Amazing Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Teacher

Amazing Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes and Messages for Teacher

Amazing Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Teacher
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Are you looking for exciting happy birthday wishes for teacher? A teacher holds a special place in very student's life. Teacher shapes the whole life of a student through her love, care and trust. They are the one who mold our future. Use the underlying birthday wishes and quotes to wish your teacher on her happy birthday....

Teachers are the building block of a student’s life. They play a great role in shaping your future and making you successful in your life by showing you the right direction. So when its your teacher’s birthday, select an appropriate birthday wish and make your teacher, mentor, guru feel special.

In this section you will find a unique collection of birthday wishes and quotes for teacher. Select one of the wish and send it to your teacher. Appreciate the presence of your teacher in your life and what role they play in your life.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Teacher

  • Thank you teacher for shaping my future. When I grow up, I just want to be like you.

    Wish you a very happy birthday!
  • Teacher, you are different from others. Thanks for teaching moral values to help me out in existing in this society. Happy birthday to my favourite teacher!
  • Its matter of pride for us in being taught from you. Happy birthday Mam.
  • Dear teacher you are my role model. Once i grow up, i want to be like you. Happy birthday.
  • A very happy birthday to the most coolest teacher. As its your birthday today, so we won’t ask you for any birthday party. But yes, instead of that we would like you to give us some good grades in test. Hehehe..
  • After completion if school life, I still remember your birthday mam. This thing clearly shows the love and respect I have for you. Happy birthday mam..
  • A very happy birthday to my idol teacher, for whom I have always looked for. Wishing you lots of happiness and success in your life.
  • A very happy birthday to the most pretty lady out there… my teacher! You are the one who taught me to speak, read and write. Thank you for everything you did for me.
  • Thanks for imparting confidence in me that helped me in being successful in life. On this special day of yours i wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Your class is the most special thing that I miss after passing out my school. You are my best teacher. Here I wish a very happy birthday to a great personality- my mentor, my teacher…
  • Every teacher teaches the lessons that are inside the book. But you are the one who taught us the lessons of life. Happy birthday mam for the core of my heart..
  • Its your birthday mam and the whole class is wishing you to take day off and enjoy your day with your family and friends. Happy birthday!
  • The way you teach us.. the way you adore us.. is amazing! That is why the whole class loves you. Happy birthday teacher!
  • A teacher plays a great role by educating others. Happy birthday to the mentor of my life, my teacher!
  • Dear teacher, we are the plants and you are the gardener. You have raised and nourished us with love, education and lots of knowledge. You are the best teacher one can have. Happy birthday!
  • A teacher is like second parents who teaches us the best things he/she knows. Dear sir, wishing you a wonderful birthday. May god bless you..
  • Happy birthday teacher! Thanks for scolding us and putting us on the right direction. You are the only one who made me capable in my life. Thanks for everything. Happy Birthday!!
  • Dear teacher thanks for providing us those valuable written notes for which at least I have always looked for! Happy birthday and have an amazing day..
  • Thank you sir for being so strict and punctual with us. All I would say is that you have put me in the right direction of life. Happy birthday sir!.
  • Dear teacher, thank you for tolerating all our weird things with a big smile on your face. We all love you! Have a fabulous birthday…
  • Dear teacher, a very happy birthday to you.. its your special day where we can ask us not be naughty and annoying in class. May you get the best in your life. Happy birthday!
  • Teacher, you have always shown us the right path of life.  You are truly an inspiration of all students. Thanks for motivating us and yeah a very happy birthday to you..
  • Mam your words “try” ,”try again” has always motivated us to work hard in our life. Thanks for everything you did for us. Happy bday teacher!!
  • Dear teacher, one thing I must say that the stuff you teach in class is really interesting. But the homework you give us is quite boring.... so as its your bday today so kindly exempt us from all this homework stuff.  
  • Dear teacher, you are the only reason why we don’t miss school. Your dedication and encouragement towards studies have really helped us a lot. Happy birthday!
  • Teacher you are the one who helped us in improving our grades and life both. Thanks for everything. Wish you a very happy birthday…
  • Teacher, its your bday today and we promise to maintain silence in class and avoid all other nuisances that we create in class. But tomorrow onwards everything gonna be normal again. Happy birthday to you..
  • Its your birthday teacher! On this special day of yours I owe my success to you. Its all your lessons that helped me to come this way.
  • Thanks for making our class so entertaining that each and every student of our class look forward to next chapter of physics. Happy birthday to you sir!
  • Its your love and dedication only that we feel school as our second home and you as our second parents. Happy birthday teacher!
  • Its well said that A good TEACHER is like a candle – it consumes itself to LIGHT the way for others.So wish you a very happy birthday teacher. Enjoy your day.

Take a pen and paper and write some beautiful wish for your teacher. No matter how strict your teacher is but always remember it’s a thankless job and a teacher is respectable. 

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