Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

Cute birthday messages for best friend

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends
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Here is a beautiful collection of cute birthday wishes for your best friend. Mould your greeting in a cute way so that your birthday wish is remembered for ever. So make use of these cute birthday wishes and express your sentiments and love for them.

Birthdays are a special occasion in everybody’s life. They come once in a year so it has to be celebrated in a unique manner. Making a person smile is the best gift one can present others. Are you looking for cute birthday wishes to wish your best friend? If you expect an answer "how cute your birthday wish is" then this article will definitely prove to be useful to you.

Customize your greeting by moulding your friend birthday wish in a different manner. Even if you are not together with your friend on his/ her birthday, send them a proof of love by selecting an appropriate birthday wish. Send them a wish that is unforgettable. Check out this wonderful collection of cute birthday wishes for your best friend.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

  1. Dear friend, I must say you are an awesome person.

    As the number of candles increases on your cake, start counting your amazing experiences of life not your mistakes. Happy birthday to my best friend....
  2. Dear friend, don’t look into your past. Forget your past and look into your future. The best is about to come. Happy birthday bestie!
  3. Happy birthday to a person who is smart, honest, intelligent, noble, humble, creative but not as much as I am. Lol.... hey, you are special to me my best friend. Wishing you an amazing birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest.
  4. Roses are red, Violets are blue, O my dear bestie, happy birthday to you.....Wishing you a very-very happy birthday friend. Hmmm you are my only friend with whom I share everything. Party hard!
  5. Whether we all are with you or not, don’t be sad friend… it's a special day. So don’t feel gloomy. Enjoy your day with your new friends. And yeah don’t forget to share pictures with us.
  6. I would like to thank god for not putting a price tag on you. If he would have put it on you I imagine how could I have managed to afford a friend like you. Happy birthday buddy!
  7. I heard that whatever we wish upon a falling star, it becomes true. So I would like to tell you that even my wish became true when god sent an angel like you in my life. Wishing you a very happy birthday darling. Sending you my warm wishes from the core of my heart..
  8. No matter how much sad I am, whenever I see you an automatic smile comes on my face. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday dear. Lets meet today and have fun on this awesome day.
  9. I wish if you were a boy, I would have stolen your heart!. You are so pure girl. Wishing a fabulous birthday to my supermodel.
  10. Hey girl! Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are such a darling babes. Love you more than million bucks!
  11. Dear friend, life is a journey that comprises of various milestones. Make sure that you pass through every milestone by a smiling face. May your desires come true on this special day. Cute Happy Birthday Wish to Best Friend from another Friend!
  12. I find it difficult to wish you perfectly on your birthday. Words are less and feelings are huge. So just want to wish happy birthday to most amazing person.
  13. Happy birthday to my most craziest friend ever. Sending you a token of love from my side and in return I want you to spend your coming birthdays too with me. That’s all I need in my life. Nothing much to say… love you to the moon and back....
  14. Don’t let your past have influence on your present. Take every possible step to make your present better. Friend, be strong in your life. You will always be loved for sure...
  15. Blow out the candles present on the cake and enjoy your day. No matter how much you try to show maturity, but agree that you are a kid inside. Sending you my heartiest wishes....
  16. I know you have many dreams that you aim for. But today your biggest aim is your birthday cake. It comes first. Don’t forget to share pictures!!!
  17. My world seems sweet because I have a sweetheart like you in my life. Don’t forget to send me my share of cake. Happy birthday pie!!!
  18. Love is the greatest gift that one can have in his life. And I know a friend like boss deserves plenty of it. You are such a sweet spirit. Happy birthday to my boss who is also my best friend....
  19. You act as a hot gulab jamun for me in winters and being an ice cream provides me a soothing effect in summers. Have a wonderful birthday babes. I cant even imagine my life without you. Happy birthday Once Again....
  20. A very happy birthday to a girl who has cheeks like marsh mallows. You are so chubby girl. Wishing you a very cute and delightful birthday!
  21. Blow candles and make a wish fast. Wish to be by my side always. If you wont do so, I will forget that you are my friend and wont even spare you on your birthday dude.
  22. Dear angel, your smile makes my day extraordinary. Happy birthday baby........ Sending you lots of love, kisses and hugs..
  23. O my sweetie you are just a roller coster. You are even sweeter than honey. Here wishing you the best birthday ever.
  24. I don’t know whether its magic or some spell bound. Beside fighting so much with each other we are still each other’s favourite. Happy birthday kiddo!
  25. You are a combo of sweet and spicy. Thank you for coming to my life and making my journey better. Hapoy birthday cookie!
  26. Happy birthday sweetie pie. On your birthday I present you a box full of dreams, happiness, joy, health, success. Happy birthday munchkin!
  27. Hey naughty girl, you are precious to me much more than gold, diamond, ruby or sapphire. All I want in my life is to see 24/7 your smiling face indeed. Here wishing you a great birthday!

There could be many ways to say happy birthday to your best friend. But the best way is to mould your wish in a cute way so that it puts a smile on the face of the person reading it. Make sure your wish brightens up your friend’s face and show your caring nature towards them.

We hope you like our cute birthday wishes for best friend. Choose the lines that would bring smile on your friend's face and help us by sharing these friend quotes with your buddies and loved ones.
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