50th Anniversary Wishes and Quotes for Parents

Wishes for Parents 50th Marriage Anniversary

50th Anniversary Wishes and Quotes for Parents
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Is it your parents 50th anniversary? Use the below given quotes to wish your parents in a unique way on their special day. 50th anniversary is not a common thing. Its not experienced by every couple. So use special anniversary wishes and quotes to wish your parents. Scroll down and have a look at them...

Parents are the blessings of god. They are the only one you can find in this world you are always ready to make sacrifices for their children. They are the one who help you out in every phase of life. Parents are the role model of children. They are the one who teach difference between right and wrong.

Is its your parents 50th marriage anniversary? Are you looking for some special quotes to wish them? 50th anniversary ss not just a simple thing. Every couple is not so lucky to celebrate the day together.

So if your parents are lucky enough to celebrate the day, so the wish should also be special. Take them back to the memories of their married life. Just plan some sort of anniversary party for them or some special gift. At last but not the least, take a piece of paper and pen, and select an appropriate anniversary wish to wish your parents 50th anniversary.

50th Anniversary Wishes and Quotes for Parents

  • Dear mom-dad, I really feel blessed to have parents like you. You are a pure example of love and watching you love birds together makes me feel happy. Happy 50th anniversary to you..
  • Dear parents, you have proved that one should marry a partner without whom you cant live. Wishing you 50th marriage anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary mom and dad! I still remember you both were so happy when I was a kid and now after 50 years of your married life I have seen the same love between you.. Happy 50th Anniversary!
  • I feel my self really lucky to be your child… I have always seen an unending love between you. Happy 50th  anniversary to you mom-dad...
  • I feel blessed to have parents like you… my children feel blessed to have grand parents like you. Wishing you a very happy 50th anniversary!!
  • Dear dad! I know winning mom’s heart was your biggest victory of life.. happy anniversary to you. I congratulate on your 50th one..
  • Spending 50 years of life with the one you love is not easy. I know you have passed through many obstacles in life but still made your relationship this much successful that it has come this long way. I congratulate you on your 50th one!!
  • Dear mom-dad! I congratulate both of you on your 50th anniversary!  Everyone is not so lucky to celebrate this day. So my heartiest wishes for both of you. Happy anniversary!!
  • I know both of you are not graduated, but in matter of love you have surely done PHD in it. After all its 50 years of your married life. Wish you a very happy 50thwedding anniversary.
  • Dear mum-dad I see perfection in you. A marriage is based on give and take only. Its all about giving love and taking it back. I congratulate you both on your 50th anniversary!!
  • Your love and commitment towards each other has definitely come a long way. Its completion of 50 years of married life. Happy 50th anniversary to you mom-dad!
  • Dear mom and dad you are the root of our family…thanks for making it so strong. I congratulate you on your 50th one. I wish many more anniversaries like this to come….
  • Dear mom-dad its your 50th anniversary. No matter what happened but both of you always stayed by each other’s side. God bless you both..
  • Mom and dad you are truly an inspiration for us. Besides facing so many ups and downs in your life you always stayed together and made your relationship this much successful that it’s the day of completion of 50 years of your married life. I congratulate you both…
  • Mom dad thanks for building such a strong family. You are truly an inspiration for our next generation. The whole family congratulates you on your 50th anniversary..
  • Happy 50th anniversary mom-dad! I want my future too like yours. And thank you for being the best parents in the world. I love you tons...
  • Dear parents, I don’t remember how you looked 50 years back but yes after 50 years i.e. the day of today you both make an amazing couple. I congratulate you on your 50th anniversary. I love you both..
  • Parents are the role model for their children. And I feel so proud to be your daughter. You have set a pure example of love. Happy anniversary mum-dad. Heartiest wishes to both of you from my side on your 50th one..
  • Its not easy to spend 50 years of life together. No body is perfect. But you guys accepted each others imperfections too. I just pray every couple to be like you. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • Mom-dad you have spent 50 years of your life together. You have spent each and every season together. You have been with each other through every phase of life. Happy 50th anniversary to both of you!!
  • May you live long and together for many more years to come do that you can celebrate the coming anniversaries together. Happy golden jubilee..
  • Spending 50 years of life with each other gives you millions of memories. So today is a day to pause and remember all of them. Cheers!! And lets have a grand celebration on your 50th one..

Its time to celebrate your parents 50th anniversary in a special way. Select an appropriate wish that makes them feel special. I just hope that your search for sincere words to wish them 50th anniversary must have finished!

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