25 Exciting Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

wedding anniversary wishes for wife

25 Exciting Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife
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Are you looking for the right way to wish your wife a very happy marriage anniversary. Every wife dreams her husband to wish them in a special way on the occasion of their marriage anniversary. Here we have created a unique collection of such exciting wedding anniversary wishes for wife. Just have a look at them...

Wife holds a special place in husband’s life. The love that a hubby has for his wife is romantic and infact deep too. Wedding anniversary is a special time to celebrate your married life and its memories. No matter whether its your 1st anniversary or 50th, every anniversary should be celebrated.

 Is its your marriage anniversary? Are you interested to wish your wife in a different way. Here we have a unique collection of such wishes that makes your wife know how much you love her and she holds a special place in your heart too.

25 Exciting Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

  1. I am incomplete without you. You make me complete darling.

    I cant imagine my life without you. Happy marriage anniversary..
  2. You are the only one who transformed my house into home. You are the one who raised our kids property and made them able to exist in this society. Happy marriage anniversary!!
  3. No matter how much we fight and disagree with other, but the most important thing is I love you.. wish you a very happy marriage anniversary..
  4. Thanks wify for making my life beautiful. You will always be loved. Happy anniversary!
  5. I had always wished for a life partner like you. Thanks for accepting my proposal and being my wife. Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary from the core of my heart..
  6. Dear wify, you are the only one who made my dreams come true. You are an amazing life partner. Happy anniversary!!
  7. I had never thought that we would be so close in a small span of time. Darling! How are you able to read my mind? This is the most amazing thing between us. Thanks for being with ne everytime and everywhere. Congratulations and happy marriage anniversary!
  8. I don’t matter what number it is of our marriage anniversary, all that matters is the love and dedication which helped us to bring our relationship this way. I love you darling! Happy wedding anniversary to us!
  9. This phase of life would not have been so easy without your love and support. Thanks for being at my side always. Much love you my darling wife. Happy wedding anniversary!
  10. Hey baby! Its our wedding anniversary today. So lets celebrate the day together and enjoy some of the lovely moments of our married life. Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary darling! You will always be loved!
  11. Dear wife our marrige is a timeless one. Congratulations to you on our wedding anniversary.
  12. I feel lucky to have life partner like you. You are the one who makes me smiles, made me successful in my life, supported me in every phase of life. You are such a darling. Xoxo.. happy marriage anniversary!!
  13. If I get a chance in my life to make a wish that comes true, then I will surely wish for a life partner like you darling. Happy anniversary!
  14. Thanks for being my partner in every phase of life.. whether it may be joy, sorrow, emotions, fights, craziness everything. Thanks for being what you are. Happy anniversary..
  15. Hey darling! I know if you are east I am west.. but this makes us perfectly complementary. Happy wedding anniversary to us!
  16. Some husbands dedicate songs for their wives. But I am different. I would simply love dedicate my whole life for you. Happy wedding anniversary darling!
  17. This is just not a celebration of our weddind day. Infact i want to celebrate every day that we have spent together. Happy marriage anniversary to my darling wife..
  18. I know sometimes I take you for granted. But today I guess is a perfect way to tell you how special you are to me. Happy marriage anniversary..
  19. I don’t know how other couple celebrate their marriage anniversary. But I want to make it little unique. On our wedding anniversary I just want to spend the whole day pampering my love. Happy anniversary!!!
  20. We make an amazing couple baby.. we are perfect hubby and wifey for each other. Whishing you an amazing wedding anniversary..
  21. No matter how much hard life will be.. you will always find one person standing by your side and its me.. your hubby. So its our special day today. Lets enjoy and celebrate the day together. Cheers!!!!
  22. Honey! I remember every single vow we had taken together on our wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!
  23. I know baby I cant solve every problem. But I make sure that I will always stand by your side and wipe your tears whenever you are sad. Cheers to our marriage anniversary!
  24. Happy marriage aaniversary to the mother of my children and one my loves who gave me wings. I am lucky to have you as my partner. Happy marriage anniversary darling.
  25. Happy marriage anniversary to the women of my life. I will never leave you and I love you. Happy anniversary love!
  26. There are some men who regret for getting married. But I am totally different darling. I promise to be your side always and to marry you every year on our anniversary day. Congratulations to our first marriage anniversary!
  27. I still remember the day when you held my hand for the very first time. That was the day darling when I decided never to leave the hand. Happy wedding anniversary!
  28. A very happy anniversary to the love of my life. You are the one whom I want to see first in the morning and sleeping by your side forever. Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary
  29. Dear wifey, you act as my seat belt in this life. No matter, how many ups and downs I pass by in my life, you as a protective shield is always there for me. Happy anniversary!

No matter whether its your 1st or 25th marriage anniversary, use the above given anniversary wishes to wish your wife a very happy wedding anniversary.Show love and care for your wife by using these wishes. Hope this article proves to be useful to you.

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