25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Wish Parents on 25th Wedding Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents
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We have created a beautiful collection of 25th wedding anniversary wishes for your parents. 25 years of togetherness is not a small period and neither less than a milestone. Marriage is a relationship on which parents actively work on to make it successful. Wish your parents on their 25th anniversary by using heart-melting wishes.

25th marriage anniversary is not less than a milestone. It is a very important celebration in the life if a couple. It is an important day to wait for a pause… and think about the past memories about how has been the married life. This day is celebrated to honour the wedding.

I guess married life, which passes through so many battles deserves a grand celebration on 25th marriage anniversary i.e. silver Jubilee. In the article below we have included some of the unique quotes to wish your parents on their 25th marriage anniversary.

Just select an appropriate one and wish them on success of their married life.

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

  1. Dear mom-dad, you have proved that love isn’t just a fairy tale. Happy 25 years of love, joy, happiness!
  2. Mumma-papa you have made it. Cheers to 25 years of togetherness. Enjoy your day and have fun because its worth it.
  3. Best wishes from my side for the years ahead. Thanks for making me and everyone else realize that love exists. Happy 25th wedding anniversary!
  4. You both have sticked together for so many years and tried enough long to make your relationship successful. Cheers to your silver Jubilee….
  5. Mumma-papa you are 25 years older in terms of marriage. And I know these 25 years would not have been easy. So celebrate your hardships you made to this relationship.
  6. Growing old with someone you love is the best thing ever. And you guys are on the way to this….may god bless you and fulfils the years ahead with joy and happiness. Cheers to your 25th anniversary mumma-papa..
  7. As the time passes, a person starts liking everything about his/her better half. And with the growing age, you start finding beauty in their wrinkles too. Happy 25th marriage anniversary mom-dad!
  8. You married life has come a long way and you have made it successful too. Happy 25 years of love, trust and joy.mum-dad..
  9. 25 years of love… 25 years of care.. yes 25 years! You made it mom-dad! Happy silver Jubilee.
  10. Kudos to you guys for making your relationship run a long way. Dear parents, happy marriage anniversary for the 25th time.
  11. Congratulations mom-dad as its your silver Jubilee. But no doubt, your love is like gold. I pray to god that for many more years like this to come. Happy marriage anniversary!
  12. Your love is everlasting and priceless. I wish that may your relationship is indestructible. Happy 25th anniversary parents!
  13. Every relationship faces many difficulties but only few are there that are able to manage those difficulties and make their relationship smell like roses. Dear parents wish you 25th marriage anniversary!
  14. I must say hats off to you guys for tolerating each other from the last 25 years.. lol.. wish you a very happy wedding anniversary parents..
  15. I think I always wanted to ask you is that don’t you guys get bored to see each other everyday. Like I mean 25 years is really a long term. … Hehehe.. just kidding! Cheers to your 25 years of married life maa-paa.
  16. Its very easy to fall in love with someone. But to prove it right, takes your lifetime. So hats off to you guys for making it possible. Happy 25th wedding anniversary to the most amazing parents!
  17. Its great achievement of being with someone for 25 years and making it successful by running it in a smooth manner. Happy 25th anniversary to my lovebirds…my parents..
  18. Dear parents, i think you guys should get an award, for making your relationship super-cool and easy. Kudos to you guys. Wish you a great 25th anniversary! Make your day memorable.
  19. Mom-dad,you guys have set a true example of love. You love for each other has reached the peak. Congratulations for your 25th marriage anniversary!
  20. This is a perfect day for every couple.. on this day I would like to wish the perfect pair, thats you mom-dad. Keep it strong! Wishing you your 25th marriage anniversary!
  21. May you always remain together and brighten up each other’s life. Keep it up mom-dad. Happy 25 years of married life.
  22. I just want to ask you that how you guys make it look so easy? I know its not easy at all. Married life includes lots of sacrifices and patience. You have truly inspired me by your dedication towards your relationship. Happy 25 years of successful married life parents.
  23. Congratulations to you guys on your 25th anniversary. May you celebrate many such anniversaries in your life. Congratulations on your 25th one.
  24. You guys would not have found better life partners than each other. Dear parents, happy 25th anniversary.
  25. Its your 25th anniversary parents, and I don’t want to say anything because your smile is saying all by itself. Happy 25 years of togetherness.
  26. Is it easy for you guys to believe that its your 25th anniversary? Yours is an incredible married life. Cheers to the love you share between you. Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary mom-dad..
  27. Wish you a very happy 25th anniversary maa-paa. May your married life is showered by lots of everlasting love, blessings..

Believe me, these 25th marriage anniversary quotes will make your parents feel happy. You can send these warm wishes instead of ordinary wishes to your parents and wish them in a wonderful way.

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