Quotes About Letting Go of Love

Letting Go of Love Quotes

Quotes About Letting Go of Love
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Letting go of a person you love is one of the difficult aspects of life. Neither we will not get anything if we will keep looking at memories made in the past with the person whom we love nor we will get anything if we will keep holding over him if the things are not working out. Life is all about change. So learn to let go of the love in your life.

Quotes About Letting Go of Love

Life is all about changes. No matter how much we love a particular thing, we cannot keep the things as they are. Because sooner or later they are going to be affected by change. This is the reason why it is important to develop the strength in you to let go of your love. These following quotes on letting go of love will help you in dealing with the difficult time of your life. These quotes will also lighten up your mood. Have a look..

  1. There is no force strong enough in this world that can stop you from letting go of your love in your life.
  2. All of us has that partner in our life whom we are afraid of letting go.
  3. When you will try to let go your love, at whom you were mad at, you will start discovering yourself.
  4. Don’t give people chances, just let them go directly off your life.
  5. If you will ever wish to move away from me, I will let you go silently.
  6. Letting go of your love will take away all the memories of past from you but will also help you to find yourself.
  7. Sometimes you have to let go of your love in order to move forward in life.
  8. Don’t feel afraid of letting go of your love in your life.
  9. Holding on is not something that makes you strong, letting go the thing that you don’t want to make you so.
  10. You need courage to let go of the love of your life.
  11. People usually think of letting go as an easy task.

    Letting go of some persons feels like you have lost your strength.
  12. If you are letting go a person in your life that doesn’t mean to you and you don’t want him anymore in your life. Sometimes situations make you do so in your life.
  13. Move forward and let go off your past.
  14. Once you are able to let go the person you love in your life that means you have started developing control on yourself.
  15. Let go the things and spend your energy in moving forward in life.
  16. Let go yourself from the past.
  17. If you want to fly high in the sky, learn to let go of the person who always drags you towards itself.
  18. In the process of letting go you will lose many things of your past but eventually find yourself.
  19. Now or then we all will have to let go our past.
  20. Letting the things go mean that you know there is future.
  21. Letting go a person you love doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be with that person any more. It means you are respecting the other person’s decision.
  22. Once you grow in your life you will know what persons you want in your life and what things you have to let go.
  23. The persons that you feel heavy in your life… let them go.
  24. You can’t hold on the things that actually don’t want to stay. Its better to let them go.
  25. If you love him, respect his decision and let him go.
  26. Its time to let go the the person who don't love you and concentrate on my destiny.
  27. Holding back to your love will never make you strong, so better to let it go.
  28. Let go! Just let go! The things that are putting weight on you, let them go.
  29. Letting go is not easy. In this process of letting go you will lose many things but ultimately you will find yourself.
  30. Letting go of a person you love is much easier than holding on.
  31. Sometimes letting go of a person you love reveals of how courageous and strong you are.
  32. If someone is not interested in staying, let him go.
  33. Letting go is not that all matters. To take a new start is all that matters.
  34. To let go means letting go of all the emotions, tears, happy and sad moments.
  35. When you will let go off what you have, you will achieve things that you don't have with you.
  36. Simply let your past go and concentrate towards your future.
  37. In order to move forward in life you will have to leave behind your past that drags you down.
  38. Don't forget the love that hurt you, take a lesson from such a love and its better to let go this kind of love.
  39. When you let go the person whom you love, you start living in a peaceful condition of mind.
  40. Letting go gives you and the other person freedom to do things in your own way.
  41. When you realize you are losing control over things, let them go.
  42. Be strong to let the person you love go and be ready to accept what you deserve next.
  43. Holding on is an action of past and letting the things go is of future.
  44. Until and unless you let go off the love, you can't be successful in life.
  45. Sooner or later everyone will have to let go off your past.
  46. Some people believe in holding on. But believe me that there is no other better option than letting go of things.
  47. Never love someone so deeply that it kills you deep inside when you have to let them go.
  48. There is a huge difference between giving up and letting go.
  49. Letting go of a person doesn't mean that you don't care about the person you love anymore.
  50. Sometimes letting go your love is also a part of loving him.
  51. Letting go of your love is one way of showing that there is a lot in your future.
  52. Pain will leave you only when you will learn to how to let the person you love..
  53. Letting go of people means knowing that those people are not a part of your journey coming ahead.
  54. Take a deep breath and let your love go..
  55. Until and unless you learn to let the things go, you will not succeed in your life.
  56. I don’t understand why are you clinging yourself to pain. Let the person go who is responsible behind all this..
  57. Learn your love go and move forward in your life.

Letting go of love is hard but eventually it is best thing to do in every situation. Letting go of your love can suck! But will also open many other opportunities for you. 

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