Goodbye Quotes and Messages For a Friend

Saying Goodbye to a Friend Quotes and Messages

Goodbye Quotes and Messages For a Friend
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Looking for words to say goodbye to your friend? Find perfect quotes to say goodbye to your friend so that your friend remembers all the times spent together from unlimited giggles to sad teary moments. I know it's difficult to say goodbye and even a sad moment but cherish all the beautiful memories spent together.

Goodbye Quotes and Messages For a Friend

When your friend who means a lot to you decides to say goodbye to you or even if you have to say goodbye to a friend who is close to your heart, the whole world seems to be shaking. Its not at all easy to accept that the person who spent most of the time with you is no longer going to spent his life with you anymore.

You might be feeling more sad and distressed about your friend saying goodbye to you, bit still you have to react wisely and accordingly.

You have to select appropriate messages to encourage your friend saying goodbye to you. You can write impressive goodbye messages and quotes for your departing friend from those give below:-

  • Our bond of friendship is so magical. Even if our career has decided that we can't stay with each other anymore, but still you will be always there in my heart. Goodbye!
  • Even if we are facing this day to say goodbye to each other, but still my heart will never say so to you.
  • It is not at all easy to say goodbye to each other but still I hope we will soon meet each other. Till then goodbye!
  • Goodbye friend! You are my most special friend close to my heart.

    You are simply the best.
  • Its time to say goodbye to each other but still I will be there soon for you.
  • You might be ready to say goodbye to us, but sorry we are not ready to say goodbye to you..
  • I am letting you go only because you have got a golden opportunity to reach heights of success on life. Goodbye my dear friend!
  • Whenever you need me just give me a call, I will be always there for you. Till then goodbye!
  • No one can be as good as a friend as you have always been to me. Asking a goodbye from you is not going to be easy at all…
  • My heart starts shivering whenever I think of taking a goodbye from you. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life friend.
  • Why cant long distance friendship exist if long term love relationships can? Till then goodbye friend.
  • Until and unless I see you for the next time, goodbye friend!
  • Just walk away silently from me. Don’t dare you come in front of me to ask for a goodbye hug..
  • Its time to say goodbye to all you pals. Where is my farewell treat btw?
  • Goodbye is not at all easy. I cant see you moving away from me ever..
  • I don’t want you to leave me, so I am afraid of these goodbyes.
  • Its not easy to find real friends like you easily these days. Goodbye!
  • I promise you that the distance between us will never effect our relationship. Goodbye friend!
  • My world is going to end once you say goodbye to me..
  • Accept my goodbye as a formality message only as if I will soon be there with you.
  • Thinking of you saying me goodbye always make me feel lonely and suffocated.
  • Goodbye my dear friend, I am really gonna miss you..
  • Saying goodbye to the best friend of yours is the most hardest part..
  • The thought of spending my life without you leaves me speechless. Don’t you dare to say goodbye to me ever..
  • Even if we are saying goodbye to each other, but still I will always remember all the beautiful memories that we both made together.
  • The word “goodbye” cant fade all the memories that we both made as friends.
  • Seeing you leaving me breaks my heart. But still I cant say anything else other than goodbye.
  • Just tell me the way of being in touch with you always. Goodbye friend!
  • Your friendship is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Goodbye!
  • Saying goodbye is not at all going to be easy. I wonder how I am going to spend my whole life without you? Goodbye!
  • Goodbye my friend! I am really gonna miss you..
  • I may be entertaining you with a happy face but deep inside the pain of separation is burning me. Goodbye is not going to be easy..
  • Is saying goodbye to me a good option?
  • Promise me that no matter where we live and where we are! This will not affect our relationship at all right? Goodbye!
  • Once I move away from you I will not forget the memories we both made together as friends. Till then goodbye!
  • I feel myself lucky to have a friend like you to whom saying goodbye really hurts!
  • I will miss you from the bottom of my heart. Goodbye!
  • Good friends never get an opportunity to say goodbye to each other..
  • My world is going to end the day I will say goodbye to you..
  • Yes I am sad and I will really miss you too. But I don’t have any other option than saying you goodbye…
  • Goodbye my dear friend! You will never get apart from my heart..

Friendship is the gift of god. If you possess a friend to whom you find it difficult to say goodbye, you are lucky enough. You can use above given article on goodbye messages to friend in order to say goodbye to parting friends. Give your friend a sweet goodbye message by using appropriate above given messages.

Your goodbye message is going to be tearful so make sure to make it memorable such that it too adds up in the memories of time spent together.

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