31 Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes

Funny Ways to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes

31 Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes
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Interested in wishing thank you to your loved ones for the birthday wishes received in a funny manner? Read on further to get the best suitable funny thank you message for your birthday wishes.

Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes

A funny thank you message is a great way to make your family members and friends feel special regarding the birthday wish you recieved from them. Your thank you message should be funny enough that the person reading it should not be able to control himself laughing. So in order to see a bright smile on their face read our underlying article comprising of a unique collection of funny thank you messages for the birthday wishes.

1. I must say you are such a hard working guy. I can't even believe you have travelled overseas just to get some drinks in free. Lol..

Thank you for your gifts and birthday wishes..

2. You should thank Facebook for reminding you of my birthday. Otherwise i would not have spared you..

3. Your birthday greetings and wishes have made me realize that you have really improved your writing skills. LMAO..

4. I know your plan behind sending me birthday wishes in advance. You are eagerly waiting for treat right?

5. So you guys are ready to made me check my account balance for the birthday treat.

6. A big treat just for a birthday wish? Nahh!! Come along birthday gifts then only you will be allowed to enter birthday hall..

7. Thank you is enough for such a boring birthday wish. Don't expect grand celebration in return of this birthday wishes comprised of 2-3 lines.

8. I guess you should wish me happy birthday face to face only. Don’t send these birthday wishes notes. Its full of grammatical mistakes.

9. Thanks for your birthday wishes. But where is my birthday gift. Send it ASAP.... :)

10. Your birthday wishes were really adorable to read. But still i am not happy at all. You forgot to send my birthday present. Huh!!

11. Every year you come up with the same birthday wish. Don't you think you should come up with new one. Hahah!

12. Its easy for you to copy such long birthday greetings and send me and plan to have a grand birthday treat in order to maker me peniless. Lol..

13. Yeah i knew you would never miss a chance to get something in free. Lol..

14. Thank you for your wishes on my birthday. But frankly speaking it took me about an hour just to read your 5 lines of birthday wish. Imagine yourself how great you are with your english..

15. Dear friend! even a pre school kid has better writing skills than you. But still thank you for your birthday wishes. These really mean a lot to me..

16. You guys made me poor this year. No problem your birthdays are also approaching. Gonna take revenge soon. Anyhow thank you for those cute birthday wishes.

17. Thank you for wishing me. Let me give you a advice. Never send such a birthday message to anyone else on this birthday and start english classes immediately. Lol!!

18. Just copied birthday messages does not guarantee party. But yes! birthday gifts might do a magic..

19. Thank you for the wishes. But don't expect a birthday party at all..

20. Thank you for wishing me. I know you guys won't allow me to waste my money on this birthday treat. Right na?

21. I know it requires a great effort to copy and paste birthday wishes from last year’s facebook wall..

22. I am not gonna be satisfied just with these wishes. Its not only my birthday but a day when i accept donations too. So be ready..

23. I feel myself lucky to have friends like you with me. Lets party hard and yes, be ready with gifts. Afterall my birthday comes once in a year.. Lol..

24. You must have told me to write a birthday wish for you so that you could post the same on my birthday. Lmao what a wish you have shared on my facebook wall..

25. It was so easy for you to announce to the whole world that its my best friend's birthday. Now the whole world is asking for party. Damm! So i have given them your address. So be prepared to handle them..

26. Finally I got some time to thank every one for your boring birthday wishes.

28. Don't only show your love and interest in me on my birthday only. There are 364 more days darling.....

29. This is a day when I accept money and gifts too. Please take note of it!

30. Should i feel grateful to you guys for spreading my birthday news like virus on Facebook?

31. Guys I am getting 21 this year and in my legal age. Remember many more extra items are going to be added this year. Lol! Come along a gift and enjoy those items..

Be witty and creative this time to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. The above article will surely help you in writing a funny thank you note.

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