50 Short Love Break Up Quotes

50 Short Love Break Up Quotes

50 Short Love Break Up Quotes
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A person never enters a relationship thinking that it would end ever. But sometimes such circumstances occur that it becomes essential to break up than to carry it further. Read our underlying article about short love break up quotes to send to the person who just broke up your heart. You can also use these love breakup quotes as whatsapp status or post on your facebook timeline.

Breakups among couples are common these days and there are many reasons behind it. Once in a lifetime everyone finds their true love with whom they wish to spend their whole life. But most of the relationships are seen broken these days.

Always remember that true love is always pure and powerful. It never ends. But human life is full of mistakes. So don’t worry if your relationship has ended.

Ending of the relationship doesn’t mean ending of the opportunities that life will provide you. Here we have listed short breakup quotes. If you have suffered from a breakup you can use them.

50 Short Love Break Up Quotes

  1. I never meant to break your heart.
  2. Breaking up with you feels like every part of my body is broken too.
  3. You never tried to understand me and my feelings..
  4. How easy it is to say that I don’t care about your feelings..
  5. You have broken my heart into pieces but I still love you.
  6. Breaking up is the only option we both are left with.
  7. The time to say goodbye has come. I never thought we would end up like this.
  8. Being in relationship with you I never thought that the decision would ever come to break up.
  9. Your love has given me so many memories...
  10. I don’t know whether its easy to live without you but its not possible to stay with you.
  11. Right now I want to run as far as I can from you.
  12. I always try to make you happy but you always try to hurt me.
  13. I guess breaking up was not only the option left with us.. right?
  14. You never tried to be my strength. You made me feel like a loser every moment.
  15. Its easy to forget the moments when you made me feel special.
  16. It hurts when you become someone’s everything to nothing.
  17. Its time to walk away from you because my heart doesn’t give me permission to stay with a liar.
  18. May god fills me with the inner strength to move away from you just as you did.
  19. You ignored me! You insulted me! You dumped me! Are you happy now?
  20. Breaking up with you is like murdering all the memories spent together with you.
  21. I will never deny that I loved you. No matter how cruel you are to me, but yes I loved you! Always!
  22. You are the one who hurt me most in my life.
  23. Was it really easy for you to say its over..
  24. We are no more boyfriend-girlfriend. Its time to move on and make a fresh start in our life.
  25. I know you don’t love me but still I will always wait for you untilmy last breath.
  26. I never regret for being in relationship with you. Because there was a time when we both loved each other endlessly.
  27. Time never remains the same. But I didn’t knew that this time will stop you from loving me.
  28. Thank you for giving me never ending tears in this relationship.
  29. Whenever you needed me, I always stood by your side. But when I needed you there was no body at whom I can forward at.
  30. Breaking up with you doesn’t mean I have started hating you. I cant hate you ever. But yes my heart has stopped loving you.
  31. I know our relationship is over but still you mean everything for me.
  32. Sorry but I cant compromise with my self respect for the sake of our relationship.
  33. Behind my smile is a pain that you will never know.
  34. You may end this relationship. But tell me how will you end the love that my heart holds for you?
  35. Breaking up with you is my decision- not yours!
  36. Our fights and arguments are the reason behind ending our relationship.
  37. Its better to end the relationship rather than keeping a fake one!
  38. I never found you loving me. But yes, I have always found you finding faults in me.
  39. The person changes easily but its not easy to change the memories spent together.
  40. Being selfish is not love.
  41. Instead of finding faults in me its better to correct yours…
  42.  I cant stop dreaming about the day when we both will be together again…
  43. You can never be the man of my dreams.
  44. I could have dumped you just as you dumped me. But my self respects matters the most..
  45. I don’t want to waste my time in taking revenge from each other. Simply day goodbye and move on!
  46. I have never seen any concern for this relationship in your eyes.
  47. The way you changed everyday made me firm with my decision of leaving you. Goodbye forever!
  48. I don’t think that there is something left to comment about this relationship. So better to separate our ways rather than arguing with each other.
  49. The best thing is to separate our ways…
  50. You have left me with no option but to simply break up with you.

We learn many lessons in our life. But the lesson that other person gives us is something that we can’t forget in our life. Every breakup teaches you a lesson. So try our short breakup messages if you are also going through breakup phase. 

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