48 Sad Relationship Quotes

Sad quotes about relationship

48 Sad Relationship Quotes
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Sad relationship quotes express the feelings of being sad and hurt in a relationship. Everyone of us must have been sad because of our relationship. Yes, it can happen to anyone and at anytime. Here in this article we have handpicked a beautiful collection of sad relationship quotes. Just have a look…

48 Sad Relationship Quotes

  1. I had always loved you purely and deep heartedly. But it kills me deep inside knowing that you don’t love me anymore..
  2. Nothing scares me more than remembering that you are no more in my life now.
  3. Now I realize how lonely I was in this relationship.
  4. You gave me so much to remember because of which it has become impossible to forget you..
  5. I tried to hate you. But whenever I think of hating you, I hate myself even more than you that I loved a person like you.
  6. Its better to be alone than to be in a relationship with a wrong person.
  7. Its not easy to earn relationship. But very easy to lose one!
  8. Words always hurt more than anything else.
  9. One day you will definitely remember me and my love..
  10. One day you will realize how much I loved you.
  11. You were my one and only but you always ignored me and my love..
  12. If someone treats you like a option never make him/her your priority..
  13. I hard to hear that you are not important to the love of your life.
  14. No one will ever understand how much it hurts when the person you love takes you for granted.
  15. I wanted to shout, I wanted to scream, I wanted to be loud, but I ended it being silent only..
  16. I don’t hate love neither I hate relationships. All that I hate is the end they both bring.
  17. Nothing can be worse when your partner leaves you without any reason.
  18. I never knew what actually loneliness is until you left away..
  19. You took away my heart with you and left me with tears…
  20. I have always cared for you even more than you deserved.
  21. I have always cares for you even when you stopped caring for me.
  22. I thought things would get better tomorrow. But I faced many tomorrows in my life hoping that things would change one day..
  23. In the end of this relationship I learnt how to be strong in life.
  24. I never wanted our relationship to end in this way.

    May be you would have wanted to end it in such a awful manner.
  25. No relationship is bad, it is the people involved in it that turns it into a bad experience.
  26. Fake people are the one who are responsible behind a fake, unsuccessful relationship.
  27. It takes a long time to build a relationship, but a few seconds to destroy it.
  28. The worst part of life is to see the person you love, love someone else.
  29. A person who does not love you and care for you does not deserve a relationship.
  30. Its better to be alone than to be a false relationship.
  31. I want to see you happy in your life. But yes, it really hurts when things are okay even without me.
  32. Fake people in a relationship not only end relationship but also life.
  33. You brought me so smiles in this relationship but I never knew that you would bring so many tears too..
  34. If I am apologising It doesn’t mean that I am wrong. It is just you let you know that I don’t want to loose you..
  35. Its quite easy to say move on. But is the most difficult step of life.
  36. I don’t know whether you suffered from the pain of breakup or not. But yes, I did!
  37. All I need is you and your love. Please come back to me!
  38. It kills you deep inside when you cant have a person in your heart into your arms.
  39. Sometimes I don’t express what I feel hoping silence would cure all the pain a day..
  40. My heart melts for you whenever I think of you. Come back!
  41. I tried every single means to save my relationship. But nothing happened!
  42. I miss the time when I was with you and everything was okay..
  43. No matter how much distance apart we are, but still you will always be the key to my heart.
  44. I thought you also loved ne equally, but you broke my heart.
  45. You might be away from my life but not from my heart.
  46. Love is never hurtful. It’s the people who make it so..
  47. I tried every single means to forget you. But the more I tried, the more I thought about you.
  48. No one will ever understand how much it hurts.

Sad relationship messages and quotes clearly depicts and demonstrateshow it really feels like when you are being hurt by someone who is close to your heart.


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