Thank You Messages For Retirement Gifts

Thank You Messages, Notes and Quotes for Receiving Retirement Gifts

 Thank You Messages For Retirement Gifts
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Thank you messages for retirement gifts is an impressive way to thank everyone for all the priceless gifts received on the retirement day. Express your gratitude to each one for showering you with their warm wishes and their lovely tokens of love and appreciation.

The age of retirement is the special day in every employed person’s life. Contributing to your service for so many years and that too honestly and by working hard is not merely an easy job. And not every person us lucky enough to celebrate the day. So if you are getting retired from your job or some one else whom you may know is planning for his/her retirement, its time to celebrate the day.

The day of retirement is the day when you are bestowed with warm blessings, wishes and even gifts. This is the day to proudly celebrate your contribution towards your work. After getting showered by the wonderful gifts, its your turn to say thanks to everyone for the amazing gifts.

Read the below article to get some help in writing thank you messages for receiving retirement gifts.

Thank You Messages For Retirement Gifts

  • I appreciate your gift that you gifted me on my retirement day. Thanks a lot it really means a lot to me.
  • Thanks for your presence at my retirement party. And yes, your gift was the most precious one. I really loved it..
  • Thanks for finding some time from your bust schedules to be there at my retirement party. I appreciate your choice of gifts. Really loved each one of them.
  • I deeply appreciate your gift. Thank you dear friend for such a generous gift.
  • Hey friend! You know what? Your gift suited my retirement occasion perfectly. Thanks for making my day so special.
  • Thanks pal for making my 25 years of service worth. And your gift was the perfect one to suit the day. How did you knew that I wanted this only?
  • Thanks everyone for showering me with your warm wishes and wonderful gifts on my retirement day. Thanks a lot for making this day memorable..
  • Thank you everyone for bestowing me with wonderful gifts on my retirement. These really made me sentimental.
  • A great thanks to my hard working and supportive team for organizing such a wonderful retirement party for me. I will definitely miss you all. But yes, your gifts will always remind me of you. Thanks once again…
  • Retirement day is not less than a blessing. Not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate the day. Therefore I thank every one of you for celebrating my day in such a great manner. And thanks a lot for your pretty tokens of love and appreciation.
  • Dear friends, I really appreciate your presence at my party. The moment was priceless. Thanks once again for such a lovely gift. Its worth using. I liked it a lot!
  • Thanks a lot gentleman for your generous gift. I will definitely treasure it forever. It will always remind me of you. Thanks once again..
  • Frankly speaking I never realized that I have reached my retirement age because you mates have never let me feel so. The retirement party and the gift organized by you was lovely. The memories of the day will definitely be cherished forever.
  • Dear mates, its my day to leave the company. But you made my last day so memorable that its memories are treasured in my heart. Thank you for the chess board. Each time I will play it will definitely remind me of you all. Thank you!
  • Thank you for presenting me with my favourite watch on my retirement day. How did you knew that I had wanted this one only?  Being the member of your team, I will definitely miss you all..
  • Today on the occasion of my retirement party, I take the opportunity to thank all of you for being so supportive and hard working. Thanks for the golf set..
  • Thank you mates for providing me such a pleasant environment in the company. I truly appreciate the token of love that you presented me on my retirement day. Will definitely miss working with you all!
  • I feel so proud to be a part of this company and team member of such a hard working team. Thanks for showering me with all those gifts. I loved all of them from the core of  my heart. Thanks team..
  • Dear co workers, how generous you all are! I know how much I will miss you but I know that your well wishes will always be there for me. Thanks for the cheque!
  • When your gift arrived, I was shocked! You must have been there to see my face. When I saw the gift, I immediately realized who’s the sender of the gift. Thanks a lot for such an amazing gift. PS, you will always be missed! In case you need any help, feel free to contact me!

Hope you might have got some idea about how to write thank you messages for receiving gifts on retirement. Use the above given thank you messages and quotes as they are given or you may even mould them as per your wish.

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