Funny Best Friend Quotes

Funny Friendship Quotes for Best Friends

Funny Best Friend Quotes
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Best friend holds a special place in your heart. So be ready to make them feel hilarious by sending these funny best friend quotes. And yes be ready to receive such funny messages from your best friends in return as well.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

Best friendship is always associated with laughter. You share a bond that is quite hilarious. Best friends are always special to us. So why don’t make them feel special and funny by sending these funny best friend quotes?

Here is my collection of handpicked, hilarious best friend quotes. Check them out and yes don’t forget to share these with your best friend. It will definitely put a smile on you and your best friend’s face.

I hope you will definitely enjoy sharing these funny quotes with your friends. These are the quotes that only two best friends can understand.

  • Dear best friend! You know people are jealous of our friendship. You know why? Because they can’t be as awesome as we are.... :)
  • We think damm bad when we both are together. Lol!
  • Best friend! Never think that you can feel alone. I will be always there to disturb you by your side..
  • My conversations with my best friend are damm hilarious. Hahaha! I can't stop laughing if I remember one..
  • People out there are jealous of us because they can't be a part of our hilarious tantrums and jokes.
  • Friend! If you fall down I will be always there to pick you up, but once I stop laughing. LMAO!!
  • I am lucky to have you in my life, it feels like I have everything. HEHEHE
  • Having a best friend like you is just like having an octopus, who sticks by my side everytime and everywhere I go. I can't stop laughing...
  • If we die together it would be really fun! Haunting people by being ghosts would be a different experience.
  • Sometimes I realize how weird we are when both are together!
  • Say thanks to me because I have always listened to your pointless drama everytime you have conversed it to me..
  • You were ridiculous! And then out friendship turned into best friendship. Yeah man!
  • Thanks to you because I was quite shy and innocent before meeting you. All thanks to you for bringing out the monster out of me.
  • If you are a kind of bitch, then you truly deserve to be my best friend. ROFL!
  • Two bitches together can create drama. Right na?
  • Dear friend, I thought I am the only piece in this world, until I met you. I can’t stop laughing because you are person with the same mental disorder. Well said!
  • To be stupid with you my friend, is not less than a blessing to me. What about you?
  • Dear friend! Be thankful to me. Because I am the only one who can tell you how dirty your face is!
  • Friend, our friendship is like peeing in the pants. Only we can feel its warmth. Lol. What a comparison I have done..
  • Your life is ugly if you don’t possess a best friend in your life. 
  • I am lucky to have you friend! You know you are as much as loyal as my dog is. ROFL.
  • You love a thing. I love it too.. You hate a person, I hate him too.. You drink too much, I also drink a lot.. That makes us best friends!
  • Sometimes I wonder what’s more tight? My jeans or our friendship!
  • Sometimes I wonder how dirty our chat is! Talking about poop is hell!
  • I love you the most.. because you never let me do stupid things alone.. you always join me in my stupidity.
  • Communicating with face expressions only is sometimes I love the most in us.
  • We both never get tired of making fun of each other. LOL..
  • Good friends discuss their love life, but best friends like us discuss poop. LMAO!!
  • We are best friends because you too have a tricky mind like me. 
  • I really wanted to have you in my life. Because I wanted to have something cheap in my life too. Lol..
  • I am too tired of your fucked up behaviour of being always late.
  • You said you are like rose. But why you always smell so sad?
  • Finding friends with the same disorder is not easy. But thanks to god that I found you.
  • Say thanks to me because you got a privilege to be mad with me. Right enough? HEHE..
  • Being girls friendship between us has been possible just because we both are never well dressed.
  • You have never bought me food. You always eat mine too.
  • I know I will be your friend forever because you are too lazy to find new. LOL!
  • If my phone falls down, I get panic. But if you fall down, I cant stop laughing. Lol..

Check out our collection on funny best friend quotes. I guarantee these messages and quotes will make you laugh. This is a best way to show your best friend how special bond you guys share with each other. 

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