Funny Farewell Messages to a Friend

Funny Farewell Messages

Funny Farewell Messages to a Friend
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Here are the most funny farewell quotes for your friend. Get these messages and quotes to bid happy farewell to your friend but in a hilarious way.

Funny Farewell Messages to a Friend

Farewell is not easy. And bidding it to a friend of yours is absolutely not. Why not wish farewell to your friend in a different manner? Lets give it a touch of humor. My underlying article consists of funny farewell messages and quotes to greet farewell to your friend. Make sure your farewell message should be of the type that it becomes an unforgettable memory for your friend and puts a smile on his face. Cheer and share these quotes with your near and dear ones too.

  • I wish I could tie your legs with a rope so that you may never me my friend.
  • Saying goodbye to a crazy friend like you is hell! Words are not coming way from my mouth.

    Lol. Still friend! Don’t let this farewell end everything.
  • I know you don’t have enough of mind. So I will be always there for you whenever you need some advice. Happy farewell buddy, gonna miss you.
  • Working with you in same company was like hell. Two jokers in the same play. Lol.. jokes apart, I wish your resignation letter gets rejected. Happy farewell to my friend whom I don’t want to go.
  • As you are leaving, various expenses are going to be reduced like extra coffee, chips, biscuits lol.. Farewell to you buddy.
  • After you are leaving I believe company will be able to reach the target. Lol. Happy farewell.
  • You are resigning because company announced to fire all the unskilled persons who are just eating in free in office and increasing the expenses. Right? Hahahahhaa. Happy farewell dude!
  • I wish my resignation letter might be bounded to yours. That may happen too but our offer letter could never be bounded. Lol.. happy farewell..
  • One hand I feel happy because I will not have a friend like you as a boss to order me on the other hand I am afraid of having new boss. Oh god save me. Happy farewell to you boy!
  • Yeah I can’t bribe you with more money than your new company is paying you. But yes I can do it with Brownie, chocolates… what say? Happy farewell!
  • You are leaving this company but you have right to come to me and meet me but yes only when you come with a chocolate.
  • Happy farewell you my friend who always made us laugh with his PJ’s. Some of them were silly too. Jokes apart, god bless you and happy farewell.
  • Hopefully the whole employees of your company must be partying and cheering for your farewell. Obviously they will not have you as their boss who used to shout and scream at them..
  • Happy farewell girl. I hope you win the title of gossip queen in your new company too. Lol..
  • Without you my friend, our late night dinners after office will get sophisticated. Lol.. happy farewell..
  • Your work us never so good as your Pictures. I suggest you to join modelling before joining new work place. Lol.. farewell!!!
  • You will get high salary at your new place but you wont get high rated employees like us my friend. Farewell..
  • I hope that your new boss hates you so much that you have no other option left rather than joining us back! And don’t think we will keep you. No way!... Happy farewell!!
  • How this idea came to your mind of joining a new firm? I am warning you, you wont get this much fun there. Lets see who is going to miss whom bestie. Happy farewell from my side.
  • Fare-bad to you so that you come back ASAP. I gonna miss you a lot. Happy farewell my dear friend.
  • You were my bad habit as you are leaving I am happy. Lol… happy farewell to you my friend.
  • Bidding you farewell was most difficult for me. And you know what? I saw you yesterday in my dreams. You were looking f**king terrible as a ghost.
  • Farewell to you my friend. Someone is going to miss you a lot. What? I am talking about someone and that someone is not me.
  • Saying farewell to you buddy is not easy. And yeah don’t dare to get in touch with me.
  • So you are leaving this company. Finally no workload. May be the new employee would be much more intelligent than you. Lol.. boy! You keep on enjoying your new work place. Happy farewell! Goodbye.

Looking for quotes to say farewell to your friend in a funny way? You share many unforgettable moments to pranks with your friends. So use hilarious and funny way to bid him goodbye at time of his departure.

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