25 Exciting Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends on Facebook

25 Exciting Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook
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Do you like to wish your facebook friend a happy birthday in an exciting way? Here is an amazing collection of birthday wishes for friend on facebook. It is a way to wish happy birthday to friend and tell how they have supported you on this social network. Just have a look at them.

25 Birthday Wishes for a Facebook Friend

Facebook is not only a way to stay in touch with your friends, but it is also a way to meet with new friends. Nowadays, people are using it often to stay in touch with family members, and even lost friends. And when its your Facebook friend’s birthday, let them know about how special they are to you. Remember sending birthday greetings on Facebook is free. 

Birthdays are a special opportunity to make your friends feel special. And when you are posting your wish on any social media platform then your wish should be unique. Don’t just end by wishing “Happy birthday” to your friend.

Wish them in an interesting fun way. Try being funny and creative. Don’t write something that hurt your friend. Take a few moments, and write it. This article includes some of the birthday wishes that you can post on your friend’s facebook profile.

  1. Hey friend! Finally I got a chance to let the whole world know about you. Wish you a very happy birthday pal! You are a friend indeed!
  2. Wishing you a great birthday friend. I will not send you any greeting personally. Instead of that I choose to post on your Facebook wall so that everyone knows about your special day. You are a great friend darling…may you live long..
  3. Everybody is writing their wishes for you on your FB wall. So how you think that I can be left out. Wishing you my heartiest wishes dear. Enjoy your day and post your pictures ASAP on Facebook. I am eagerly waiting...
  4. I am not much close to you so that prevents tyou from giving me your birthday treat. But still you are my favourite friends on Facebook. Happy birthday! God bless uh!
  5. A very happy birthday to my Facebook buddy! May your day be cheerful and filled with joy.
  6. I must say that you are one of the best persons I met on Facebook. Happy birthday friend! God bless you!
  7. Sending my best wishes to my Facebook friend. I must say that your posts are really inspiring. Its worth to like your posts. It leaves a deep impression on my mind. Happy birthday once again!
  8. A very happy birthday to the most coolest person- my Facebook best friend! I must say you are damm hot girl. May god bless you with lots of success and happiness. Have an amazing day!
  9. Happy birthday to my Facebook friend! A person who is always active at Facebook…lol.. your posts are so captivating I must say. Enjoy your day and have a marvellous birthday..
  10. I don't know you personally. But i have always admired you by your Fb posts. Happy birthday buddy from my side.
  11. I may not be close to me, we are distant facebook friends. But still my birthday wishes for you are equivalent to your near and dear ones. Wish you a very happy birthday my friend.
  12. You are a great soul. Whenever I needed your advice you were always there. Thank you my Facebook friend. Happy birthday! May this day brings lots of success and joy to you. God bless you..
  13. Inspite of being Facebook friends, we are still so close. We have never met each other and not even interacted much on Facebook, but still you are one of my favourites. Happy birthday to you dear. May god fulfill each and every dream of yours. Stay blessed darling!
  14. I seriously feel blessed to have a Facebook friend like you. You are a true soul and hold a special place in my heart. Wish you an amazing birthday dear..God bless you..
  15. Here I am wishing a very happy birthday to my Facebook friend. I hope your day is filled with joy. You are an amazing person.
  16. I really appreciate the day I accepted your friend request. We have become close friends and you hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you dear!
  17. It seems as you are quite optimistic by your facebook posts. Thanks for sharing i love thema  lot. Happy birthday to you...
  18. Its really nice talking to you. I feel good when we both talk. You always understand me. Thanks for being there everytime I needed you. You are a great personality. Happy birthday to you..
  19. Happy birthday to my best Facebook friend. May your day brings lots of happiness. Good luck for your future..
  20. Seeing you active on Facebook brings a huge smile on face. On your day, may you receive all you need and desire for. Happy birthday darling!.
  21. Finally I got the chance to turn your Facebook wall into your birthday wall. Woah!! Congratulations on your big day!Facebook is not only a way to stay in touch with your friends, but it is also a way to meet with new friends.Nowadays, people are using it often to stay in touch with family members, and even lost friends. And when its your Facebook friend’s birthday, let them know about how special they are to you.
  22. Hey Facebook friend! A very happy birthday to you. May you get the potential to achieve all that you wish for. And yeah, one more advice…. Plz change your Facebook profile picture.
  23. A very happy birthday to most eligible and handsome Facebook friend. You are a true inspiration dude! Your posts are so meaningful and leaves a positive impact on our mind.Keep it up!
  24. We have never met in our life. We are just Facebook friends. So on your very special day, I am planning to meet you and wish you personally. Howz my idea? Lets celebrate the day together change ourselves from Facebook friends to Best friends.
  25. A very happy birthday to my Facebook friend. I feel so blessed to have you as my friend. The only thing I am worried of is that I wont be able to get any birthday cake.

Impress your friend by wishing him/her on Facebook. Just try it in a different and unique manner. The only thing to remember is that your birthday wish will be posted on his/her wall. So be impressive! And dont even write something that may hurt your friend. So think for a while and select appropriate birthday message for your Facebook friend...

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