Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Forever

happy birthday to best friend forever

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Forever
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Best friends forever are unique, so they deserve unique birthday wishes too. A best friend makes your life complete. They are the one who always stand for you and with whom you share all your secrets. Do you want to express your feelings towards them about how special they are to you? Then i guess your best friend's birthday is a perfect reminder to do that. Below are some of the useful words that you can use to appreciate them..

There is always a person who stays with you forever no matter whatever happens, which is indeed known as “best friend forever”. Wishing happy birthday to your best friend is a bit difficult task. Because best friend deserves best wishes too. So your best friend’s birthday card deserves special words rather than usual birthday wishes. No matter how much far you are from your friend, but your wish should be of such type that when your friend reads it he feels special and your birthday wish remains in his heart forever.

Don’t you really know how to wish your best friend forever? Are you looking for such birthday wishes?  In this post we have created a beautiful collection of birthday wishes for best friend forever. I am sure that you will definitely find a few lines that are worth of your dear best friend.

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Forever

  1. You are a best friend that every body wants in life.

    I just pray that this birthday brings lot of joy and happiness to you. Happy Birthday bestie!
  2. Happy birthday to my best friend who has always been there for me. May your birthday brings lots of success to you. you will always be loved darling!
  3. Wish you a very happy birthday bestie! May this birthday brings joy, happiness, success, wealth and much more to you.
  4. You are a friend that every person wishes for. You are such a darling friend. May god bless you and fulfill all dreams of yours. Happy birthday once again.
  5. Wishing you a great birthday pal.. may god give you the potential to achieve your wildest and craziest dreams.
  6. I wanted to celebrate the day with you. And i am sorry for not attending the birthday party. But I wish you a very happy birthday. You are my darling friend.
  7. Dear friend! You are in your legal age now. So lets meet and have a great celebration. Cheers....Happy birthday!
  8. I wish you a very happy birthday pal. This birthday we are not together but I miss you. Celebrate your day and yeah most important thing- don’t forget to share the pictures.
  9. Friendship is a strong bond between two individuals. And you are my true friend. Wishing you a very happy birthday friend. Don’t forget to send my share of cake.
  10. I don’t worry about my growing age as I have a friend who acts as an anti wrinkle cream. Lol. Have a fabulous birthday friend! Loads of hugs and kisses to you.
  11. Happy birthday to you friend. You are a true soul. A big salute to you…you are an attractive personality.
  12. Sometimes you keep me amazed by the things you do. You are my supporter, my motivator- who motivates me at every step of life.  Wish you an amazing birthday friend. Hope this year brings lots of success and happiness to you.
  13. I believe that my life has been blessed- the only reason is you.. you have always stood with me when no one else was around. Thanks for being so nice to me. Happy birthday dear!
  14. I know that I have a shoulder to always lean on- my friend cum brother. You are my role model. You inspire me everyday. Happy birthday to you buddy!
  15. You are not just precious to me… you are priceless darling. Its your day today , so lets meet and celebrate the day.
  16. Hey buddy! You are my BFF. This is the best day of the year as its your birthday. As I am not with you this year don’t forget about my birthday treat. Its pending!
  17. Whenever I think about you, I imagine how a person can be so intelligent, caring, polite, humble. You are a perfect personality dude. Happy birthday to my dearest friend! We have organised a small surprise for you…
  18. You are a fine example of beauty with mind. You are so intelligent girl. Your confidence level inspires me to work hard everyday. Thanks for being there for me. Wish you a fabulous birthday.
  19. You are a person who knows me more than myself. Happy birthday bestie! Wish you a great success and happy life.
  20. Your friendship has always helped me in moving up in my life. Wishing you a very happy birthday and best wishes always.
  21. Thank you for supporting and holding me at every step. Our friendship is a strong bond. Thanks for adding a melody of love to it. Happy birthday friend.
  22. Happy birthday to my favourite person. Sending you my heartiest warm wishes to you. Much love…
  23. Enjoy this special day friend. This is a day that comes once in a year. Make it special dude!
  24. We have many good memories friend. We have shared so many secrets. Have the best birthday friend!
  25. It is a special day because a beautiful soul arrived on earth. Happy birthday and best of luck for your future!
  26. I cant keep calm because its my friend’s birthday..
  27. Dear friend, you are the reason behind my smile. You are my clown. Wish you an amazing birthday!
  28. Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrows. You need someone to lean upon and share things with. That us why god created friend. And a person who gets a friend like you is blessed. Happy birthday!
  29. Hapoy bday to my special friend! Have a magical day..
  30. Hey dude! You are a Rock star! Its your day today as its your birthday. Thanks for being my soul mate. Wish you a great birthday! Hope this birthday becomes your best birthday ever!
  31. I had many friends in my life.. but you are the one who left footprints in my heart. So on your very special day buddy, i have organised a surprise party for you. So lets meet and make this day memorable. Happy birthday once again.

So on your best friend forever upcoming birthday, select an appropriate birthday wish that will make him or her a lot more happier. Send your friend a wish that captivates his/her heart. Make your friend happier by doing such things.

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Every one of us has a birthday and it is a fact that every day, thousands of people are celebrating their birthday throughout the globe. unique collection or special collection of happy birthday wishes for a friend. This is include many status and images for wishing happy birthday .


a birthday is that movement that all human being wait for this. There are only some people we attached with that to show they are important in our life and wish them first to say happy birthday. this is wonderful to express your emotions & feelings to your best friend forever. Best wishes for happy birthday.