Pregnancy Wishes and Quotes : Congratulations for Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

Pregnancy Wishes and Quotes : Congratulations for Getting Pregnant
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It is pleasant to receive pregnancy wishes. When a woman is pregnant she knows that her life is going to be changed. Soon she will be given a new title, MOTHER. From the day one when she knows she is expecting she will start thinking about her baby before herself. The period of pregnancy is not easy and simple. This is a reason a woman needs love, support and care. So its time to wish the pregnant lady you know with your warm wishes and congratulate her for being pregnant. Your wishes should perfectly describe the feelings of happy and joyful future.

Pregnancy wishes and quotes: Congratulations for getting pregnant

  • Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Its just like falling in love with someone whom you have never met.
  • Congratulations to you for getting pregnant. This is a special phase in every woman’s life. So experience it to the fullest.
  • Nothing is as special as nurturing a life inside your body. Congratulations for getting yours!
  • Pregnancy is a phase that cant be described in words. It can only be experienced.

    Congratulations dear!
  • I became happy after coming to know that you are pregnant. I am so excited to watch a small baby in arms of such beautiful parents. Congratulations!
  • Pregnancy lasts for 9th months only, but gives you happiness till whole life. Many many congratulations from my side to you for being pregnant.
  • Pregnancy is a beautiful phase which includes a beautiful transformation from being a woman to a mother. Congratulations from my side to the beautiful couple.
  • This phase of 9 months makes your joy double. So start experiencing it. Congratulations for your pregnancy.
  • In these 9 months your womb will act as a secure door guarding the little angel inside it. Congrats to mother-to-be!
  • Pregnancy is a phase that will make you see the world in a different manner. Congratulations to you and best wishes for your pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy will bring changes to your body but the motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life. Many many congratulations to you!
  • Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in which the heart of the baby beats inside your body. Good luck and be ready to be the parents of the little one!
  • For next nine months you will be rounder and wider. So congratulations for getting pregnant!
  • Congratulations for entering a phase when you will experience no periods. Congratulations for getting pregnant!
  • Congratulations for being pregnant. Its time for delicious food, extra care, new maternity clothes and lots of pampering from father to be. Wish you a very happy pregnancy life..
  • So be ready for experiencing sleepless nights. Congratulations to the most adorable couple I know..
  • Pregnancy is the phase when you love someone even if the little angel kicks your tummy. Enjoy your pregnancy..
  • Congratulations mommy-to-be. So its time to relax and enjoy because once the little baby is out you will hardly get any time.
  • Congratulations friend! I am really excited to hear good news from your side. I am sure that you are going to be a perfect mom!
  • Dear friend! May god bless you with a happy and healthy pregnancy. I am looking forward to meet the new member of the family.
  • Having the baby is the most exciting, adorable and full of life changing events. Congratulations for becoming pregnant!
  • Pregnancy is the only phase where you can eat  lots of food without worrying about those extra pounds you gain. Congratulations for being pregnant.
  • Pregnancy is a period when you have extra glow on your face and  start blushing without using any makeup. Congratulations on being pregnant.
  • Finally your time has come to think about 2 people, drink for 2 people, eat for 2 people and breathe for 2 people. And I would prefer you to start shopping too for 2 people. Congratulations and start enjoying this period of life.
  • Congratulations, mom-to-be! Pregnancy will automatically teach you of how to become a good mother. Take care always!
  • Congratulations to mother-to-be! Soon your title will be changed. I just cant wait to see the final product after the completion of 9 months.
  • I am really excited to know that you are expecting. I just pray that you and your baby both remain healthy.
  • Your long wait is over and your motherhood journey has begun. I am looking forward to meet your new baby soon..
  • Congratulations for being pregnant. Its time to say good bye to your skinny jeans, nausea-free mornings, comfort etc. All the best for the next 9 months.
  • Congratulations for getting pregnant. Its time for the arrival of new baby. Little footsteps leave the deepest impact in your heart. Enjoy and start preparing yourself!
  • Congratulations to mother-to-be and father-to-be! Being pregnant looks amazing on you dear friend.
  • Family is everything and its your time to grow yours. Congratulations to you. A great joy is coming!
  • Congratulations to the mother-to-be. Don’t worry about the childbirth. It’s a test just to ensure that a mother is ready to take care to her baby.
  • Prepare your hospital bag and box full of medicines with you. Its all about to begin! Congratulations!

Congratulate the couple you know who are expecting their child. Always remember to share positive emotions only. So sending a congratulatory message to mother-to-be is must. So go ahead and congratulate her using appropriate wishes that can inspire them. Convey your heartfelt wishes to the lovely couple.

Spread the pregnancy quotes and notes by sharing among your family or dear ones so that they also make use of such messages to congratulate pregnant ladies they know.
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