Cool Birthday Messages and Wishes For Special Friend

Birthday Wishes for a Special Friend

Cool Birthday Messages and Wishes For Special Friend
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Its time to post birthday wishes for special friend. In order to make your friend feel special, you should send him a very special birthday wish too.... So here we have created a beautiful collection of happy birthday messages for special friend. Select a wish and appreciate the presence of your special friend in your life.

We all have got so much busy in our life that we don’t even have time to talk much to our friends, family members and even spend some time with them. I think Birthday is the perfect occasion to stop at and make your friend feel special. A perfect birthday wish can make your friend feel special. It can brighten your special friend’s day.

Think about how special you feel on your birthday by recieving all those birthday wishes, greetings, gifts, surprise parties, cakes and much more... So its your turn now to make your special friend feel special. In this article we have presented a beautiful collection of birthday wishes for a special friend. Have a look at these:

Birthday Messages For Special Friend

  • This is a special day because you are a special girl.

    On your day, I wish you a very happy birthday!. God bless you..
  • Hey friend, you are a great human being. You inspire me everyday. Wish you an amazing birthday. Party hard!
  • Happy birthday to my best friend! You are so special to me. You hold a soft corner of my heart. On your day I wish you a great future with lots of success.
  • I guess it should be a holiday today because its someone special’s birthday.. lol.. I am a huge fan of you friend. Once again wish you a very happy birthday! Love you to the moon and back..
  • I cant find perfect words to explain how special you are to me…Happy birthday buddy! And a big cheers to this day..
  • Dear friend, I really feel blessed to have a person like you in my life. My supporter, motivator, and yeah my inspiration too. Wishing you a marvellous birthday! Party hard and have fun! [Don't Miss: Funny Birthday Wishes and Quotes for a Friend]
  • Once thing I would like to confess on your birthday… You are a true example of FRIENDSHIP. Always stay by my side. Happy birthday once again..
  • May god give you the potential and yeah patience too to achieve your wildest dreams of life. Have an amazing birthday. And yeah don’t try to forget to send me my share of cake. Love you!
  • It’s the birthday of a girl who is supercute and has chubby cheeks. You are such a teddy bear. So here I am wishing a great birthday to my cute friend.
  • You are the only person who knows how to handle me in even in worse situations. That is why you are so close and special to me. Happy birthday to you..
  • Hey friend! Its your birthday today and I just cant keep calm. I am throwing a small surprise party as you are one of my special friends. So just be on time. Once again happy Birthday!
  • I have never got a chance to express my feelings for you. And I think today is the perfect day to let you know how special you are to me. Girl you are my inner strength. When you are around I feel so optimistic. Sometimes you keep me amazed by the things you do. Wish you a superb birthday!
  • Hey bestie! You are so creative! You are beautiful! I must say-beauty with mind. Whenever I needed you, you were always there to help me out. All I want to say is thanks for being what you are. Sending you my heartiest wishes from the core of my heart. Happy birthday!
  • Whenever I felt down in life, you were the one to stand me up. You are the only person behind my success. So all credits goes to you.. So as its my special friend’s birthday, I have planned a small birthday cake for you. Lets meet and celebrate the day. Cheers!
  • No matter how much you fight with me but still you are my favourite. So happy, happy birthday to my Lovely friend! Enjoy your day to the fullest..
  • You always wanted to ask me the reason behind my facial glow? So dear I must confess you are the only one behind this. Lol.. wish you a long life.. happy birthday once again..
  • You are my favourite person on this planet. You are like baby to me. I feel like hearing your voice all the time. Happy birthday and good luck for future..
  • As a person cant live without oxygen, the same is the case with you. I cant live without you. You are special to me. And so should be the way to celebrate your birthday. So a big cheers to your 20th birthday.
  • You are a special person who means a lot to me. May you have a shining year ahead. Wish you an amazing birthday!
  • I thank god everyday to make you as a part of my life. You are a super special soul. May your birthday is unforgettable and its memories are cherished forever. Happy birthday once again..
  • Thank you for being so special to me. Thanks for being so creative, loving, caring and possessive towards me. Happy birthday friend! Sending you your birthday gifts. Hope you like it!
  • Everyone is not so lucky to have a friend like you in his life. May god bless you with everything you want in your life. Happy birthday once again..
  • Its your birthday and I know you are getting many birthday wishes. But believe me, no one else can love you the way I do. Wishing you a fabulous birthday buddy!

When its your special friend’s birthday approaching, add some unique touch to their birthday by selecting one of the above given appropriate wish for your special friend.

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