Quotes and Wishes for 25th Wedding Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

Quotes and Wishes for 25th Wedding Anniversary
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A fine collection of 25th wedding anniversary wishes. You can share these 25th anniversary wishes with your family, friends, boss, colleagues etc. Grab the chance to wish them in a different manner.

25th marriage anniversary is a special day. It’s a day when two souls met. It’s a long journey through which both of them came along. Both of them make lots of sacrifices and face many obstacles to make their relationship successful. So use underlying Quotes and Wishes for wishing them their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Make them feel that its amazing to complete 25 years of married life.

Pick one of the best wedding anniversary wish and make them feel special.

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

  • From being childhood friends to best friends to girlfriend/boyfriend to husband wife, you have come a long way. Happy marriage anniversary to you guys..
  • Congratulations to you for achieving success in your married life. Happy 25th marriage anniversary to you guys..
  • Its easy to fall in love with each other, but to make your relationship successful is not easy. But you guys have proved it . Congratulations to you
  • I just feel that all the love quotes have been made just for you. You are an amazing couple. Wishing you 25th marriage anniversary from the core of my heart..
  • Its easy to make promises, but to keep those promises is really difficult. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • I just wish to see more couples like you. You guys have set an example for everyone. Wish you guys a very happy 25th anniversary.
  • I think a book should be written on you guys so should everyone should know about your love story. Its not less than a fairy tale. On this special day of yours I wish you guys a very happy 25th anniversary!
  • It’s a day to me romantic and sentimental. After all it’s a day to celebrate 25 years of your married life. Cheers to this wonderful evening!
  • Married life is not just easy one. Its shown romantic in fairy tales but actually its all about the sacrifices that make the relationship strong. Happy 25th guys…
  • Your 25 years must have taught you many things. Its not easy to pass with every problem. But you did by having a smile on your face. Happy 25th anniversary..
  • You are the most beautiful couple. My best wishes and prayers are always with you. Happy marriage anniversary.
  • You guys are a perfect example of how should a husband and wife be. That is the only reason you guys have come this day. Cheers to your 25th marriage anniversary!
  • I have not seen any couple as romantic as you are even after completimng your 25 years of relationship. Happy silver jubilee!
  • Both of you should be sent to museum so that everyone should know about you- your love story. You guys must have made many sacrifices for making your relationship successful. Wish you 25th anniversary of yours!
  • Congratulations to you guys on successful completion of 25 years of married life. You are true soulmates…
  • Its been 25 years since both of you are walking by each other. I bow down to you guys.. so on this special occasion I wishbeautiful couple a very happy marriage anniversary!
  • I guess your companionship must have been excellent because of which you guys have come along 25 years.
  • From day one, you guys have been each other’s smile keeper. So after successful completion of 25 years just have fun and enjoy the day.
  • A relationship of 25 years is so pure. You know everything about your partner. And after facing so many obstacles you guys have made it. A big cheers from my side for your 25th anniversary!
  • Its quarter century of your married life. You are the most coolest couple I have ever met. Happy 25th marriage anniversary!
  • You both have completed a beautiful journey by taking each others hand in hand.  Happy marriage anniversary to both of you!
  • Sometimes I feel amazed by the love and trust you guys have for each other. I just hope that may it gets increased with the passage of time. A very big congratulations to you both on your 25th anniversary!!.
  • 25 years of relationship is so pure. Hats off to you both! Happy 25th marriage anniversary.
  • You both have faced many obstacles together since the last 25 years. So wait for a second, take a pause and think of all the beautiful moments that you guys have spent together. Cheers to your special day.. happy 25th..
  • From the period of stalking each other in class to being each others better half. You guys have come a long way. And the day of today, yeah its 25th marriage anniversary! Wish you both a great journey ahead. Congratulations!
  • Sometimes I feel amazed by the way you guys adore each other and care for each other. All I want to say is you are made for each other. Happy 25th anniversary to you guys!
  • Here i am sharing alots of love with you both on your 25th years of togetherness. Happy 25th!
  • 25 years are not less. So after its successful completion its time to unite and celebrate. Cheers..
  • Its takes lot of sacrife to be at a place where both of you are. Happy 25th anniversary.
  • Sometimes I just feel as its about yesterday only when you guys were high school lovers! But its 25 years.. I wonder how time has passed and you guys have made it so successful.. Wishing you both happy 25th anniversary of yours…
  • Its easy to take marriage wows.. but to fulfil them is the most different task. But you have set an example for others too. I heartily congratulate you both on your 25th anniversary!!
  • You guys are a combination of three things- best Friends, best better halves and best lovers.. happy 25th marriage anniversary to you both!!
  • You both make an ideal couple and understand each other very well. Have an awesome 25th marriage anniversary.

25 years period is a long journey. It’s a special day for every married couple. Moreover is celebration if love, trust and togetherness. So use the above given quotes to wish your family, friends or any one else a very happy 25th marriage anniversary!!

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