115 Delightful Quotes About Life And Love

Quotes about Life and Love to Inspire and Get Inspired

115 Delightful Quotes About Life And Love
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Need to write messages and quotes about love and life? Here i am to help you out! Read my below given article on messages and quotes on life and love. Hope this article proves to be useful to you.

Best Quotes About Life And Love

Quotes About Life

Life is a beautiful gift of god but it is not at all easy. It consists of hurdles, obstacles, challenges and many more. As coin has 2 sides similarly life also consists of 2 sides. As one side of it consists of problems the other side of life is equally full of happiness, joy, love, success, pleasure etc. We should try accepting challenges in life because these help us in knowing that what er are! and where we are! Most of us give up while facing bad days of life. 

But we should always remember that there is no gain without pain. So consider your life full of roses with some thorns too.

So life should be accepted by us in the same way as we accept the beautiful side of it. Below we have clubbed a beautiful collection of some unique quotes about life. Read and share these quotes on life.

  1. Try-try again. Don’t worry about your failure. Rise and utilize all the chances that life has provided you.
  2. Be happy always and start living in the present without worrying about the future and without regretting about the mistakes done in past.
  3. Life is not about the number of chances that it provides to you but by the number of chances you utilize.
  4. The most special day in your life is the day when you are born and when you find out the reason why you are born.
  5. Life is not about impressing people, its just about expressing yourself in the best manner you can.
  6. Life should be full of the moments that take your breath away.
  7. Life is short, so don’t waste your time in interfering in other’s life. Instead of that start working to make yours cool.
  8. Don’t pray to god for making your life easier, instead of that ask god for the strength to bear all the pains and obstacles of life.
  9. Life is a journey that comprises of thousands of steps. But it won’t end, until and unless you take your first.
  10. Whatever your mind thinks of, its for sure that it has the ability to achieve it too.
  11. The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is only the lack of will power.
  12. Life is full of doors. Every door comes with an opportunity. If one door closes, the other will eventually open for you.
  13. Life is full of experiments. The more you will perform, much better your life will become.
  14. Live each moment as if it is the last moment of your life.
  15. Make your life memorable that the memories of it will be cherished forever.
  16. The word IMPOSSIBLE is found in the dictionary of fools.
  17. Every things has beauty, but it depends upon your eyes whether you can see it or not.
  18. The dream is not what you see in your sleep but it us something for which you stop sleeping.
  19. Don’t quit ever! Keep on trying until you achieve your best.
  20. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you cant have it. You never know what best things that difficulty has been carrying out.
  21. Life is all about accepting the challenges and facing them.
  22. Its human nature to make mistakes. But the best thing is to learn from those mistakes.
  23. The more difficult your target is, the more happiness is in getting victory.
  24. Being in love with the life and accepting it in the way it is, is a reason behind your success and youth.
  25. Your parents keep on guiding you about life. But the lessons you will learn yourself about life cannot be compared to any other lessons.
  26. Don’t get embarrassed about your past, take them as a lesson.
  27. Don’t worry about your mistakes. It is just a proof that you are still trying your best.
  28. Take some lesson from your mistakes and apply those to your future.
  29. In your life you would have loved, lived, cared, enjoyed, got hurt but above all these things you would have learnt..
  30. Life is full of beautiful things. Have the courage to see it.
  31. Life is a beautiful gift of god. So be thankful for all the big and little things of life.
  32. Life is full of beautiful moments. There are beautiful things happening all around you. Just open your eyes and experience it.
  33. Live your dreams and hope for the best!
  34. If you waste your time that means you don't value your life.
  35. Have the courage to live your life as per your dreams with passion  and compassion.
  36. Our mission of life is not just to survive but to survive 
  37. Don’t worry about the opinions or expectations that other people have from you. Just be the way you are! And do everything with passion and style.
  38. Smile and make your life beautiful. Concentrate in the present moment of your life.
  39. Do every possible means until and unless you see a big difference in your life.
  40. Change your life today and start living in the present moments because you will never find a better option than today.
  41. The more you will celebrate your life the more chances it will provide you to celebrate with it!
  42. Life is full of beauty. Live your life and fight for your dreams.
  43. Don't letb anyone else ruin your life.
  44. Smile more!, Laugh more! and enjoy your life...
  45. You can't avoid life in order to find peace.
  46. Life is like a rooler coaster. Enjoy every moment of it.
  47. Respond less to negative people and more positive your life will become.
  48. Life is full of good and bad times. Have faith in god and be strong in your life.
  49. Life is all about shaping it.
  50. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Because this moment is your life.
  51. Life is a beautiful journey. Keep on discovering yourself.
  52. Its true that life is hard, but if you act wisely it becomes simple but if you are a stupid, it becomes even more hard.
  53. Life is what you make it.
  54. Don’t worry about the opinion of others. Be a lion not a sheep.
  55. Don’t get feared from darkness. Always remember that the stars are seen in darkness only.
  56. Whatever happens in life happens for good.
  57. You get only one chance to live this life. But if you do so in a right and accurate manner, even one chance is more than enough..
  58. Respect life, it will respect you in return!
  59. Challenges make life interesting!
  60. Always remember, tomorrow will never come! It is today only when you can achieve your dreams. Start living in the present moments of life.

Quotes About Love

Love is a special word and one of the strongest feelings. Everyone has their own opinions regarding love. But what is love?  We all have different instances for this 4-lettered word.There are people who have got answer to this question and there are some who are still in search of it.  Always remember love provides you a soothing effect but at the same time it can hurt you in the long run too. Love teaches us many lessons.

Are you in need of appropriate style and words through which you can deliver your feelings of love. Below is a beautiful collection of handpicked messages and quotes regarding love. Hope you will like them.I know I am nothing for you but that doesn’t mean even you are noting for me. I will keep on loving you till the end.

  1. Love is dangerous. It attacks your brain and heart.
  2. Its not easy to love because the pain associated with love is dangerous.
  3. Love is a magical and once in a lifetime experience.
  4. It is a wonderful feeling when you are in love.
  5. The pain of love is that much dangerous that people keep on shrinking themselves until the end of their life.
  6. Love yourself first only then you will be able to provide love to others.
  7. Love is mpore worth when you wait for the person you are in love with.
  8. Love is an effective pill for people suffering from loneliness, fear, pain.
  9. No matter whether we are together or not but I will always love you!
  10. Loving and being loved by others keeps us connected to them and is appealing to our heart.
  11. Love is the strongest bond shared on this planet…It is all about thinking good about others.
  12. Falling in love is not a mistake at all.
  13. Practice the feeling of love for the rest of your life.
  14. There is no perfect time for love. It happens accidentally with anyone.
  15. Love makes life meaningful..It is the inner purification of soul.
  16. Love is the most strongest and powerful feeling that a human being experiences.
  17. If you possess your true love, you are lucky enough.
  18. Love is feeling of having good emotions for the person you love.
  19. Love yourself first to get anything in this world done.
  20. Where there is love there is life.
  21. May you live every second of your life..
  22. The most special feeling in life is to love and get loved!
  23. Love is full of passion. When you are in love you start finding happiness in things that you didn’t felt before.
  24. Life without love is same as the tree without fruit.
  25. The best love is that which awakens your soul not mind..
  26. Love is something that makes you feel special. When you are in love you can see stars in the smile of the person you love.
  27. Love is a reason behind happiness. It is beautiful, sacrificing and never arguing feeling.
  28. Nobody has ever measured the depth of love..
  29. It is easy to say I love you but to fulfill gthe promises of love is not everybody's cup of tea.
  30. Life is all about loving and being loved. It is a feeling of completeness.
  31. When you are in love, you feel safe and comfortable with that person.
  32. It is important to love yourself. Because it gives you the strength and courage.
  33. When you start caring about other’s happiness more than yourself, that probably means you are in feeling of love.
  34. The most important feeling on this earth is love.
  35. Love in the manner that you have never been hurt.
  36. Love all but trust few only..
  37. It is easy to fall in love with someone but equally difficult to stay in love.
  38. Love is a beautiful feeling that can make you happy.
  39. Love is a hard emotion difficult yo express in words.
  40. True love is obstinate. You are lucky enough if you have got one.
  41. Love is all about forgiveness. It is a feeling that flows out of compassion for another person.
  42. When you love yourself, it is the most beautiful thing.
  43. Love is all about caring, sharing, forgiving. If you possess one, you are lucky enough.
  44. Trust is the best proof of love.
  45. Love between two individuals become stronger if it is based on trust, care nad respect.
  46. Unconditional love always take the fear and worries away from you.
  47. The beauty of love cannot be described.
  48. Love can be destructive if shown towards a wrong person.
  49. Love is not something that can happen right away. It is something that is ever growing in nature.
  50. Love is a strong force that can even change your enemy into your loved one!
  51. Love is invisible and the best proof is trust.
  52. Love like you will never get hurt!
  53. Being in love with another should be the need of soul not body.
  54. To love and to be loved, to understand and to be understood. All is that matters...
  55. Love goes with care, compassion and tolerance.

The value of love should not be underestimated in our lives. Love is the foundation of our life. If one possesses love in his/her life, life seems quite easy. The above article has shown us that love and life are relatable. There is no liofe without love and love without life is useless. Both are dependent on each other. The above article consists of a unique collection of messages and quotes on life and love. Choose and appropriate merssage and you may send it to your loved ones.

Life and Love are two important parts of our life. Cheer our life quotes and love quotes by sending them to your near and dear ones. Also share these quotes and sayings with your social networks and help us reach more people.
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