Quotes On Group Of Friends

Group Of Friends Quotes

Quotes On Group Of Friends
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Every friend in our friend’s group is important and their importance is realized under certain situations. If you have such crazy friends with you in your life, you will never feel lonely. Read and share my underlying article on quotes on group of friends. Feel free to share them on any social networking site that you use.

Quotes On Group Of Friends

Friendship is one of the greatest and important things of our life. We cannot live without our friends. We all spend a lot of time with our group of friends. A group of friends is one that is created by us. I agree that this relationship may not be god gifted as that of a brother, sister, father, mother and so on… but still it is one of the best and strongest relationships. If you have your squad of friends with you, you are lucky enough.

And if you are with your friends you will find happiness in a single room only, but if you don’t have any you will keep on searching for it in your whole mansion.

Just have a look at some of our quotes on group of friends…

  • I used to be an intelligent guy until and unless I met losers like you who are unfortunately my best friends now.
  • You can’t do shit with everyone. But epic shit has to be done with your group of friends.
  • You are not a failure if you have group of friends with you.
  • Your best friend knows the way you are and still loves you.
  • If anyone would ever hear our conversations, they would send us to the mental hospital.
  • Me and my groups of friends are the most funniest humans one could ever be.
  • If your group of friends always make fun of you… You are extremely lucky dude!
  • Who needs internet? I have my squad with me.
  • Friendship is greatest gift of god and i am lucky to recieve it.
  • I am crazy, but my friends are even much more than me. And by having you guys in my life feels like I have everything.
  • My squad of friends is the best. They have given me a lot to remember. They are the ones who lasts forever.
  • We are unaware of how ridiculous we all are once together.
  • True friend is one who cares.
  • Believe me! friendship is the source of greatest pleasures.
  • Having a group of friends is like a blessing. Because they are the ones with whom you can be stupid with.
  • If you have a friend in your lifetime you are lucky, but what if you have a whole group as friends?
  • A gang of friends is just like your relatives that you make by your own.
  • I still remember how we used to buy each other’s books and set wet glasses on them. I imagine how much fun our group has made in school and college. Love you all!
  • Friends are forever a big piece of your heart. They stand by your side and pick you up whenever you fall down.
  • To understand the other and being understood in return is one of the best qualities of friendship.
  • A person who is able to bring out the best in you is capable of calling a best friend.
  • Lucky are the people who have same friends at all the stages of life.
  • Friends are like siblings gifted to us by god.
  • If your group of friends don’t make fun of you, then they are not your friends.
  • A day spent with the group of friends is well spent.
  • Thank you friends for making me laugh. When all together we are such an insane.
  • We all should agree that life without group of friends is so boring. Life is nothing without friends.
  • When all together the humour between friends become more than a comedy show. Lol..
  • Memories made with the group of friends never die. It is just not less than a reward.
  • The days spent with my group of friends was the best days of my life. I miss them truly and you too dears.
  • It’s a friendship right to talk nonsense and to accept nonsense. Lol..
  • My friends are so weird and crazy. And I realize this thing whenever I describe their personality to someone else.
  • No matter what happens but the memories that we friends have made will always be cherished.
  • I remember how popular our squad was in the college. Seriously miss being under graduates. What a lovely time we all friends have spent together.
  • None of the friends in a group worry about capturing a perfect Facebook pose. Lol..
  • I know nobody from the whole college likes are group of friends, except us.
  • The whole group of my friends used to do anything for each other. Love you all guys forever and always!
  • Your group of best friends is the one that inspires you, spend a lot of time with you and change your life.
  • We are not just a group of friends…. We are a gang!
  • The best feeling is to travel with your friends.
  • My life is totally an adventure since the day i met you.
  • I feel myself proud to be one of the members of this group of intelligent friends.
  • I love the night outs that I made with you my friends. I wish that time comes back.
  • When all together people used to think of us as a weird group. I still remember. Lol..
  • We all were bad influence in each other’s life.
  • Life is all about having such friends in life that provide us a great adventure.
  • A true friend is one who would always be there for you.
  • When our group of 4 insane’s was formed, I was sure that this relationship is not going to be less than any adventure.
  • I have never measured by life with years, but with the memories that we friends have made as friends.
  • Good friends listen to all your silly deeds but the best one does all the silly one's with you.
  • I still remember how we all used to make fun of every other person. How we used to mimic the teacher. Lol.. What a great time we all friends have spent together as friends.

There are many times when even your family fails to solve a situation but your gang is the biggest problem solver. You have one genius in your group who solves every problem. So I would just say if you have your group of friends with you secure them. Because securing true friends has become very important these days. 

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