Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For A Friend

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After posting cute birthday wishes for a friend, it is time to post funny birthday wishes for friend. Birthdays are the best time to tell your friend how much they mean to you. If you want to make your friend laugh, then you must send him a funny birthday wish. Here we have created a beautiful collection of such funny birthday wishes for your pals. So why not try them and make it unique.

Friends hold a special place in your life and deserve a special treatment on their birthday. Birthday means fun and enjoyment. And when its your friends birthday, the wish should be unique. So say no to serious and simple birthday wishes for your best friend.

In this article we will share some of the witty and humorous birthday wishes for your best friend. Funny birthday wishes are attractive and different from usual birthday wishes. Here is a collection of funny birthday wishes for your best male or female friend.

I am sure it will put a big smile on your friend’s face. My only advice would be check your friend’s personality and then select an appropriate birthday wish for your friend.

 Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend

  1. Happy birthday miser. On your birthday I wish you things like love, affair, freedom bla bla.. as they are out of cost. Hahahahhaa.....
  2. Hey friend! Why are u worrying about your growing age? Just remember one thing, you are still younger than your coming birthday, so enjoy your day. Happy birthday once again..You are such a darling!
  3. OMG! There are so many candles on your birthday cake... come on blow them fast, before the room catches fire. Lol!!!
  4. I feel really blessed to have a friend like you.. You are totally a clown. Hahahahhaa… you are damm hilarious guy. Wishing you a very happy birthday..may god give you the potential to achieve your wildest dreams.
  5. The years that I have spent with you, I have found just a kid and a clown inside you. Wishing you a very happy birthday kiddo! May this birthday is one of your best birthdays ever..
  6. I know you hate your birthday because you are growing old. Stop worrying friend…. You still have teeth in your mouth. Lol.. wish you a very Happy birthday friend. You are a special soul.
  7. The number of candles have increased on your cake, but does your lungs hold that much power to blow them? Or shall I do it for you… just kidding darling! On your special day, I am organizing a small birthday party for you. So be there on time.
  8. Happy birthday friend!... may god protect you from a disease called “LOVE”. So being your protective shield, may this virus enter my body instead of you. Hehehe…
  9. You know I forget everyone’s birthday. So you should feel lucky or call it as a miracle that I remembered your birthday. Feel special as I am wishing you on your birthday. Sending you all my hilarious birthday wishes.
  10. Thanks for being there for me everytime. The day since you have been with me, I don’t have to worry about anything.. Your cupboard is mine, and the clothes inside it are mine too. Happy birthday buddy!
  11. I have actually saved emergency number on my phone. As there are going to be so many candles on your cake, so there is a great possibility of the birthday hall catching fire. Anyways, happy birthday darling friend…
  12. You have grown one year more older. But believe me, you have not become wiser at all. Wishing you a fantastic birthday..Meet me soon friend!
  13. Hey friend, I haven’t organised any birthday cake for you. But I believe a bottle of beer would be more preferable for you. So come on, lets enjoy and have fun.. happy birthday hilarious..
  14. Hey I have organized a birthday cake for you. But do you one thing, this time your birthday candles cost more than your birthday cake.. lol..
  15. I wish you grow older fast, so that you don’t have any teeth in your mouth and your birthday cake is enjoyed by us only.. just kidding dude! May you a prosperous birthday this year. Happy birthday friend!
  16. Hey dude! Every year you are becoming old as a bottle of wine. But you know, the older the bottle of wine is, much better it is. So wishing you a very happy birthday..
  17. Hey gym freak! A very happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day and your birthday cake too.. As you are not going to have this cake for another whole year. Bro, remember you are under diet..
  18. Hey friend! You must have heard the proverb “ beauty with mind”. But I must tell you that you are a beauty with no mind. Lol. You are still a kiddo! Happy birthday to you.. sending you my heartiest wishes.
  19. An another year to pretend that we have a wise friend. The only advice for you is to be little mature. Wishing you a very happy birthday girl. Sending you your birthday present. Hope you like it.
  20. I wanted to write something good words for you. But believe me, my paper was blank seriously. No worries, hope for the best next year. But for now, happy birthday friend!
  21. I miss my childhood but I am sure you don’t. Because you are still a kid. You are so immature darling. Wishing you a very happy birthday baby. Love you to the moon and back!
  22. Happy birthday to my oldest friend in advance. Are you throwing a birthday bash or not? Will there be a cake or not? Or you dinosaur has already eaten it. Lol…Love you a loads..
  23. You are my childhood friend and still your maturity level is same. Happy bday buddy! may god bless you and fulfill each and every dream of yours.
  24. Hey dude! Its your 21st birthday! You are in your legal age. From legal you know what I mean.. lol.. so lets celebrate and open the bottles together.
  25. Hey dude! Your birthday candles don’t fit easily on the birthday cake. Don’t be a miser and make sure to arrange a big birthday cake on your next birthday. Lol.. May you achieve great heights of success friend..

Birthdays are special and so should be the wish. Select an appropriate funny birthday wish for your best friend that puts a big smile on his face. No more seriousness and hard wishes, its time to wish your friend in a hilarious way.

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