Congratulation Messages and Wishes for Getting New Job

Congratulation Messages for Getting New Job

Congratulation Messages and Wishes for Getting New Job
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Looking for congratulation messages to wish friend or relative for getting new job? Here we have compiled a list of messages and wishes to send someone for getting new job or joining new company. You know getting new job is not easy. It all depends on the hard work and dedication towards work. So if anyone close to you possess a new job congratulate him or her for this new opportunity and let them know that you wish good luck for them. Here we have organised a beautiful collection of congratulatory messages for new job that you can send.

Congratulation messages and wishes for getting new job

  • All the best for your new job. Its just a beginning to create a memorable ending. Congratulations once again. 
  • Getting a new job is just like getting new partner. You have to get close to it to know more about it. Congrats dear friend!
  • Your new job has provided you a new road to build your future. Hope you will love your new job and your relationship with it lasts forever.

    Congratulations bro for getting a new one!
  • New jobs come to those only who deserve and are capable of it. I am proud of having a friend like you. Congratulations for your new job.
  • There is a huge difference between getting a new job and being offered a new one. Good luck for your new job.
  • Take your new job as your girlfriend/boyfriend. Never take it for granted. Congratulations and wish you good luck for your future.
  • Being employed is much better than being unemployed! Therefore I congratulate you for your first job. Big congratulations for this achievement.
  • I congratulate for getting handpicked job. Congratulations for a new job that pays you more..
  • Its not about a job. Its experience that speaks. And you have got your new job just because of your past experience. Good luck and work hard!
  • I pray that may your new job takes you to new heights of success. Congratulations for being offered a top class job.
  • Its not about what job you are doing. Its all about the dedication with which you do it. And employees like you shine in every sphere of life. Congratulations!
  • Employees like you need not search for jobs. Infact jobs should search for such efficient and hardworking employees like you. Congratulations to you from my side.
  • Amongst your new job, new colleagues and new team members, don’t forget your friends. Congratulations for your new job.
  • According to me this is the perfect job for you. Neither you would have been able to find more leading company like this and neither would they have been able to find such a proficient employee like you. Congratulations!
  • I know how much you were in need of this job. And finally you have got it too! Big congratulations to you from my side.
  • Don’t let your new job be an excuse of not meeting us. You will have to manage your time to be with us also. For now big congratulations to you from our side!
  • I don’t know whether your new job offers you high pay scale or not. All that I know is that your new job provides you 2 holidays in a week that you can spend with us. Congratulations for your new job.
  • May your new job makes you a billionaire! So that every time we can party at your expenses. Hehehe.. congratulations friend for this new success!
  • Your company officials have made an accurate decision by selecting you as one of their employees. Congratulations to be for getting accepted!
  • I was not surprised to hear that you got your new job in MNC. I already knew that you are capable enough to work in it. Congratulations!
  • Don’t you think that getting a new job owes us a treat from your side? Well we are waiting for it. Congratulations for your new job.
  • I knew its not difficult for you to get a new job. For you everything you touch turns into gold. Congratulations buddy!
  • Here I am writing to congratulate you for your new job. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us. We admire you! Congrats!
  • All I can say is a perfect job for a perfect employee! Congratulations for getting yours..
  • Most of the people work for money and only few of them work for their happiness. Congratulations for your new role and wish you all the best from my side.
  • By leaving your previous job you have made a huge loss to that company but at the same time joining this new job, you will bring laurels to this new company. Congratulations and all the best!
  • The very first day you will enter your new job, you will not open its door but actually you gonna open the door full of opportunities. Wish you good luck!
  • You might be luckier to get job in MNC but I think the MNC might be more luckier to have an employee like you with them. Congratulations and good luck!
  • The job opportunities come to those who try, try again. Congratulations because your hard work has paid you back.

Congratulate the person you know and motivate them. So next time you find someone who got a new job, congratulate them on starting a new career.

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