Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp Status

Friendship Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp Status
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Here we are sharing friendship quotes for WhatsApp status. Everyone of us change our WhatsApp status often these days. So if your enjoy reading my article on friendship quotes for WhatsApp status, kindly share it with your friends and post any quote that you like as your WhatsApp status.

Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp is the most frequently used app these days by most of us. And it has added one if its most amazing feature called WhatsApp status. You can make people feel special, smile, laugh by posting a WhatsApp status for them. So here in my article I have gathered a beautiful collection if friendship quotes for WhatsApp status. If you like it express your love for your friend by updating different friendship quotes as your WhatsApp status. So you can check my below collection of friendship quotes for WhatsApp status.

  1. A friend is one who always stay by your side no matter what kind of person you are.
  2. A best friend of yours will always kill your worries and do every possible thing to bring a smile on your face.
  3. Friendship is the greatest gift of god.
  4. You are the best friend in whole world.
  5. You are like a wonderful mystery.

    Each day i come across a wonderful part of yours.
  6. Money, gold etc cannot bring happiness. Only true friendship can..
  7. Dear friend you are priceless!  I couldn't have asked for more than this from god.
  8. If ever i get a chance to describe your qualities my friend, i guess my whole life would be spent doing just that.
  9. My best friend is brighter than any other star..
  10. I am satisfied by having just a single friend like you. Because a single friend like you is much worth than several fake friends.
  11. A friend is one who can see the truth in your eyes only.
  12. If you need to give explanations to a person he may not be your friend.
  13. A friend is one who knows all about you but still sticks by your side and loves you.
  14. A friend is one who will always stand by your side in every difficult situation of yours.
  15. There is always a person who loves you and cares for you without letting you know. And that is you my friend! Much love!
  16. Our friendship bond is a never ending relationship. I expect it to outgrow.
  17. Whenever I needed you, you were always there to help me out. Thanks buddy!
  18. Dear friend, you are just like my family who has supported me in every situation of life.
  19. Whenever I wanted to cry you gave me a shoulder to do so, whenever I needed a hug you made yourself as my pillow. Thanks friend!
  20. I am grateful to have a friend like you in my life. I cant see my life without you friend, so please don’t even try to break this relationship ever in your life.
  21. Life is boring like hell without having friends like you. I am lucky to have a friend like you with me in my life.
  22. You are something that I would like to treasure for the whole of my life. Much love baby!
  23. Your presence in my life has always reminded me that I am not lonely. You are something that my heart needs all the time.
  24. Friends like you are rare in this world and I feel myself lucky to have you in my life.
  25. We are best friends forever…
  26. One million memories… thousands of jokes.. are just possible with a friend.
  27. Its great to be surrounded by friends like you. You are just awesome.
  28. A true friend is one who tries every possible means to bring a smile on your face.
  29. A true friend is just like a family who cares like your Mom, scolds like your Dad, tease you like your brother and loves you even more than your lover.
  30. Our friendship life has been full of great pleasure and laughter..
  31. A true friend is one who protects you from your enemies.
  32. Your friendship means the whole world to me. Stay in touch always friend!
  33. Good friends are hard to leave and impossible to forget.
  34. A day spent with a friend is always a day well spent.
  35. You are the one who can easily know the truth through my eyes no matter how much I try to fool you.
  36. Your friendship has always multiplied my happiness and divided my sorrow.
  37. A strong friendship is based on trust. If your relationship us lacking it, sorry but you are not friends at all.
  38. The joy of true friendship lasts forever. Thanks pal for being a part of my life and bringing such a joy.
  39. Good friends like you are hard to find these days.
  40. Love might be temporary but friends are permanent.
  41. Never take friendship as an opportunity, it is a responsibility.
  42. Friends can be taken as one of the best and most important ingredients in the chapter of life.
  43. I have wrapped you in my life like the friendship band.
  44. True friends never judge each other. They together judge other people.
  45. Every moment that I have spent with you my friend is like a dream come true.
  46. A friend is one who believes in you, when even you cease to believe yourself.
  47. Finding a true friend is hard these days and maintaining friendship is even tougher.
  48. Sometimes i wonder how an imperfect person has got a perfect friend.
  49. My life was tasteless until you added spice to it. Thanks for being my friend.
  50. A friend is one who will never let you to solve the problems of your life alone.
  51. Friends are the one who make bad times good and good times unforgettable.
  52. A good friend of yours will always protect you from your enemies.
  53. If you never had friends, you never had a life.

If you want to show your love for your friends or want to make them feel special, no matter what the reason is, you can use these quotes and update them as your WhatsApp status. These will definitely express your bonding in a different way. I am sure that these friendship quotes will blow your mind and keep your friendship fresh and strong.

So what are you waiting for? Choose any message that you like and put it in your WhatsApp status. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on friendship quotes for whatsapp status. Everyone of us has that friend in our life who is special to us. So it is the right time to express your feelings your heart holds for them. So share this post with your friends and make your friendship bond even more stronger.
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