52 Short Best Friend Quotes

52 Short Best Friend Quotes

52 Short Best Friend Quotes
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Best friends are rare to find in this fast changing world. If you have got yours, you can call yourself lucky. We meet many people throughout our journey of life but we don't make friends with everyone. Only a few have a abiding place in our heart. 

52 Short Best Friend Quotes

Best friends are like your family. Don’t fail to let them know that how much they mean to you. Its very tough these days to get a true best friend. If you possess one, you are lucky enough in this big crowd. Best friend is one with whom you can share your feelings freely. If you have a best friend with whom you are close and share a special bond then must share these best friend quotes.

You will find here a number of best friend quotes.

I hope these quotes and messages will help you in writing and conveying short best friend quotes to your friend.

  1. We argue many times, part our ways but still remain side by side.
  2. You know how to make me laugh instantly.
  3. Your life is ugly if you don’t have a best friend.
  4. I wonder how cool ladies we are going to become when we get old.
  5. You are the one knows everything about me and loves me.
  6. When we are together we forget rest of the world.
  7. I love even myself when I am with you bestie.
  8. You are my favourite person a hold a special place in my heart.
  9. I want everyone to meet you. So that they should know that I possess someone special.
  10. You are my favourite person all the time.
  11. You are the know with whom I have shared deepest secrets of my life.
  12. Thanks for giving me all that affection. You have given me the greatest gift of friendship.
  13. You are a treasure of my life. Your presence reminds me that I am not alone.
  14. Its better to have a single best friend than having numerous. 
  15. We are best friends. Because we both are not comfortable with silence.
  16. Its easy to say that we are friends but equally difficult to prove it.
  17. Life is worthless if you don’t have a best friend.
  18. You not only made me as your friend, but a unique person too.
  19. Good friends stay by your side in your problem. Best friends stay between you and your problem.
  20. If you need words to express something to your best friend, then be careful he is not your best friend.
  21. My best friend! You have always seen the pain in my heart that other people fail to see..
  22. No matter whether we are close today or not, but still we are each other’s best friends.
  23. Thank you for always showing me the mirror in private.
  24. Thank you friend for always cheering me in the public.
  25. You always see the first tear in my eye and never allow the second to fall off my cheeks.
  26. Friendship is the biggest gift. And I am lucky to receive it.
  27. You have never tried to change me. You have always accepted me in the way I am.
  28. You always bring out the best out of me. Sometimes I wonder how you do that?
  29. Best friend is one who continues to walk with you even in dark. Love you..
  30. You always see the tears behind my eyes while others see smile behind my face.
  31. Sometimes spending quality time with your friend is not less than a therapy.
  32. No matter how imperfect I am you have always accepted me as your best friend..
  33. No matter how confused I seem to be but you are always there to make me confuse even more. Lol..
  34. Best friends are two souls residing in same body.
  35. Best friends are two dangerous minds together creating a monster.
  36. There is nothing on this earth that is more valuable than best friendship.
  37. You can’t prioritize any thing else your best friend.
  38. Friendship leaves a deep impact even more than love.
  39. Friendship is never ending.
  40. Best friends are those who love, share, care for each other.
  41. I am lucky to have you in all my stages of life.
  42. You never let me fall down. You have always given me the strength to face difficulties in life.
  43. I was a coward. But you have altered me completely. You have made me learn to face problems in life..
  44. There are no rules for friendship..
  45. Friendship is not about staying close and being friends. Its about being separated and nothing changes.
  46. You have changed my whole life best friend.
  47. You are my kind of crazy. So that’s why you are my best friend. 
  48. You believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself.
  49. Having a best friend is a huge responsibility.
  50. You are gem. You are bright, shiny and yeah sometimes hard too.
  51. You are forever a piece of my heart.
  52. Best friend is one who is slow in changing.

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