Thank You Messages & Notes for Retirement Wishes

Say Thank You for Receiving Retirement Wishes from Everyone

Thank You Messages & Notes for Retirement Wishes
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Retirement day is a special day in every employee's life. The day has to be celebrated in a special manner such that the memories of this day will be cherished forever. The retirement day is the day to celebrate each and every day of the service. After receiving retirement wishes its your time to thank everyone for sending you heartiest wishes. Here we have included a unique collection of such thank you messages to say thanks to everyone for their warm wishes on your retirement day.

If you are retiring, then its great idea to say thanks to your colleagues, boss, family members for the retirement wishes they have sent you. Retirement is the starting of a new phase of life. It has to be celebrated in a grand manner. Not every individual serviceman gets a chance for this. So if you are lucky enough that your retirement is celebrated, then a perfect thank you message is required for all those who sent you their warm wishes on your retirement. Here in this post we have organised some of the thank you messages for retirement wishes.

Just have a look at them.

Thank you messages & notes for retirement wishes

  • I appreciate your choice of gift that you presented me on my retirement. Thanks a lot for it!
  • Thank you for attending my retirement party and for your heartily wishes. Yours gift is the gift that I liked the most..
  • Thanks for finding out time from your busy schedules to attend my retirement party. I appreciate your choice.
  • Your gifts made me feel so special on my retirement party. Thanks for attending my retirement party. It would not have been complete without you.
  • You guys made my retirement party memorable. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for attending the party and sending me your warm wishes. Thank you!
  • 32 years of service is not a small period. And it was simply wonderful to work with you all. I appreciate your generosity. Thank you everyone!
  • Working with you guys made me feel as if I am working in a family. All your gifts hold a sentimental place in my heart. Thank you everyone for your heartiest wishes..
  • I thank each and every member of my team for organizing such a wonderful retirement party for me. Thank you all..
  • Retirement is a blessing in every working person’s life. But you made my retirement even more special by attending it. Thank you!
  • I cant believe that I have reached my retirement age because I still look so young! I thank you all for being there at my retirement party and making it memorable. I hope these memories will be cherished forever!
  • I don’t have words to express my gratitude to each one of you for sending me your warm wishes on my retirement. Thanks a lot for being there at the party and for those wonderful gifts that you presented me..
  • The way you organized my retirement party made me feel with how much dedication I have worked in this company. Thanks for your warm wishes everyone…
  • Thank you friend for celebrating my retirement party in such a manner. You are the most special friend of mine. Thanks for celebrating my retirement in such a manner.
  • I hope you all also enjoyed my retirement party in the same way as I did. Thank you for your generous gifts and warm wishes.
  • Thank you mates for the retirement party. Its time to leave (company’s name). I would sincerely thank all of you for your good wishes. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.
  • The gifts that you presented me on my retirement party will surely remember me of each one of you. All I want to say you all is thank you for the wishes and all the best for the future..
  • I have been working in this company from past 15 years. I will definitely miss you all. Hope that you all will also miss me as a part of your team. Thank you for organising such a fantastic retirement party.
  • I was definitely looking towards this retirement but will also miss working with you all. Thank you all for congratulating me on my retirement party with wishes full of generosity.
  • Its my last working day in this company. But I assure you, if you need any kind of help in future please don’t hesitate to contact me. And yes, thank you for such lovely retirement wishes and messages.
  • AS I am retiring from my position today, I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn, grow and work with you. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the support and wishes you have given me.
  • I feel great that I have shared a wonderful work relationship with you all. Your support made me work in a enjoyable manner in this company. Thanks for the inspiring retirement wishes you all have written for me..

Thank you messages for the retirement party is a great way to express your gratitude to each one of you who wished you on your retirement. Choose an appropriate wish from the above wishes and say thank you.. 

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