Friendship Proposal Messages

proposal messages for friendship

Friendship Proposal Messages
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Use these friendship proposal messages to propose a person to be your friend. In this article you will find different ways of proposing a person to be your friend. Pick up an appropriate proposal message and send it to the person with whom you want to be friend with.

Friendship Proposal Messages

  1. I am not proposing you to be my friend. You will yourself have to become one.
  2. I want a friend who is always there to stand by my side. And I see such qualities in you. Will you be my friend?
  3. I had always wanted to make a girl as a friend, who is as beautiful as you are! I hope you just don’t mind in being my friend!
  4. I am warning you! You will not get a friend as handsome as I am. So reserve me in advance.
  5. I need a friend with whom I can share everything even my deepest secrets. Are you interested in being my friend?
  6. I see a true friend in you.

    So can we be good friends?
  7. Why are you looking for other friends when you have me with you?
  8. Please be my friend! I had always wanted a friend like you who is trust worthy and loyal.
  9. It would be my pleasure to call you as my friend. Will it be yours too?
  10. Can I have the opportunity to call you as my friend?
  11. May I think myself lucky enough to have a friend like you in my life?
  12. Would you like to accept my friendship? I want to listen yes in return.
  13. I want to be your friend forever. You will perfectly fit in my friend list..
  14. Ohh! your life is so boring bro! Accept me as your friend and I bet you will have the most memorable time of your life with me.
  15. Love, sharing and caring! That’s all a friend is for! Please accept my friend request.
  16. Would you like to be my very special friend?
  17. I think a friend like you is irreplaceable. So I want you to enter my friend zone.
  18. Friends like you are hard to find. You are gem! Will you be my friend?
  19. I need someone to raise me up when I fall, I need someone to carry me home once I get drunk. And I think you are perfect. I want you to be my friend.
  20. Once we both make friends, I am sure we will share a strong bond of friendship. Accept my friend proposal!
  21. Forget all the bad words that I said you and be my friend once again!
  22. I need a friend with whom I can be stupid with. Would you like to join me in my stupidity?
  23. It would be my pleasure if you accept my friendship proposal and be my partner in crime!
  24. Thank you for your suggestions. They have always worked out!  Would you join me as my friend?
  25. A true friend is not less than a blessing. And for now I want this blessing in my life too. Kindly accept my friendship proposal.
  26. I am in search of a friend with whom I can share everything even if he is miles apart. Are you interested in being my friend?
  27. I need a friend who inspires me in every part of life. You are the one who does so. So I am moving one step towards you and want you also to join me as my friend.
  28. Hey! I want to set a good friendship between you and me. Are you interested too?
  29. As much as I know you, you are pretty cool and fun loving person. If you don’t mind can I join you as your friend?
  30. We have many friends in common. And as I have heard about you, you are a true friend always ready to help others. I want to be your friend. Would you like to do the same?
  31. I wish to be your friend. Hope my friendship proposal will soon be accepted!
  32. I want to be your friend. I an not like others and promise to never leave you .
  33. Hey girl I want you to be my friend. I assure you that our friendship will stick like a glue, unbreakable!
  34. Its my hobby to make friends. And it would be my pleasure too to be your friend. Please accept my friendship proposal.
  35. You may have many friends but I am damm sure you won’t have any like me. So to better know me accept my friendship proposal.
  36. Accept my friendship only if you are in search of an honest and true friend.
  37. It would be moment of great pleasure if you accept me as your friend.
  38. I want to be your friend forever. Accept my friendship and make me the most happiest and luckiest person.
  39. Hey girl! When I saw you for the first time I was like what a great creation of god. Accept being my friend. Please…
  40. I want to establish ways of communication between us. Hope will get a positive response. Accept my friendship proposal.

Are you in search of appropriate friendship proposal messages? The above article consists of such messages. These proposal quotes are nicely written with unique words. Read the article and select the message that you want to send to a boy or a girl you want to be friend with.

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