When a Friendship Ends Quotes

Ending Friendship Quotes and Sayings to Express Pain when friendship breaks

When a Friendship Ends Quotes
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Read my underlying article consisting of 50 handpicked quotes on ending friendship. Hope this article proves to be useful to you.

When a Friendship Ends Quotes

Friendship holds a different meaning in our life. But nothing is much painful than an ending friendship. Sometimes your childhood friend even turns into a person you had never thought of. All if sudden your best friendship holds no meaning for you. But what is the reason behind ending friendships? There could be many reasons behind ending friendship such as dishonesty, betrayal, jealousy factor and many more.

Read and share our below 50 quotes when friendship ends:-

  1. I had thought you as my true friend who will stay with me forever. But you broke my trust.
  2. Ending this relationship hurt me more because I was connected to you by heart.
  3. Sometimes even friends hurt you more than your enemies.
  4. Because dishonesty and betrayal started in our friendship.........
  5. Its true that friends come and go but I didn’t knew that it applies on you too......
  6. Your decision of ending this friendship has given answer to all my questions.
  7. I don’t know who was right and who was wrong.

    But now we are nothing.
  8. Its better to have no friends rather than having fake ones.
  9. When friendship breaks, don’t let it hurt you more. Its like people entering and leaving your life.
  10. A friendship that comes to an end actually never began.
  11. It hurts when your friend starts replacing you with your another friend.
  12. Hard times reveal who your best friend is!
  13. I have ended my friendship with you. But it hurts because you mattered me the most.
  14. I miss the old you. But new you really sucks!
  15. Ending a friendship is not a failure. Just think as if you never met right person to be friends with.
  16. Best way to end a fake friendship is to move on.
  17. Don’t worry about the ending relationship. Many people will come in the journey of your life but not everyone is supposed to remain till end.
  18. Friendship may end but memories stay forever in our heart.
  19. Ending friendship is not the end of life, its just the part of life.
  20. If your friendship ends that doesn’t mean you are not good friend but the other person is not well capable to call as a friend.
  21. When this friendship ended millions of memories flashed my mind. But then I smiled and let them go.
  22. When I came to know how selfish she was, I ended my friendship with her.
  23. Ending relationship is just the new beginning.
  24. Friendship is like a glass, once it gets broken it cant be fixed.
  25. No matter how good your friend is, in the end he is going to hurt you.
  26. We all lose friends, and its just a part of our life.
  27. Just because we are not friends now doesn’t mean I dont care about you. But whatever you have done with me i can't even forget that. 
  28. Because once upon a time we were good friends.
  29. I know its not right today but someday it would be fine..
  30. Being alone is better than fake friendship.
  31. It hard to earn a true friend but far easy to lose a friend.
  32. Being your friend I may have lost you but you will always stay in my heart.
  33. Losing friends is a phase that no one wants to pass from.
  34. There are some friends who leave you behind and keep on moving forward.
  35. Losing a friend hurts you so much that eventually it becomes difficult to breathe.
  36. I really wanted you, but you are no more my friend!
  37. Sometimes we lose those friends that we never expected to lose.
  38. Losing friends is okay! But I wish those are just fake but not the real ones.
  39. I didn’t lose a friend, I lost a sister from another mother.
  40. You must have told me before if you didn’t knew what friendship actually means.
  41. Friendship ends when you stop sharing.
  42. Losing friends is something that I don’t expect from you.
  43. Don’t feel sad on losing a friend. Think as if you never had any.
  44. I am done with a fake friend like you. So enjoy your life.
  45. Stop worrying about those friends who don’t worry about you.
  46. Some friends enter your life just to give you temporary happiness.
  47. If I meant nothing for you then same goes from my side too. I just don’t care!
  48. Our friendship has ended. But it hurts me more that you never made any attempt to unite.
  49. Breaking friendship with you had a reason behind it. It broke because it existed for you only when you needed me.
  50. Just want to thank you for sharing all those good moments with me. But for now good bye because your changed attitude really sucks.

All of us want to be in friendship with a loyal friend only. Friendship with a dishonest person always ends. There are many reasons behind an ending friendship. Always remember that your friendship will last only if you know how to deal with yourself first...

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