Relationship Moving On Quotes

Relationship Moving On Quotes

Relationship Moving On Quotes
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You just cant sit back to an unsuccessful relationship. All you need is to move on in your life and be happy once again. Moving on is not at all an easy step but yes it also doesn’t mean the end of life. When its about moving on after a serious relationship, its difficult. In order to help you face such time I have gathered a collection of relationship moving on quotes. Read them...

Relationship Moving On Quotes

Its not easy to move on from a relationship of yours. No matter whether your relationship has been good or bad but moving on is tough like hell. Holding on is not only the option left. Because that is going to be harmful for you only. Sometimes moving on in your life is the best decision for you. Read my below given article on relationship moving on quotes, and I am sure these will definitely touch your soul if you are also suffering from the pain that I am talking about.

These quotes and messages will definitely motivate you and give you inner strength that will help you in moving forward in your life.

  • Moving on in my life I guess is the best gift that I have given to myself.
  • I am forgiving you for the things you have done with me in this relationship. Take this forgiveness as a gift to you from my side.
  • If your relationship didn’t worked out, its not your fault always. Try to move ahead in your life.
  • Moving on is better than fake promises.
  • If you didn’t got your love in your life, that doesn’t denote your bad luck. Maybe it is a wonderful stroke of life.
  • These are the wrong people only who teach us the important chapters of life. So move ahead in life and never look back.
  • The lessons your relationship has taught you will make you strong enough in your life.
  • Lean to move on in your life. Because of you will keep on reading the previous chapter, you won’t be able to read the new one.
  • You will not get anything by revisiting the past again and again. So look forward and move on in your life.
  • You will be able to move on in your life only when you will assume that everything has ended.
  • Make yourself strong and move on!
  • A broken heart will heart you in the starting but will eventually make you strong one day.
  • Learn how to move on in your life. Because this will make you realise that some people will just there to teach you lessons of life.
  • Don’t cry over people who don’t deserve you. They were there in your life just for a short duration but not for the whole life.
  • We will have to face even worse conditions in life. Take each situation as a storm and learn to pass through each and every of it.
  • Learn from your mistakes that you did in your past, implement them in your future and life goes on..
  • Sometimes it’s the fault of the wrong person in your life. So don’t worry and learn to move on in your life.
  • Sometimes you don’t get that person in your life whom you deserve. So learn to move on and find the accurate one this time.
  • Change is always considered good, but moving on in a relationship is not easy at all.
  • Learn from damage and keep moving on in your life.
  • There are some relationships that are to let go.
  • The greatest steps in a relationship is moving on.
  • your time is valuable, so don't waste it on people who can't accept you the way you are. Move on!
  • Sometimes moving on in a relationship helps you to see the worth.
  • everyday is  anew day and you won't find happiness until and unless you move on in a relationship.
  • Holding on in a relationship will never make you strong, but moving on will.
  • Moving on in a relationship doesn't mean that you don't care of the person anymore. It means that you are not forcing the other person to do so.
  • Remember you are always walking on the right track. The only thing you have to do is stop looking into the past and moving on..
  • Every relationship is not successful. Inspite of being sad and finding out the reasons behind why didn’t it worked, learn to move on in your life.
  • Something that is to come is far better than something that has gone. Move on….
  • Develop the courage in yourself to get rid of all the things that made you feel hurt. And move on in your life..
  • The beautiful journey of tomorrow will begin only after you move on in your unsuccessful relationship.
  • Every pain ends with time. All you need to do is move on in your life.
  • Moving on in a relationship is one of the signs to know that there is a lot in your future.
  • If you can love them, care for them… then you can even live without them. Move on in your life because this is the best option.
  • Erase the number, delete the messages and move on…
  • Accept that the person is no more in your life and move on..
  • You can take revenge from him just by a smile. Smile and keep moving on in your life.
  • Instead of crying the whole day and wiping your tears, its better to wipe the person who created them.
  • It is worse to live without the person you love, and even more worse to live with them. Just move on!
  • Move on from one sided love because your self respect should be your priority.
  • Moving on in a relationship is something easy but what is leaves behing is really hard.
  • Holding on with a wrong person will never make your relationship strong. It will weaken your soul. So move on from such a relationship.
  • Its stupid to hold on a broken relationship. Don’t waste your time and move on in your life.
  • It is tough to move on from your relationship but at the same time it is very good for your life coming ahead.
  • Move on and let go your memories, because the new ones are waiting for you.
  • Break the memories before they break you and move on in your life.
  • Its better to move on when the person you loved the most left you worse.

So don’t just sit back with an unsuccessful relationship. Develop some courage in yourself and move on in your life by forgetting everything about your past.

There is no point of crying for a person who doesn’t know your value and the value of your tears. You might have liked my collection of relationship moving on quotes. Share them with maximum number of people through social networking sites.
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