40 Quotes About Living In The Present

Beautiful Quotes About Living in the Present Moment that you would love to enjoy

40 Quotes About Living In The Present
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Just eliminate the non essential things of past and future, and start living in the present. The underlying article consists of a unique collection of beautiful sayings and quotes on living in the now. Scroll down to read those quotes and sayings.

40 Quotes About Living In The Present Moment

The present moment is the only important moment of life. Just eliminate the non essential things of past and future, and start living in the present. When you are living in the present, you are living where life is happening. Not living in present is not less than living in illusion.

If you will keep on regretting about past and worrying about future, you will ruin the moment of today i.e. the present one. So start living in now if you wish to not to become the victim of time and enjoy the limitless happiness of life. Read our underlying article on living in the present quotes.

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  1. Don’t worry about present or past. Just live for the present moment.
  2. Don’t regret for the mistakes you have done in your past. Just value your present moments.
  3. Always remember, there is only one time that is important and its now.
  4. Your past has gone! You cant guarantee what will happen in future. So don’t spoil your life by overthinking. Just enjoy the present moments.
  5. Try to live in the present. Live your life consciously.
  6. The real happiness in found in present only. So enjoy it.
  7. The best way to enjoy life is to live in the present moment.
  8. Just concentrate your mind in the present moments without feeling guilty for past and without worrying for future.
  9. Living the present moment is the best way to keep yourself happy.
  10. Today is the gift of god. Value it by enjoying it and making it memorable.
  11. A good future can be created only by a good present. So make sure you make good one!
  12. Learn from your past, implement it in your present so that to have a good future.
  13. You can neither control your past nor future. The only thing you can control is your present.
  14. Live in the present. Live every moment of it!
  15. Live in the present and make it that much beautiful that it is remembered forever.
  16. The secret behind a sound mind and body is not worrying about future and past and living in the present moments.
  17. In order to conquer the anxiety and stress start living in the present moments of life.
  18. Tomorrow is yet to come! In order to make it better start living in the present.
  19. Make your present better and your future will automatically become the way you want it.
  20. Live in the present moments of today! Don’t let your soul frighten from the mistakes made in past or the worries of future.
  21. Your past and future depends upon your present. Make sure to make it interesting and worth.
  22. I remember my childhood when we neither worried about past nor future. The real happiness lied in present only.
  23. Staying in present will dissolve all your negativity.
  24. Every day comes with a fresh beginning. Live it to the fullest.
  25. Feel as if you have lived all your life up to this moment, to come to the present day.
  26. Make your present day as good as it will come again in eternity.
  27. Live in your present moment and make it as a heaven on earth.
  28. Life is not less than a mystery. Live right here! Live right now!
  29. Think as if you will not get happiness in any other moment than this and start enjoying present.
  30. Nothing is more special than living in your present moment.
  31. We are not aware of what gonna happen tomorrow. So just be good and happy today.
  32. A good future can be created by creating a good present.
  33. The present moment is all that you have in your entire life.
  34. It is the present only where you can live in peace.
  35. Time waits for no one. Make the most of today only.
  36. Always concentrate your mind in the present .
  37. Happiness is something you design for the present.
  38. You will not find happiness in any hour rather than the present hour.
  39. All the joy and happiness of life is in the present moment only. You should have the ability to see it.
  40. Today is life. So start living in today..

Try living in present because if you will not do so it will start affecting your mental and emotional level. Being in present means your are living in acceptance. So choose an appropriate quote if you want to suggest or advice someone else to start living in present.

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