Goodbye Messages for Boyfriend

Goodbye Messages for Boyfriend

Goodbye Messages for Boyfriend
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Use these goodbye messages for boyfriend and let your boy know that how much he will be missed by you. Goodbyes are really hard, but hold on until you and your boyfriend are back together again..

Goodbye Messages for Boyfriend

Here are goodbye messages for your boyfriend. Its very difficult to say goodbye to the love of your life i.e. your boyfriend. Bidding goodbye to your boyfriend gives you a heart ache that is very difficult to cure. But we as girlfriends are also not left with any other option instead of saying Goodbye to them...

If you are also suffering from such a situation and searching for goodbye quotes, then this article will definitely help you a lot. Read my underlying article to find perfect words to say goodbye to your boyfriend.

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  1. This is a kind of goodbye that I never meant from my heart. Love you a lot baby. Xoxo!
  2. I know you are going to miss me a lot. If you miss me, close your eyes you will see me close to your heart. Goodbye!
  3. Listen to my heart and you will realize that my heart never wants to get separated from you. I have nothing else to say other than saying goodbye..
  4. See the tears in my eyes and imagine the pain I am suffering from. My eyes will convey my message that I don’t want to say you goodbye. Love you tons...
  5. You have always made me laugh, giggle, feel special. Goodbye baby. Xoxo. Gonna miss you the most..
  6. I have never loved anyone as I have loved you. I don’t know how I will survive without you. I feel like half dead in your absence. Goodbye baby. I love you..
  7. I will survive but life won't be worth living. Goobdbye! Gonna miss you a lot..
  8. I will badly miss the way you call me "My Love".. Goodbye.
  9. I know you are leaving to seek your fantacies. But i will always pray for your bright future. Goodbye..
  10. I have not adored anyone before as i do you. But the most terrible thing will be to miss you. Goodbye..
  11. My heart will keep paining until and unless i will hug you gain. GOODBYE..
  12. My tears won't dry until i will hold you again in my arms. I miss you badly baby.
  13. I have many valuable collections that will help me to stick by your side until we meet again. Return soon baby. Goodbye.
  14. I will wait for the day until you will meet me and lift me in your arms. Cya soon baby.
  15. Nothing will change when you will leave. I will keep on imagining the day when you will come back and hold me forever. Goodbye baby!
  16. As I am leaving I am taking your heart and your soul with me. I just cant stay without you. Goodbye.
  17. I know you will wait for me till I stand in front of you and calling you by your name. Goodbye.
  18. I am parting from you but I am continuously thinking of you and missing you from the core of my heart. Goodbye my love!
  19. The word goodbye is easy to say but the most difficult to feel. Goodbye baby. Gonna miss you a lot.
  20. No matter where we stay, but I will not let anything enter between us. Goodbye.
  21. I know everything is alright but still I cant stop myself crying. Goodbye.
  22. My heart will not relax until and unless I will have you again in my arms. Goodbye!
  23. You cant understand the pain my heart is suffering from. Come back soon.. goodbye!
  24. You may go anywhere you want to. After all its your life. But yes always remember that there is a girl who is waiting for you to have you in her arms. Goodbye my love.
  25. The thought of going away from you makes me sad. But sometimes you don’t have any other option left with you other than saying goodbye.
  26. No matter whether we will be thousands of kilometers away from each other, but still our love is independent of time, distance. Goodbye!
  27. I will wait for you until you come back and have me lift me in your arms. Goodbye.
  28. I know you will come back soon. But its not possible to spend a single second without you. Gonna miss you like hell. Goodbye.
  29. I know you will be desperately waiting for me to come back ASAP. Goodbye!
  30. I will not cry in front of you and make you weak. I want to see you smiling always. Goodbye baby..
  31. Your absence is going to pierce my heart. You can’t even imagine what I am feeling right now. Goodbye my love.
  32. I won’t be able to see in your eyes when you will leave. Goodbye…
  33. I will convince my arms they won’t be able to hug you for some days, but how will I convince my heart? Goodbye..
  34. Saying you goodbye is not less than walking on pieces of glass. Goodbye!
  35. I don’t want to utter a single word. Look into my eyes and realize the pain I am suffering from. Goodbye baby!
  36. I had thought that we will stay together forever, but decision of yours is killing me deep inside. Goodbye.
  37. I want to see you fly away into the skies. But at the same time want to stay close to you in your heart. I’ll miss you, goodbye..
  38. As you have decided to separate our ways to chase your dreams, I wish a bright future for you. Goodbye honey..
  39. Someday you will definitely miss me a lot and realize the pain of distance. Goodbye! May you achieve very dream in your life.
  40. I will keep your love in my heart forever and wait for you. Goodbye.
  41. My heart pains to see you moving away. Goodbye!
  42. I can’t stop you from leaving but you also don’t stop me from crying. Goodbye darling. Xoxo..
  43. I have taken the decision to part away but I don’t how I will survive without you. Goodbye!
  44. If you miss me, put your hand on your heart and you can hear my heart beating inside yours. Goodbye baby. Gonna miss you a lot!

Use these goodbye messages for your boyfriend and let him know how much he is going to be missed by you and convey him how your heart actually feels in this situation. Choose an appropriate message and give it to him when you have your last hug or kiss with him.

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