Congratulation Wishes and Quotes for Having Twin Babies to Parents

Congratulation Wishes and Quotes for Having Twin Babies

Congratulation Wishes and Quotes for Having Twin Babies to Parents
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Giving birth to twins is not easy. And managing two kids at the same time is not less than facing a storm. And at the same time giving birth to twins is not less than a miracle. Do you know someone in your family or some of your friend who has given birth to twins? If yes, be a part of their celebration by sending them congratulation quotes on the birth of baby twins. Select an appropriate congratulation wish for having twins and send it to the dear parents.

Congratulation wishes and quotes for having twin babies

  • Congratulations for giving birth to 2 babies. One would laugh and other would weep. So you have to manage both. Is not it amazing?
  • Congratulations for having twins. From now onwards you will have to manage the yell of one kid and the sleep of the other at the same time. But these are the loveliest memories in the life of a woman.
  • Is not it buy one get one free offer?... lol.....heartiest wishes for having twin girls...may god shower them with good luck and long life.
  • I was expecting a family of three from you but you surprised us by getting four.

    Congratulations for having twins..
  • As you are receiving double happiness and wishes, you will also have to manage double cries and double wet nappies. Lol. Congrats for giving birth to twin babies....
  • Some parents are not able to manage just a single child, but you have to be perfect for both your twins. And I know you will manage it. Congratulations dear!
  • God has blessed you with twins because he also knew that you are capable enough to raise two kids and adore them. Congratulations for this double package!
  • Be ready for cleaning two diapers instead of one.... My heartiest wishes for these two little kids..
  • Be proud of yourself as instead of being hugged by two little arms, you will be hugged by four of them. Congratulations for having twin babies..
  • Double the pain that you have faced in giving birth to these two little babies, double the joy you will face once they grow up. Congrats!
  • Congratulations for having a baby boy and a baby girl! You are lucky because you and your husband will not have to fight over who gets to hold the baby.
  • Lucky guys like you always get more than they wish for. Congratulations for being the dad of two little angels.
  • God has blessed you with two adorable babies. So you want to manage two separate birthday cakes and party. Lol. Congratulations.
  • Always be a fair parent by giving the same to both of your kids. Congratulations for giving birth to such cute babies..
  • Congratulations for these two lil angels. At least we will not have to remember two birthday dates.
  • Two little babies, a baby boy and a baby girl! Now sit back and watch them grow. Congrats!
  • Sorry but your new born kids have beaten you up and have become most adorable pair. Congratulations to the new mon and dad!
  • Feel proud of yourself now. Because in between you and your husband, you will have four little arms to provide you warmth. Congrats to you!
  • Nurturing two small babies is not at all easy. Its gonna be challenging. But I know that you are the most caring, adorable, responsible parents. Congratulations tor having twins!
  • May you get everything that you wish for in double just as the same way you got blessed with two kids. Congratulations to dear parents..
  • Good luck to you for sorting out who will wear red and who will wear pink. Congratulations for giving birth to two little angels.
  • I always believed that you are an efficient man. But by giving birth to 2 babies at same time, you have taken the meaning of efficiency to a new level. Lol. Congratulations to the new dad.
  • Congratulations for your twin baby boys. So get ready for double trouble, double diapers and double noise.
  • Small packages comes with big things. And you have proved it too. Congratulations on your double bundle of joy.
  • You must thank god for blessing you with small bundles of joy. You have got two to cuddle and to kiss. Congratulations!
  • You are an achiever because you are the mother of twins. Congratulations on your twin babies.
  • By giving birth to twins you have got two strong pillars to lean on. Congratulations dear!
  • Cries and diapers multiplied by two. Isn’t it a beautiful time for a lovely couple like you! Congratulations to new mom and dad for twins.
  • All I want is to congratulate you both on the birth of two adorable kids. How does it actually feels to see your mirror images?
  • I know you had planned name of a single baby. But god has given you a chance to name both- a baby boy and a baby girl. Congratulations to you!
  • Congratulations for getting two different sides of the same coin. I heartily congratulate you both on the birth of two adorable twins..
  • Two of the most beautiful mom and dad I know have been blessed by god with two little angels. Congratulations!
  • Four little eyes will make you see the whole world within and four little arms will provide you the warmth. Congratulations to you both!
  • Congratulations to you for your twin babies. God has blessed you with a handsome hunk baby boy like his dad and a pink little doll like her mother.
  • Congratulations on giving birth to two cute marshmallows. Lovely twins!

Only few couples get a chance to be parents of twin babies. If you know someone who has given birth to two little babies don’t miss to be a part of the most memorable moment of their life. Hence congratulate them using above given messages and wishes.

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