Thank you Notes For Teacher From Parent

quotes for thanking teacher from a parent

Thank you Notes For Teacher From Parent
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Teachers play an important role in shaping the future of children. You as parents, it becomes your duty too to thank you the teachers for the role they play in the life of your children. Teachers are the second parents of your child. They play a huge responsibility towards your children. So in turn it becomes your duty too to thank them.

Thank you Notes For Teacher From Parent

  1. Thank you for providing such a healthy environment to my kid at school. He is enjoying school a lot. I must appreciate the hard work behind the activities you organise at school. Great work!
  2. Thank you teacher for your guidance, hard work at school. You have been an excellent educator to my kid I must say..
  3. Whether we parents are engineers, doctors etc but nothing can contribute more than a teacher in the life of a student. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your patience.

    I must say you have handled kid with great patience.
  5. Thank you teacher for devoting your time towards my kid and helping him with his homework.
  6. You have made every subject interesting for my son that he shows keen interest in his studies. I cant express my gratitude for this great thing that has happened.
  7. Thank you teacher for staying behind my kid and helping him out in solving the problems. You are the best teacher!
  8. The role of a teacher is not less than a parent. You are second guardian of my kid. Thank you for teaching him lessons that I couldn’t.
  9. Thank you making my son into a better human being. Thanks once again for this selfless service.
  10. You not only taught my children the lessons present in book only. You taught them the great lessons of life too. Thank you so much.
  11. Thank you teacher for filling our little one brains with big dreams.
  12. My kid has become a better person just because of you. Thank you!
  13. Thank you teacher for safeguarding our children from negative impacts. Thanks once again for bringing out the best in our children.
  14. Thank you for educating our girl in a perfect manner. We rest easy because of teachers like you.
  15. No technology can replace the inspirational words of a good teacher. Thank you for showing your timely guidance towards my daughter.
  16. Thank you for being with our kids through good and worst parts of their life. You always come to the class with a plan to teach something positive to the children.
  17. Thank you for letting my daughter know the importance of education. Thanks once again..
  18. Dear teacher! You have played a great role in modelling my children’s future. I am short of words for the service you are doing for the society..
  19. You are one of the irreplaceable teachers. Thank you for educating our children by showering them with tons of love.
  20. We as parents need not worry about our children. Because teachers like you protect the children from bad influences.
  21. Your education has brought a huge difference in our children. I must say my son is lucky to have a teacher like you.
  22. I heartily appreciate the work you do as a teacher. You are the best teacher our children could ever have. Thank you!
  23. Thank you teacher for showing your love and concern towards our child. We as parents appreciate you!
  24. My children has come up with many positive influences, and it has been possible just because of you. Thank you!
  25. The difference that you have brought to the lives of our children is immeasurable. Thank you for being the best teacher.
  26. Thank you for being a perfect teacher for my kid. I truly appreciate it. Keep up the good work!
  27. Thank you for your love and care that you have shown towards my kid. Being a mother, I have always felt relieved for my kid in school because I knew he is with a teacher like you.
  28. My child has transformed a lot in few months and I am sure it has been possible under your guidance only. Thank you for bringing this huge change..
  29. The child who hated going to school has started loving going school. And this has been possible just because of you. I am a witness of how you have transformed the life of my kid.
  30. I am pleased that my daughter is learning so much under your guidance. Thank you!
  31. Thank you for not only teaching bookish lessons to our children but also moral values that will help them in being better citizens of the country.
  32. We are thankful to you because we have a teacher like you to keep an eye on our child and ensure his safety in school. Thank you!
  33. You cannot compare admitting your child to a big school to a good teacher. Its all about a teacher that brings a huge difference. Thank you!
  34. I cant find words to thank you for contributing your time and efforts towards my children. Thank you.

Good teachers are hard to find these days. They play an important role in the life of your children. Being parents, its your turn to appreciate their great work they have done for your children.


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