31 Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes on Facebook

31 Ways to Thanks for Facebook Birthday Wishes from Friends

31 Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes on Facebook
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Got so many birthday wishes on facebook and now it is your time to say thank you to your facebook friends? Go through below article and find out how to write a perfect thank you message for the birthday wishes received.

31 Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes on Facebook

When its your birthday, you receive many birthday wishes and greetings from your loved ones on Facebook. It really feels great to be the centre of attraction among other people. Its amazing people posting status updates for you and posting your pictures on Facebook.

You have thousands of friends on Facebook, and sometimes it is not possible to revert back to everyone. But don’t even neglect their wish. You can use our underlying thank you messages for Facebook friends to thank them for the birthday greetings and wishes:-

  1. From my bottom of heart I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful wishes. It feels great that you all are a part of my life.
  2. Don’t you think Facebook is a great reminder of birthdays.

    Lol.. I know only few of you remembered my birthday. But still thank you for your heartiest birthday wishes.
  3. Hey everyone! Thank you for filling my wall with your birthday wishes. Really great to have you all. Love you a loads!
  4. I want to thank everyone who wished me with their birthday wishes. I really feel myself so blessed.
  5. Sorry I was little busy so didn’t got time to read your messages. So here I want to thank you all for your sweetest birthday wishes..... :)
  6. Thank you every friend on facebook for making my birthday so special. It feels like my birthday is flooded on Facebook... :)
  7. Sorry guys I was bit busy with my birthday celebration so didn’t got time to reply you back. Hope you don’t mind. Love you all!
  8. Thanks everyone for making me feel extra special on my birthday. The attention I got from you all on Facebook left me overwhelmed.
  9. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. They really mean a lot to me.
  10. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and greetings. I appreciate your love you shared with me.
  11. It feels really great to know that I am surrounded by such amazing and wonderful friends. Really thanks to all of you for posting facebook status for me.
  12. Thanks to all my facebook friends for posting my pictures on Facebook. You guys made me feel really special.
  13. You guys made my birthday memorable by sending your lovely birthday wishes.
  14. Thanks for making my birthday extra special by sending your wishes on my birthday.
  15. I have read each and every wish that I received on Facebook, and I heartily thank all of you for the love you have shown on my birthday.
  16. All my Facebook friends thank you for making my birthday a happier one!
  17. Sorry I don’t acknowledge each one of you on Facebook, but still I thank you for getting out some time and wishing me out. Thank you!
  18. It really feels great to know that I have so many friends on Facebook. Thanks a lot for your wishes.
  19. You guys have made me to say that my friends are the best! Thanks everyone!
  20. So many birthday wishes! I still cant believe that! I never expected that I will receive so many love and greetings from my Facebook friends.
  21. I am short of words to express my gratitude towards you. Thank you so much my Facebook friends!
  22. I am really grateful to each and every birthday wish that I received on my birthday. I thank you for the birthday wishes received.
  23. Each and every birthday wish that I received really means a lot. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
  24. Hey everyone! Sorry I was not able to respond back to each one of you, but still every wish matters. Thank you!
  25. I don’t use Facebook much but when I opened it today I was shocked to receive so many birthday wishes from you guys. So I came online to thank you everyone for the love you showered on me.... :
  26. I don’t use Facebook regularly so it was not less than a surprise to receive so much love from you guys. Thanks!
  27. Here’s the birthday girl thanking you everyone for sharing your love and care for me. Once again thanks a lot for heart warming wishes.
  28. Your birthday wishes are not less than gifts to me. Thank you so much my Facebook friends.
  29. I pray to God that may he blesses each one of you who wished on my birthday. And those who didn’t, don’t worry! The same blessing goes to you too. Thank you!
  30. I have thousands of Facebook friends but don’t you think that I didn’t read your birthday wishes. Every birthday wish counts a lot.
  31. I never used Facebook so much. But you guys have made me love Facebook so much that I am not able to log off. Thanks for your wonderful wishes.

All the birthday wishes that you receive on your timeline makes you feel extra special. No matter if the number of people wishing you birthday are many, but its important to show your gratitude towards each of them. So you can say thank you to all your friends and acquaintances for the birthday wishes they have sent you on Facebook.

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