29 Farewell Messages for a Boss

29 Farewell Messages for a Boss

29 Farewell Messages for a Boss
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Here are the messages and quotes to bid farewell to your boss. I know its heart aching moment but do it with all your gratitude and respect.

Farewell Message To Boss

Here are the farewell quotes for your boss. Get these messages and quotes to bid happy farewell to your boss. Your boss plays an important role in your life. He’s your mentor who guides you in your work. Bidding goodbye to your boss is a heart wrenching moment for all the employees. Choose appropriate farewell messages and wishes to send to your boss.

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  1. We wish we could stop you from leaving this company.......... Happy farewell boss!
  2. Dear boss you are a true leader and you have proved that too. Happy farewell to you.
  3. We all are happy for you boss but at the same tome extremely sad because we won’t get an opportunity to work with you anymore. Happy Farewell..
  4. It is not at all easy to say happy farewell to a boss like you. It was my pleasure to work under you. Happy fare well sir!
  5. Boss you are a true leader, a great mentor and an inspiration for me. Wish you a very happy farewell.
  6. I know its not easy at all to handle employees like us. You are perfect in your job. Happy farewell! Hope you get lots of success in your life.
  7. You made all of us best in our work. We all wish the best for your career. Happy farewell to you sir..
  8. All the employees of the company are going to miss you a lot. Happy farewell boss.
  9. Goodbye to the most wonderful boss I have ever met. Happy Farewell..
  10. Dear boss! You are a true inspiration. You have always guided me in my work. Thank you and happy farewell. The entire company is going to miss you badly.
  11. It is you who have brought a drastic change in me. It is you from whom I have learnt to cope up the situations. Happy farewell to the most cheerful boss I know.
  12. The word BOSS seems dangerous. But you were not of that type. You are a boss whom the entire firm wants to stay with. Happy farewell!
  13. You have always guided me along the way like a friend. Goodbye sir! Stay blessed..
  14. I have learnt many new things from you. Many new tips that have made my life better. Happy farewell sir..
  15. After you are leaving I believe company will be able to reach the target...... Lol! Happy farewell.
  16. On one hand I feel happy because I had boss like you. But on the other hand I am afraid of having new boss. Oh god save me. Happy farewell to you boss!
  17. We cant offer you more package than your new company id offering. Neither we can bribe you. But yeah we all can bribe you with our love, care and trust. Happy farewell boss.
  18. You are leaving this company but promise us boss that once in a while you will come to meet us. Happy farewell to you from all year employees.
  19. Happy farewell mam. I wish you a long life full of success ahead.
  20. It's my pleasure to be the member of your team for four years. You will be missed a lot, sir. Happy farewell to you.
  21. All the employees are happy because they will not have a boss to shout on them. Hahaha...... Jokes apart, God bless you and happy farewell boss.
  22. Happy farewell boss. We all know that you will win the hearts of people at your new workplace too. But we gonna miss you badly.
  23. Working under your guidance was the best experience of my life. Happy farewell boss.
  24. You will get high salary at your new place but you wont get loving employees like us. Happy farewell boss..
  25. Bidding goodbye to a boss like you is not easy. Bit still with our heavy hearts, each of the employee wants to wish you a very happy Farewell boss. We wish lots of success for you at your new work place.
  26. Sir you were the captain of this ship. But something good is waiting for you ahead. Happy farewell sir..
  27. Farewell to my boss. May you succeed in endeavour.
  28. Its sad to know that you are leaving this company. Happy farewell sir..
  29. Farewell to you dear boss. We all gonna miss you a lot. Please stay in touch..

You might have got some ideas on how to how to bid farewell to your boss. Let your boss know how much he is going to be missed. But at the same time wish him a bright future full of success ahead. 

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