50 Cute And Funny Friendship Quotes

Cute And Funny Friendship Quotes For Best Friend

50 Cute And Funny Friendship Quotes
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Don’t you find laughter as the best thing to share with your friends? Enjoy reading my collection on cute and funny friendship quotes and messages. These quotes will help you in celebrating the humorous sides of friendship. Happy reading….

50 Cute And Funny Friendship Quotes

We all have friends in our life with whom we can be stupid with. From the serious conversations to double meaning jokes, it is a friend only with whom you can share anything without thinking even for a single second. They are the ones with whom you share your deepest secrets are they are the ones who tease you by calling the name of your crush. In short we all share wacky moments to some great memories with our friends. No matter how sad you are, but at the end of the day you might be caught laughing with your friend. It is your best friend with whom you die to share your secrets.

So its time to have a look at some of such cute and funny friendship quotes and messages.

You can use one of the many cute and funny friendship quotes below to let your best friend know just how much you appreciate them. As these quotes are bit hilarious, you will definitely enjoy reading them…

  1. There are some friends that stick by your side like octopus.
  2. You are my best friend because you are always ready to join me in my weirdness.
  3. Friends are those who eat your lunch box without even asking you.
  4. True friendship is when phone is yours and fingerprint is of someone else.
  5. True friends are those who know you well and still stay by your side always.
  6. True are the friends with whom conversations are short such as what’s in your lunch box..
  7. Friends are the family that you choose for yourself.
  8. Your best friend will never let you do funny things alone.
  9. Friends you call you around 4 a.m. in the morning to ask you about the syllabus of the exam to be conducted the same day is the best part..
  10. Best friends are always ready to make the person cry who made your eyes wet.
  11. Friends are blessing who enters your home and directly opens up the fridge to eat your saved portion of food.
  12. Through friendship you develop  many good habits and qualities in you that money can never buy.
  13. All will praise you, but your real friend is the one who will let you know how dirty your face is.
  14. For me friend is one with whom you can share your Maggie..
  15. A good friend of yours knows you better than any other person in this world.
  16. The friends with a chocolate are not less than a blessing.
  17. One of the qualities of your best friend is that he never gets tired of irritating you.
  18. It is your friend only with whom you can openly discuss about all your non sense done.
  19. True friendship take you to a place where money can never take.
  20. Life is awful if you don’t have that ugly friend with you.
  21. Enemies may hurt you at one point or the other, but your friends kill you deep inside.
  22. Friendship is lending your pen to your friend that he won’t return ever.
  23. If you are closed in a dark room with your best friend for 2 days without food and water, its damn sure you would come out laughing like mad.
  24. My friend is as cute as marshmallows.
  25. If you have your friend beside you, it doesn’t matter where you are going.
  26. A true friend of yours is one who knows you better than even you.
  27. For your best friend your tears are more valuable to him than your smile.
  28. A best friend is a person who will never let you feel alone. He is one who will never judge you, will keep on irritating you by doing cute silly things. But he is the same person with whom you can’t think of your life.
  29. Best friend is like your soul mate. Treasure him and never let go!
  30. You might not be brothers or sisters to your friend by birth but definitely by heart.
  31. Even when you are quiet, your friend can hear you.
  32. If you feel yourself brave than before, stronger than you were, confident in terms of yourself, then this has been possible just because of your friend.
  33. Hanging out with your friends is the best part of your life.
  34. No matter how much you are sucked by your life, but that weird friend of yours will definitely make you laugh by making those weird faces.
  35. I don’t understand whether I am a bad influence on you or you are..
  36. I know I will be taken to heaven but my friends in hell will miss me a lot. So even take me to the hell.
  37. It is one of the blessings to  e stupid with your best friend.
  38. Rule no -1 of friendship, never praise your friend.
  39. A good friend of yours play an equal role in both irritating and cooperating…
  40. There is a different taste in insulting your friend in front of his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.
  41. Friends are the sailors who protect you from the dangerous water of life.
  42. A person who is friend to all is actually not a good friend to anyone else.
  43. Your life is boring if you have never been silly with your friends.
  44. Hold your friend with both hands and never let him go.
  45. Friendship is not all about words, it is all about feelings.
  46. Best friends doesn’t require words to communicate, they can do so just by facial expressions.
  47. Friends are the most important ingredient required for making a dish called life.
  48. Your best friend will tell you the truth no matter how hard or easy it is, but will not always speak something that you want to hear.
  49. Your best friend knows how ugly you look, but will still choose to be with you in public.
  50. If you can call a person for no reason, he is probably a good friend of yours.

Laughing with a friend makes your day perfect. If you have best friends, show your love towards them from time to time no matter whether they are with you or not.


You can post these quotes on social media, send them in the email, or just write them on the cards, it doesn’t matter what way the quotes are sent but it will surely put a smile on your best friend.
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