Words Of Encouragement For A Friend

Encouraging Quotes for a friend

Words Of Encouragement For A Friend
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Words of encouragement have the ability to build people up. Friends are not only your companions of joy but also support you during your bad times. No matter whether they are close to you or at some distance, but they will always encourage you in your life.

Words Of Encouragement For A Friend

Words of encouragement are like those golden words during times of misery especially when these are received from your friends. And your friends will always stay by your side and encourage you without showing any judgmental attitude towards you. During times of misery, you don’t need people who tend to find faults in you, but a dear friend who will encourage you to perform better than before. You can overcome great barriers when you get right encouragement and push from your friend. Check out my collection on words of encouragement for a friend.

  1. Never feel disappointed in your life my friend. At least you should try until and unless you succeed in your life.
  2. Believe me, 20 years from now you will be more disappointed as you are today because of not trying in life.

    So try, try again until and unless you grab success in your hands.
  3. Believe in yourself. Believe that you have something strong in you that is even more strong than the obstacle in front of you.
  4. Never give upon in your life, friend. Learn to live for your dreams of life.
  5. Friend! Between you and your goal you are going to find many obstacles. But all depends on you on how you deal with them, overcome them and become successful in life.
  6. Don't worry this time shall also pass. You just don't lose hope and hope for the best.
  7. You cannot go back into the past to correct your mistakes. But you can make a fresh start from today only.
  8. Always remember my one thing in life- Failure is not about how many times you have fallen down, it is about staying down even without trying to reach what you want in your life.
  9. Don’t wait for opportunities to come and knock your door. Start wherever you are and whatever you have with you.
  10. I know I can’t change the things that are happening. But I assure that you will feel comfort in my zone my friend.
  11. I am neither a therapist nor a counselor. But I will always listen to your problems, help you and care for you.
  12. I can’t fix this problem of yours my friend. But I am always by your side to help you out with things. I will never let you feel alone in your life.
  13. I assure you that I will never let you feel alone in your life. You will always have my hand to hold in difficult times of yours.
  14. The words of encouragement to your dear friend during failure is much better than words of appreciation during success.
  15. Be strong and courageous my friend. Have faith in yourself. I am sure that you can do this.
  16. Be positive and happy. I know you have the ability to do this. You just keep working hard.
  17. Change you attitude, work hard. Believe me you will enjoy those heights of success in your life that you have never dreamt of.
  18. This difficult time of yours shall pass too like others. All you have to do is keep faith in yourself.
  19. Fall for 10 times and stand for 11 time….
  20. It is not about conquering a mountain… It is all about conquering yourself.
  21. Friend don’t feel as your competition is with the outside world. Always remember that your competition is with yourself only.
  22. Go in your direction of dreams confidently. Try every possible means to live your life that you have imagined.
  23. My dear friend, I know your dream has broken into thousands of pieces. So pick up one of those broken pieces and start again.
  24. Life will knock you several times in your life. But this is you only who will have to stand up and work hard until you achieve whatever you have dreamt of.
  25. People will always speak. Don’t give them mouth to speak and don’t even let them dull your sparkle.
  26. Dear friend being your best friend I will always support you in your life. But believe me even I won’t be able to motivate you in your life as much as your self confidence can. So believe in yourself and have confidence in you.
  27. No matter where you are and how you are but you have a friend with you who will always be there to motivate you and encourage you to deliver your best.
  28. Things could have been much more worse than this. Thanks god for not making these conditions as worse as they could have been.
  29. Make your faith bigger than your fears.
  30. In a world where every person is so mean, you will always find me behind your back who will constantly push you and encourage you to give your best and pursue your dreams.
  31. Many hardships you have faced, many are to be faced. But don't ever feel yourself alone. I am always there with you to encourage you and take you to the best.
  32. If you haven’t been successful in your first attempt, don’t lose hope. Friend, the destination is still waiting for you.
  33. I know that in such a difficult time, nothing is better than words of encouragement.
  34. God has given you this life because he knew that you have the strength to bear it.
  35. This obstacle is going to make you from an ordinary person to an estraordinary one!
  36. Let these hardships make you a better person but not bitter.
  37. I am your friend and I will believe you even during those times when you will lost all your hope.
  38. Don’t lose your hope. When things stop working out, take a deep breath and have faith in yourself until and unless things will work for best.
  39. Dear friend of mine why you are feeling low. You are doing the best that you can..
  40. Stay positive and think of yourself as one of the strongest persons created by god.

Sometimes during times of ours we usually need someone who not only fixes our problem but also gives us proper advice and correct words of encouragement. And there is no other person than a friend.  I hope this collection on encouragement words to friends finds you and inspires you.



Right encouragement from a friend can surely help in enduring a difficult time and situation with little ease. I expect you all to share these with your friends via text, emails or hand-written notes.
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