Quotes About Losing Friends To Death

Losing A Friend To Death Quotes

Quotes About Losing Friends To Death
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Have you lost your dear friend to death recently? Read my underlying article on losing friends to death. That will surely help you in moving on your life and helping you to overcome your pain and grief..

Quotes About Losing Friends To Death

The pain of losing your best friend to death is irreplaceable. Your best friend might have been lost to death, but you can never lose him in your hopes and memories. The death of your best friend changes your life completely. All the memories that you and your friend spent together reminds you of the loss you are suffering from.

Life is so fragile what we people have completely removed the idea of death from our minds. Here is my article on losing friends to death. Scroll down and have a look at these quotes..

  • Dear friend your death has given me a heartache that cant be healed.
  • Time will never heal the wounds your death has given me.
  • The people who love each other never leave them alone. Dear friend you loved me na? Then why did you left me alone?
  • My body literally shakes when I think that I will never see you again.

    May your body rest in peace.
  • I loved you every day. And now when you have left me alone, I miss you everyday.
  • I can’t say and I will never that you are dead.
  • Your death was one of the darkest moments of my life.
  • It is really difficult to accept that I will never see you among us.
  • Dear friend you were a beautiful soul that can’t be forgotten.
  • I had made many memories with you. But its shocking to hear that you yourself has become a memory. I miss you!
  • I have so much left to say to you.. please come back!
  • When I think you are no more with me, it feels like someone stabbing knife in my heart.
  • When you left me unexpectedly, it was like my heart is broken forever.
  • I never imagined the pain of losing someone to death until I lost you..
  • I wonder why god take those persons away from us who are really very close to heart.
  • I hope you are watching me from heaven and see how much you are missed by me.
  • Not even death can destroy the bond that friends share with each other. But yes I miss you a lot..
  • Not even death can part you away from me.
  • You might have left the world, but how will you leave my heart.
  • Come back friend! Come back either as your shadow or a dream. I miss you badly.
  • Without having you in my life, I feel so emptiness. Miss you a lot!
  • I keep on searching for your face in clouds. I know its not possible but it atleast gives satisfaction to my heart.
  • God might have stolen you from my me physically, my friend! But he can’t stole you from my memories and heart.
  • The whole world seems empty without you my friend. You cant even imagine how badly you are being missed by me.
  • I might have lost you but you are always connected to me by heart.
  • If tears could build a staircase that reaches up to you in the sky, I would have met you many a times.
  • I wish I could walk up to the heaven and bring you back.
  • Losing you affected me because I loved you deeply.
  • You have given me a deep hole of ache. I wish I could hug you just once before you left us.
  • Dear friend you will always be remembered because you have left your footprints in our hearts.
  • Friend I haven’t lost you, I have lost a part of myself.
  • You might have left my life, but you will never leave my heart bestie.
  • I have lost you friend but I will never forget you.
  • After death soul goes to heaven from where everything can be seen. I know you are watching me there above. All are missing you a lot..
  • Death is a part of life but it hurts a lot when your best friend leaves you alone.
  • There is no word that can remove the suffering and sorrow that you have given us.
  • The memory of your death will never be erased from our hearts.
  • It is really difficult and painful to accept the death of your loving friend.
  • It really hurts to know that the person whom i loved the most and wanted to be with has left me forever.
  • The person with whom I shared the best years of my life is no more to stand by my side.
  • Thinking that I will not ne able to see you again gives me a terrible pain.

Death is inevitable. It can reach anywhere and anytime. There are no words that can fill the void of losing your best friend to death in your life. The above given quotes will surely help you to describe your pain that you are suffering from after losing your friend.

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