42 Best Friends Quotes That Make You Cry

Best Friends Quotes That Will Bring Tears To your Eyes

42 Best Friends Quotes That Make You Cry
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Here are 42 best friends quotes that will most probably make you cry. Read and share the one you like the most with your best friend and let him know how much you love and adore him. Enjoy reading....

42 Best Friends Quotes That Make You Cry

We start taking friends for granted in our life and forget their importance. But the true value of a friend is known when he is noty with us.  The moment when we realise their importance is a feeling that usually brings tears to our eyes. It is just like a warm feeling melting inside our heart and makes us cry. So by being a part of your feeling, i have written below given quotes for best friends that will definitely make you cry. Read below:-

  1. Friendship is the greatest gift of god. If you have received one, you are lucky enough.
  2. A true friend is one who accepts you the way you are and still loves you.
  3. A true friend is one who not only stands by your side in your good times only but helps you pads even the worst days of your life.
  4. When the whole worlds is against you, your best friend is there to stand by your side and support you.
  5. Friendfs leave a beautiful impact in your life.

    Each of the friendsv represent a world in us.
  6. A true friend of yours will always appreciate your good work and helps you in overcoming your weaknesses.
  7. Even if you don’t utter a single word, your friend is able to hear you in silence too. This is true friendship.
  8. Believe me your life is ugly if you don't have any best friend. Friends are the family that you choose.
  9. A true friend of yours is one who stands by your side in the dark phases of your life and makes you a way to light.
  10. A true friend is one who need not prove that whether he will be there for you always or not.
  11. Even if you are silent your friend should be able to see your pain behind a smiling face.
  12. Between two best friends, everything is not to be said, some of the things are to be understood too without even uttering a single word.
  13. Your best friend might not be able to do big things for you, but yes one of the biggest things he can do is being your true and loyal friend.
  14. No matter how sad and depressed you are with your life, but meeting your best friend and spending quality time is sometimes the therapy that you all need to be normal in life.
  15. Friendship is like two souls dwelling inside a single soul. There is nothing that can be more priced than it.
  16. True friends are like diamond They are the ones who give you the whole freedom in being what you are.
  17. Your best friend is the only one who is always ready to protect you from your immortal enemies.
  18. No matter how imperfect and confused you are, but a true friend of yours will always adore you in a way you are.
  19. Friends are like your siblings that god has gifted you. They are like your brothers and mothers from another mother.
  20. True friends are honest to you no matter what you are.
  21. A person who is able to make you smile in your life again when even you have lost your hope is capable of being called as a true friend.
  22. Choose a friend slowly who is slower in changing.
  23. A person who stands by your side in your grief, tolerates you no matter how horrible you are is your true friend.
  24. True friends are like two souls in a single body.
  25. Friendship is something that can't be explained. It is a strong cement that holds the world of friendship strongly.
  26. Choose a friend who stays yours for your entire life.
  27. True friends never disappear from your life.
  28. True friends always count on you no matter what it is!
  29. Everyone will notice just your tears. But only best friend of yours makes you smile with tears in your eyes.
  30. Far by distance, but best friends are together in spirit always.
  31. Friendship is the source of greatest and permanent pleasures. Life is boring without having friends.
  32. Nothing can be compared to the fun that is made with your friends. Friends are a constant source of happiness in your life.
  33. Friendship passes through many ups and downs. But true friends stays with you no matter what the situation is!
  34. Friendship and true friends never let us feel alone in our life.
  35. A true friend is one who might be miles apart but is always there in your heart.
  36. Once you understand the true meaning of friendship, you will find it more true and deep than love.
  37. Sometimes you are not able to do anything for your friend in pain. But don’t even go away. Just sit by their side. Because sometimes sitting silently beside your friend may be the best gift and cure for all her pains.
  38. Friendship is something that is hard to explain but easy to understand.
  39. A true friendship is all the medication that you need sometimes.
  40. A real friend of yours will always stand by your side even when the whole world walks away.
  41. Never lose a chance in making friends. To make a friend is the best opportunity for you,
  42. Friendship is something that can never be explained. But once explanations starts, sorry but that is not  a friendship.
  43. True friends bring energy to your soul. They refreshes and rejuvenates your soul.
  44. If you possess true friends, you don’t need anything else in your life.
  45. A person who is able to tolerate your success and cheers for you is definitely your true and loyal friend.
  46. Nothing is scary in life if you have your true friends with you who will stand by your side always and help you cross bad and good phases of life.
  47. Best friends have the power and ability to turn your worst and horrible days of life into one of your best days..
  48. True friends leave their permanent footprints into your heart.
  49. You and your true friend is like two volumes of the same book.
  50. When a true friend of you leaves your life, it feels like one of the parts of you is gone..
  51. A person who knows you better than you is your best friend.

If you have your best friend by your side life seems much easier. They are the ones who will stay by your side even when the whole world is against you. Hope reading these quotes will surely make your eyes wet.

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