53 Sad Goodbye Quotes

Sad Goodbye Quotes

53 Sad Goodbye Quotes
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Goodbyes are never so easy to say. Saying goodbye to a person who is close to you or whom you love is like the hardest thing of life. Yeah it is difficult because after sharing so many memories together its not easy to say goodbye. Saying goodbyes to the people those we care for are hard as hell! If you are finding it difficult to say goodbye to your loved one, continue to read my below given quot

53 Sad Goodbye Quotes

  1. Its easy to say goodbye but how should I stop thinking of you?
  2. The may not remember by first day kiss but I can’t forget my last goodbye kiss.
  3. Will wait until you won't come. Goobye.
  4. I keep looking for the day when you will come back and hold me in your arms.
  5. My love please come back soon, your goodbye is melting my heart.
  6. Goodbye is just a word, but my heart knows the pain of parting. Miss ya!
  7. Its easy to meet new people but saying them goodbye is equally difficult.
  8. My heart realises that we will meet again and that too very soon. Goodbye..
  9. Its really hard to say goodbye to a person whom you love whole heartedly.
  10. Letting the person go whom you love is the hardest part of life and equally difficult is to say him goodbye.
  11. Nothing hurts as much as goodbyes do.
  12. Your absence will pierce my heart like a strong blafde. Miss You!
  13. Saying goodbye is really difficult because you know that you will never say a person hello again..
  14. The most difficult situation is to say goodbye to a person whom you don’t want to leave.
  15. I never thought you meant so much to me. Goodbye made me realize it.
  16. The most painful goodbyes can never be explained well enough.
  17. Our fate didn’t wanted us to be together.

    I am nothing without you. Goodbye!
  18. Your love holds a special place in my heart. Without you my life is empty. Goodbye!
  19.  I will simply stay here and watch you leave. You can't imagine the pain my heart is passing from. Goodbye..
  20. Each time you will miss me close your eyes and put your hand on your chest. Gonna miss you badly baby.
  21. I don't recognise what my life would be when you will leave me. Goodbye.
  22. I can't watch you leaving me. But yes, i will miss ya!
  23. No matter where the wind of this goodbye takes you, I always pray and wish the best for you.
  24. It is sad to say you goodbye because our souls were connected with each other.
  25. Your love is something that I will never forget in my life. Goodbye!
  26. My wounded heart knows the pain it is suffering from. I don’t know why cant I stop loving you. Goodbye love!
  27. Its better to end it now before it becomes something really weird. Goodbye!
  28. I know you will find somebody much better than me some day. Goodbye! I pray the best for you..
  29. I know I was not compatible to you. Hope you find the girl of your dreams this time. Goodbye! And yes, I still love you..
  30. I dreamed about both of us living together. But that were dreams and the things our relationship is facing is the truth. Goodbye!
  31. My world starts from you and ends at you. As you have decided to part away, my whole world seems to be collapsed. Goodbye!
  32. I have shown respect towards your every decision. So why did you thought that I won’t respect your this decision of saying goodbye to me and ending this relationship.
  33. There is nothing as hard for me to say  goodbye to you, my love! I have cried so much….
  34. We have ended the same way as we had started. Its really hard to say goodbye.
  35. Saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to my life.
  36. It is not easy to say goodbye to a person who means the whole world to you.
  37. Your love is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I cant believe that fate has decided to part us. I love you forever from the core of my heart. Goodbye!
  38. Saying goodbye to you is the hardest part of loving you.
  39. The whole world comes to an end when its time to say goodbye to the person you love the most.
  40. I wonder how people say goodbye to the person they love.
  41. We have spent a long time together. So it becomes difficult for me to say your goodbye.
  42. Promise me that you will never forget me in your life. Goodbye! I wish you have a successful life ahead.
  43. I will never forget the priceless memories that we both shared together. I know how I am managing to say you goodbye.
  44. I want to meet you again in order to say you goodbye in my own way. I can’t live with this unexplained goodbye. Please meet me once.
  45. You ask hurt? I am fucking hurt by your decision. Was it really this much easy to say goodbye.
  46. Its not easy to say goodbye to a person with whom you want to spend every second of your life.
  47. Thanks for the memories you have given me. Goodbye love!
  48. I want to say you goodbye again and again just to see you again…
  49. Saying goodbye to the person you love is the most difficult way of solving a problem.
  50. Saying goodbye is like closing the book without even reading the chapter.
  51. When I say you goodbye, promise me that you won’t cry. You shall be always loved and the memories of the times spent together are treasured in my heart.
  52. No one remembers when we exactly say hello. But everyone remembers when di we say goodbye and for what reason.
  53. Our relationship continued just for the blink of my eye. I wonder how hello changed to goodbye!

Every goodbye comes with the ending of a relationship. Its f*cking hard to say goodbye to a person who loved you and cared for you. So in the above article I have collected a unique collection of sad goodbye quotes. Use them and convey your message to whosoever you want to..

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