Marriage Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for Parents

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes and Quotes For Parents

Marriage Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for Parents
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Here is a beautiful collection of Marriage Anniversary Wishes For Parents. Parents are a special gift of god given to children. They are sweet and lovely. They are guardian of their children. Parents do a lot for their children and their family. The relationship between mother and father is of soulmates that inspire us everyday. So why not try these anniversary wishes and wish them in a unique manner and make them feel special.

Anniversary wishes are the best way to make your parents know how much you love them. Its not just a celebration. It’s a day to celebrate the love, trust, honesty, sacrifices they made for making their relationship successful. Parents are the most amazing people around you. They help us in every phase of life.

Wedding anniversaries are the most important time to be little sentimental and remember all the beautiful, lovely times spent together. So why not wish your parents by using unique and heart touching marriage anniversary wishes and quotes for parents.

Marriage Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for Parents

  • You are the parents which every child wants and you make a couple that every lovebird want to be.

    You are perfect for each other. Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary maa – paa!.
  • A very happy anniversary to the best parents ever. I know you fight but not in front of us. You argue but not in the way that leaves a bad impact on us. Thanks for making us realize that love is so true.
  • Thanks mum- dad for marrying each other, giving us birth and being the best parents in the world. Wish you a marvellous wedding anniversary.
  • You always taught me that life comprises of many milestones. And today I would congratulate you both for achieving this milestone of life. Wish you a very happy anniversary!
  • You both are a true example of love. I admire you everyday not because you are my parents but because you both made your love flawless. Happy marriage anniversary!
  • Its not just a day to look back in future and remember good times, its also a time to look ahead to make your relationship even more stronger. Happy anniversary mom- dad!!
  • I don’t know why people get married and part away these days in just a small span of time. Because I have parents who always have set a an example for love and are each others best mates. Cheers to your another successful year of relationship. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • You are lucky to have children like us and we are lucky to have parents like you. You guys make the best pair. Happy anniversary to you both..
  • 22 years of your married life has been passed and your relationship has not become dull and old. Its still so fresh and priceless. I just pray that this relationship of yours remains forever young! Happy wedding anniversary to the most amazing parents..
  • The children of my generation wants wealth, fame, success. But I just want a relationship like you, mom- dad. Because having a mate like you makes you happier. Happy anniversary!
  • I know you both has never celebrated your marriage anniversary because you don’t think this day as special. You both celebrate each and every day of year as your anniversary. Happy anniversary mom and dad.
  • You celebrate your anniversary because of your love. And I celebrate your special day because you both are a blessing of god to me. Have a great day maa- paa. Wish you again a very happy wedding anniversary!
  • Your anniversary makes me realize that love is not a fairy tale. It existsin real life. Happy anniversary!
  • You both have fulfilled your marriage vows. You never let them expire. Happy wedding anniversary to the most beautiful couple!
  • Our college makes us study many things. But the true lesson of love, commitment and trust have been taught by you. Thanks for being so amazing mumma- papa. Happy anniversary to you!
  • Mum-dad thanks for making all those sacrifices for making our family stay together. You have taught us how to stay together in a family. Happy anniversary!
  • Pity to all those children whose parents make them feel the pain of divorced family. Thanks mom- dad for keeping me away from all this. Wish you a great anniversary!.
  • I really feel proud to have parents like you who have raised me decently. Cheers to the strong bond that you share.  Happy anniversary!
  • Hen I grow up, I want a husband like you paa and want myself to be like you maa! You are my idols. Cherish the golden years that you have spent together. Happy anniversary parents!
  • Your wedding anniversary not only reminds of the love between you both but also of how strong family we are. Thanks for showering love on us. I feel bestowed to have parents like you. Happy wedding anniversary! Cheers!
  • Every day I look at you, I realize that you are the best parents and moreover a best couple. Cheers to your 26 years of togetherness. Happy anniversary mum-dad!
  • You are the best mom-dad, so Plz don’t ever change. Be the way you are! Wishing you a great anniversary!
  • This is an awesome day to say to both how much I love you… I feel blessed to have cool parents like you! Happy anniversary to the most cute couple of the world.
  • Happy anniversary to my mum who is my best friend and dad who saves me from my best friend when she gets angry at me.  Your bond is truly an inspiration for others. Happy anniversary once again!
  • NO matter how many years passed by, you will never be old because the love between you is young forever. Happy marriage anniversary!
  • I really feel glad that you are my parents.Thanks for upbringing me in a beautiful manner. You are my inspiration. Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary!
  • You both are the one who made me out of the shell and gave me the opportunity to deal with the outer world. Happy anniversary to the best parents.. Stay blessed!
  • Whenever i see you both together, i join my hands and pray to god that may this relationship and bond of yours stay forever. Happy a very great anniversary mom-dad. Congratulations..
  • I know no body on this planet is perfect. But mom-dad you both a unique ability to see perfection in each other. And i imagine due to this only you both have brought up this relationship in such a beautiful manner. Cheers to your special day. Happy wedding anniversary..

Choose an appropriate marriage anniversary wish and celebrate the togetherness and love of your mom-dad that has inspired your life. Wish your parents in such a way that touch their heart.

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