Funny Friend Captions For Instagram

Funny Instagram Captions for Friends

Funny Friend Captions For Instagram
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Most of the times we are not able to give a perfect caption to our pictures to be posted on Instagram. If you have recently gone out with your friend and want to upload those funny pictures of yours taken with our friends on Instagram, you can check out my list of funny friendship quotes and captions for Instagram. These funny friends caption for Instagram  will definitely bring a smile to your friend’s face. Scroll down and have a look on our quotes. Happy reading!

Funny Friend Captions For Instagram

It’s the era of social media where each one of us love to share our pictures on social networking sites. Instagram not only gives you a chance to upload quality content only but you can even upload funniest and silly pictures of yours with your friends. Choosing Instagram to share laughable moments with your friends, crazy and weird selfies is really great.

What usually happens is we often don’t get an equal deserving caption for our picture. Sometimes a picture clicked with your friend might be the best but you don’t get a compatible caption. So in order to put an end to this problem of yours I have gathered a beautiful collection of funny friendship captions for Instagram.

  1. We are best friends forever. I hope that when we die, we scare people as ghosts together.
  2. We are really going to be hot ladies when we become old.
  3. Friendship is eating secretly in the classroom.
  4. Happiness is having friends who are more idiots than you.
  5. Life is all about finding crazy stupid friends as you are!
  6. Sometimes being silly with a silly friend of yours is the therapy that you need.
  7. In order to be my friend, being crazy is necessary.
  8. I was so innocent until and unless I met you.
  9. Friendship is fair if both of you are equally annoying.
  10. Thanks pal for always sticking by my side as octopus sticks on your face.
  11. Every short girl needs a tall best friend.
  12. Yeah you are annoying, but still I love you the most my friend.
  13. I love you because you always prefer to join me in my weirdness.
  14. Good friends are difficult to find these days because best ones are already with me.
  15. We both love each other because we hate the same kind of people.
  16. Friends like you never let me do stupid things alone.

    Thanks for joining me in my stupidity.
  17. When I saw you I got an intention that my further life is going to be adventurous.
  18. You are the icing to my cake😘😘.
  19. You are the only one with whom I don’t mind sharing my plate of Maggi.
  20. Never let your friend feel lonely. Keep disturbing them.
  21. We can’t find a better entertainer in our life than each other.
  22. You are a kind of person who laughs funnier than his jokes.
  23. You are a one who don’t know how to speak in a low tone. I think you should learn how to whisper.
  24. Best friends never care whether your house is clean or not. All they worry about is the food in your kitchen.
  25. Both of us can communicate just with our face expressions only.
  26. I feel you as an undiscovered supermodel. Lol..
  27. Let share a bottle of wine and some really regrettable selfies.
  28. Its me and my me my friend who starts a trend💣..
  29. I miss dancing with you like no one else is watching….
  30. I love the people with whom I can be weird with. And you are one of them…
  31. Some of the people have started thinking of us as mentally retarded.
  32. You are my antidote to the enemies.
  33. I wish we never get tired of loving and annoying each other.
  34. Your mobile camera might not be working properly otherwise you look like an angel only. Lol…
  35. Its cool to call by your weird nickname rather than your calling you by your real name..
  36. I remember how you used to steal my umbrella and yell run baby run!
  37. Best friends are those who hate same things.
  38. i like my gang because they join me in my weirdness.
  39. If you have crazy friends in your life, you have everything.
  40. I love you because you are the one with whom i can be crazy with.
  41. Group study is something where everything is discussed except study.
  42. Friendship is not something big. It is all about million small things.
  43. It is the hard time that reveals who your best friend is.
  44. A real friend is one who walks by your side when the whole world walks away from you.
  45. Friendship is all about chatting the whole night and wasting time when you have exam the next day.
  46. Best friends nev er let you do silly things alone. My partner in crime.
  47. My gang refreshes my soul.
  48. There are some people who talk to you in their free time but i am lucky to have you because you are the ones who free their time just to talk to me.
  49. You are the only ones with whom i don't mind sharing my plate of maggie.
  50. My life would have been tasteless if you would not have been there.
  51. Only a dirty mind can understand dirty mind thinking.
  52. I was quite innocent until i met you.
  53. Happiness is having selfie with your friend anywhere and at anytime.
  54. Every short girl needs a tall best friend to protect her.
  55. If you are able to find a friend with the sane mental disorder, you are genius I must say..
  56. Friendship is about insulting each other and managing to insult others when both together.
  57. You try to break her heart and I promise to break your face. After all she’s my friend.
  58. No pain is bearable expect the stomach ache that your friends give you on laughing with them.
  59. Happiness lies in doing weirs things with your friend.
  60. Happiness is taking selfies with your friends…. Anywhere and at anytime..

Hope you might have got some ideas about captioning funniest and weird pictures with your friends. Try using them…

So, these were Friend Captions For Instagram that you can use with your pictures to highlight them. You can comment below to tell me your favorite captions of all time! And yes share these captions as much as you can with your friends.
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