just by standing on its shore!
  33. Get yourself motivated by the desire you achieve it rather than the desire of beating others.
  34. Stay motivated and look at the stars rather than looking at your feet.
  35. Till your last breath utilize all your talent that god has gifted you.
  36. Before falling in love with someone else, be in love with yourself.
  37. If you feel like quitting in your life, remember the reason of why you had started in your life.
  38. Success will come to you when you will stop complaining about all the hurdles and problems and instead of that say thanks for them.
  39. Don’t be ashamed of your story. Instead use it as a motivation for improving yourself.
  40. Success will not come to you if you will work for it occasionally but when you will work for it consistently and deliberately.

Hope my quotes on motivation will definitely help you in seeing that amazing potential in yourself  that life has offered you. The only way to get rid of all these problems is by facing them with confidence. These quotes will definitely provide you with the inspiration that everyone looks for!

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