33 Farewell Messages to a Friend Going Abroad: What to Write in a Farewell Message for a Friend Leaving Country

33 Farewell Messages For Friend Going Abroad

33 Farewell Messages to a Friend Going Abroad:  What to Write in a Farewell Message for a Friend Leaving Country
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Here in this post I am presenting you a list of farewell messages for a friend going abroad. Don’t forget to share these messages with your friend. Choose one and dedicate it to your friend.

Farewell Messages to a Friend Going Abroad

Farewell messages and quotes for your friend settling abroad are necessary these days. We usually see many people going abroad these days. There could be many reasons behind it. Some people visit abroad on temporary basis and some for permanent settlement. But farewell is necessary. If any of your friend has decided to go abroad, then this article will be of great use to you.

Its really exciting when your friend visits abroad. So its time to encourage your friends with these farewell messages and wish them a happy and safe journey. Here are some of the farewell messages..

  1. Wow! Finally your dream of studying abroad is going to be successful. Have a safe trip.
  2. I don’t believe that you won’t be here on your birthday. But yeah you might be enjoying yourself on the streets of Mexica. Enjoy yourself and have a safe journey. Happy farewell to you friend.
  3. As you have decided to go Abroad, I am going to miss you a lot. Happy farewell friend.
  4. May your trip to abroad gets successful, amen! Happy farewell dear..
  5. I am writing to remind you of all the gifts that I want from you. Travel safe friend.
  6. If you want any tips on how to enjoy your holidays in Paris, contact me. Gonna miss you tons my friend. Happy farewell to you.
  7. I will miss you a lot while you are going to enjoy your holidays abroad. Happy farewell to you.
  8. No matter where you go I know the memories of the time spent together will always follow you. Yes even to Canada. Happy farewell.
  9. As you are going overseas for bright future, I wish you a safe journey and life full of success. May god gives you the potential to reach your goals of life. Happy farewell.
  10. Have a safe trip to abroad my Friend. Goodbye and happy farewell.
  11. I pray that the reason behind travelling overseas yield very good results. Happy farewell friend have a safe journey.
  12. Have a safe trip to US. Happy farewell and take care of yourself.
  13. I wish that the people of your new country welcome you with their open arms. Happy farewell my friend. Gonna miss you a lot.
  14. I prat that you have a safe journey to abroad. Goodbye my dear friend. Happy farewell.
  15. When I came to know that you have decided to go overseas for your studies, I knew something worth and better days of you are ahead. Happy farewell friend.
  16. May your bank account fills with foreign currency ASAP. Lol.. have a safe journey my friend.
  17. May this new country offers you the opportunities that you were looking for. Take care and have a safe journey. Happy farewell.
  18. Happy farewell to you my friend. Going abroad I guess is one of the right decision made by you. Take lots of pictures. Okay? Have fun.
  19. I am jealous of you because you are going to spend your holidays at a fancy place in USA. Gonna miss you too. Happy farewell.
  20. Its unfair that you have decided to settle abroad and here I am still appearing in my re-appears. Lol..happy farewell friend. Have a safe journey.
  21. No matter which country you reside, I know you will definitely make them feel proud. Happy farewell to you.
  22. I am you are very much excited about settling abroad but I am really jealous of you. You can please me only by sending nice gifts from US. Happy farewell friend.
  23. I am going to miss you a lot when you will be there in abroad. I want to go there too. Happy farewell my friend.
  24. Happy farewell to you my friend. As you have decided to enter new era of your lifeby settling abroad, i wish you a life full of success and adventures ahead.
  25. Your memories will be left with me when you will go abroad. Happy farewell buddy.
  26. Hope you succeed in all your dreams and fly high like your flight. Haply farewell to you.
  27. Our bond has grown so strong that I wonder how will I live here when you will settle there in abroad. Gonna miss you. Happy farewell friend.
  28. As the time of your departure is approaching, my heart is becoming heavy. Happy farewell my friend. Hope you succeed in every aspect of your life.
  29. Farewell to you my friend. As you have planned to settle abroad, I pray that may you get the right direction in your life.
  30. Goodbye friend. Yes! Keep in touch with me after settling abroad. I will miss out the great times spent together. Happy farewell.
  31. No matter whether you are here in India or abroad, the memories spent together are cherished forever. Happy farewell my dear friend.
  32. We have fought many times. But as you are moving on to settle in abroad, I want you to part with a smile on your face by leaving all the bitterness here on India only. Happy farewell.
  33. Have a safe and enjoyable trip my friend. Take care and yeah come back soon. Happy farewell.

Here are our farewell messages and quotes for your friend going abroad. Choose any wish and dedicate it your friend who is about to travel abroad and wish him good luck for his future.

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