Quotes About Friendship Changing

Friendship Changing Quotes

Quotes About Friendship Changing
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As the time changes, even our friends starts changing. Once our friends starts changing our paths becomes different too, but the memories you have shared with your friends can't be changed. Below is a compilation of friendship changing quotes.

Quotes About Friendship Changing

Its easy to make friends. We all have many friends with whom we talk, share, laugh and eat with. But some of your friends changes with time. We think them as very good friends of us but actually they are never. Its very hard for us to accept that our friend has changed. To forget all those memories that you have spent with them is the most difficult thing.

There could be many reasons behind a changing friendship.

Some of them move away just because of their own benefits. Some start ignoring you once they meet new friends. In my underlying article I have gathered a collection of quotes about changing friendship. Hope you guys like it.

  • Dear friend you have changed a lot. You should also admit how things have changed between us just because of you.
  • I never thought that our friendship would fade someday.
  • Dear friend, you have changed a lot. But the memories that I have spent with you will never change.
  • It hurts when friends you know become friends you knew.
  • Sometimes I think of approaching you and talking to you. But then I realize that you are no longer the same person with whom I was friends with.
  • Its really sad and hurting to know that you have changed. I miss the older you.
  • Everyone in this world changes. But I thought of you as a friend who would stay with me no matter what the situation is. But you proved me wrong.
  • Many strangers become our friends but it hurts when your close friends become strangers to you.
  • I was looking through the pictures we both took together during our graduation. The person may have changed but the memories could not.
  • It really hurts when your friend changes just because he found someone else better than you.
  • People change. No matter if they were best friends few months back.
  • You have changed. And it never hurts me. The only thing that hurts me is the person who you used to be.
  • If this was the real you, then what was the reason behind changing yourself?
  • Don’t make that person your friend who changes with time, be a friend with that person who changes your life.
  • Its amazing to see your friends changing.
  • Its not easy to accept that your friends are changing.
  • You may have changed, but remember life keeps on going on!
  • Be slow in choosing a friend. Choose a friend who is slower in changing.
  • When silence between 2 friends starts increasing, that means your friend is changing.
  • Friendship was the most important for me. But unluckily not for you. You changed!
  • A person who changes with time is never capable of calling as a friend.
  • A person who changes himself with his needs, is never your friend.
  • What is a friend? A person who never changes…
  • Trust was the Foundation of our friendship. But when you changed, our friendship also died.
  • A person who used to be happy for my success, who cheered for my victory changed to a person who started getting jealous of me. And I don’t know when all this started happening.
  • I would love to work in the dark alone than walking with a friend in light who may change anytime and anywhere.
  • Things change and friends leave you alone.
  • Its easy to see other people changing but you never saw how you changed in our friendship.
  • Nothing is more painful than a changing friend.
  • To be with a friend like you who has changed is being a fool, but to stay away from you is hurtful.
  • Its hurts to see a friend whom you have known for so long changing in front of you.
  • Maybe you would have never changed. Maybe I thought of you as someone else.
  • You have not changed my dear friend. You have revealed what you actually are!
  • You have not changed at all. The mask that you were wearing has fallen off.
  • Changing yourself is sometimes good. But changing often as per your own needs and requirements is something not at all acceptable.
  • Love, hate, sorrow, happiness nothing lasts forever. Because people change.
  • My dear friend you have not changed. But yes! Your priorities have..
  • You could not be this much busy. You have changed in the same way as your priorities have.
  • Some people change and aren’t loyal to you. I didn’t knew that my best friend is also among those some.

It hurts when you come to know that your friend is no longer the same that he used to be. Read and share my above article on quotes about changing friendship .

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