Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Friends

Get Well Soon Wishes for a Friend

Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Friends
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Get well soon messages are there to wish someone for a faster recovery from some disease or injury. Your get well soon messages just act as words of love and care for the person. Your friend holds a special place in your life. He is the one with whom you share all your memories and secrets. And when he is not feeling well, he/she deserves caring words from you that will help them to feel better. Below article includes some of the get well soon messages for your friend. Just have a look at them..

Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Friends

  • I was shocked to hear that you are not well. Get well soon dear. May you have a speedy recovery.
  • You cant even guess how much I am missing you. And yes, follow your medications strictly. Get well soon friend!
  • Friend how are you feeling now? I just pray that you have a speedy recovery. See you soon friend!
  • A friend like you is in hospital has made all of us heartsick.

    I wish you a fast recovery so that we meet soon and have lots of fun together.
  • The more I stay with you, the more happy I become. And when you are not around friend everything seems missing. So get well soon dear and meet me..
  • Here I am wishing you a speedy and fully recovery friend. This is not just a basket full of fruits that I am sending. Its token of love and happiness that I am sending.
  • Wish you a fast and speedy recovery for your illness. There is no enjoyment without you friend. So recover and join us soon..
  • Rest well friend and don’t forget to take your prescribed drugs. I wish you a speedy recovery. Please get well soon!
  • Dear friend, heal fast from your illness and get back to your feet soon. Sweetheart get well soon!
  • Its hard to imagine a friend like you on bed. I just pray that may god bless you with a good health soon. So get well soon my dear friend!
  • Dear friend its impossible for me to stay at home alone. I wish you a full recovery . So get well soon and meet me.
  • If doctor would allow me, I would wish to stand by your sick bed until you get better. Get well soon my dear friend.
  • Medicines would try their best in making you fit, but its actually the god who heals you faster. So I pray to god that may he heals my wonderful friend faster.
  • Get well soon friend so that we have good times together again. Wish you a speedy recovery from my side.
  • You cant even imagine how worried we all are about you. Please, get well soon!
  • Working at the company is so boring without you. I am eager to see you well again. I wish you a miraculous healing friend.
  • Your ill health has kept me vanished from all those fun times and enjoyment that we had together. I cant wait anymore like this. Just be out of your sick bed soon and meet me..
  • This is not just a card that we are sending, its love and happiness from our side for you to get well soon. We wish you well and speedy recovery.
  • Sending you all my best wishes and hope to see you soon my dear friend. My prayers are with you in your horrible time.
  • If there is anything that I can do to help you feel free to contact me. I wish to see you return in your healthy life soon.
  • I checked your doctor’s prescription and it was lacking one thing. You know what? It was the company of your best friend. So here I am with you with all my prayers for you. Get well soon…
  • The absence of your laughs and gossips has made me feel that I am alone in this whole world. Get well soon my dear friend.
  • I have got a perfect medicine for your hot fever. It’s the company of a cool friend. Get well soon..
  • Person like you is not suitable for bed. Without you everything has turned dark. You have no choice but to get well soon friend.
  • I know you are an attention seeker. But friend I just don’t want you to seek attention in this way by getting ill. And yes, don’t be a cry baby.
  • I know you are sick but it cant stop us from taking selfies even from the sick bed. I just wish for a faster recovery for you dear friend.
  • Doctor can prescribe you with all the medicines that are required for getting well. But at this time I think you are more in need of warm hugs. Here I am to provide you the warmth. Get well soon..
  • When you laugh I laugh, when you cry I cry, and when you feel sick I also feel so. But yes when you will better, I do too. Get well soon!
  • How dare you to get ill? Cant you even take care of yourself? You deserve to smile, blush and play. Get well soon my friend..
  • Dear friend its sad to know that you will be away from us for a while. We miss you at work. Wish you a fast recovery!
  • If you would not have enjoyed ice cream without me, you would not have seen suffering from this severe fever. Don’t forget to take me with you next time. Get well soon friend.
  • What happened to you dear? I know you are most adorable person. But still I didn’t knew that even bacteria adores you so much. Wish you a speedy recovery.
  • I know you are the most Strongest and bravest person. Wishing a speedy recovery for you my dear friend.

Its very important to be with your friend when he needs you. You cant offer him with medicines, but yes few words of love and care will surely help. So send lovely get well soon messages and wishes to your friend. It’s a perfect way to make them feel happy in their difficult time.

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