Short And Sweet Friendship Quotes

Short and Sweet Friendship Quotes and Messages

Short And Sweet Friendship Quotes
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For those who have been blessed to have true friends in their life. Here are some of the short and sweet friendship messages that you can send to your friend to describe your feelings you have for him/her. Let them know that you love them through these quotes. Just have a look..

Let your best friend know how much he means to you and how he holds a special place in your life and heart. Beautiful stack of words is something that you need to express your emotions in a right way. Below you will find my unique collection of short and sweet friendship messages. Text them these quotes or post these on his Facebook timeline to let him know what they mean to you. Therefore enjoy my short and sweet friendship quotes collection.

Short And Sweet Friendship Quotes

  1. A friend is one who knows who you are and what you can be, but still love you the most.
  2. Friendship is the strongest bond between two individuals.
  3. Friends are the relatives that you choose.
  4. Friends are your second family.
  5. Friends are those who stay by your side in your trouble not happiness.
  6. Nothing in this whole world can be prized more than a true friendship.
  7. This one is to make you remember that you are one of my antiques, my friend!
  8. A true friend is one who always walk by your side no matter if anyone else is around you or not.
  9. A good friend will always be there to raise you up whenever you fall down.. but after he has completed laughing…lol..
  10. Friends of yours always stick by your side no matter how tough the time is!
  11. Never ever take friendship for granted in your life.
  12. No one worries about internet when you spent some quality time with your friends.
  13. Friends definitely give our stomach a pain by making us laugh so much..
  14. Who worries about a chocolate when one has a chocolate boy as a friend.
  15. A true friend of yours will always appreciate your success.
  16. Our paths may have changed but nothing in this world can change the bond that we both share!
  17. What is friendship? It is nothing! These are friends only who give this term a meaning.
  18. A day out with friends is literally a day well spent.
  19. Dear friend, thanks for bringing brightness back to my life.

    Love you loads..
  20. Who needs google when I have my problem solver is with me!
  21. With you i share friendship that i have never experienced in life. The day i became friends with you changed my whole life.
  22. I bless the day when i came in friendship with you. You are such a beautiful soul.
  23. A person who says nice things behind your back but never in front of you is a true friend of yours.
  24. A friend is one who knows everything about you and is one of the reasons behind your success.
  25. Both of us inspire each other in every possible way. We are each other’s dream.
  26. Many friends may have come and gone from your life, but the real ones stick by your side.
  27. You are one of the craziest idiots I know, my friend.
  28. The value of friendship is priceless. It is much more worth than diamond , gold.
  29. Sometimes I wonder how you get through all problems of my life even if I don’t utter a single word.
  30. There are many friends with whom you can laugh. But there are very few to cry with!
  31. This is to say thanks to you for entering my life and making it extra special.
  32. A friend always brings out the best in other person.
  33. I feel myself lucky because i have got the most valuable relationship of this world i.e. friendship.
  34. Life is short but friends likde you make it worth by sharing some beautiful experiences.
  35. Friend is one who walks with you when the rest of the world doesn't.
  36. Friendship is there when the distance between the hearts is zero.
  37. Your friendship gives me a lifetime experience. Thank you!
  38. A friend is one who knows what kind of shit you are and then still be with you because he is an another of the same kind. Lol..
  39. A true friend is that who keep on insulting you.
  40. When people ask me the reason behind my success, i give the whole credit to my friends.
  41. Friendship is not an opportunity, it is a responsibility.
  42. Friends is one of the best things one can have in his life.
  43. He finds new words everytime just to see your expressions. How hard working your friend is!
  44. It is hard to find friends like you these days. Thanks love!
  45. Everybody needs that one special and essential friend in their life.
  46. A best friend is one who knows every secret of yours.
  47. Friendship is a way to heaven.
  48. My world would have been totally drak without you.
  49. No matter how far you are, but if ever i will face any problem, i will straightly walk towards you.
  50. I don't deserve a friend like you but still you always make me feel special and loved all the time.
  51. No matter how stressed and messed my life is, but i know i have someone like you in my life to solve all my problems.
  52. A person who understands your tears and value them is your true friend.
  53. A true friend is one who knows who you are actually and still treasures you in his life.
  54. True friendship is something that resides in your heart.
  55. Each friend represents a different world in himself.
  56. A day spent with you my friend is one of the best days for me.
  57. If you like and dislike the same things, then you are best friends.
  58. I know I am not perfect. I make many mistakes but still thank you fir staying by my side.
  59. You have always made me laugh a way louder my friend. I am lucky to have you in my life.
  60. You  have always made my good times best and hard times easier.
  61. Friendship is having 2 weird minds together.
  62. There is no better relationship than a true and a faithful friend.

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